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    Okay, Mr. Sowell, riddle me this. You are on record that the dirt people have lost their minds because they are supporting Mr. Trump. If the dirt people, in your arrogant, condescending opinion are wrong, how will they NOT pay the price, sir? And, if these same people you denigrate supported Jeb, or Ted, or Kasich, et al. and were wrong, how would they not pay the same price?
    You and the rest of the elitist eggheads and “journalists” who pretend at being true conservatives are just as out of touch as the corrupt rat bastards who inhabit Mordor-On-The-Potomac. To paraphrase Oliver Cromwell, you have sat in your ivory tower at Stanford far too long. Depart and let us be done with you. In the name of God, go.

  2. Dr. Sowell is spot on as usual, but stops short of offering….A F**king Plan!! So what’s the plan?

    • Kinetic alteration of tyrants.

      Not Sowell’s plan, of course, but the only one which has a chance….

    • You know what my plan is and is the starting point of whether we have succession or war… Not many want to put in the effort though so we will just have to wait til it all falls down or not…Sad That…

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