Above and below.


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  1. now that Trump has been pretty much absorbed by the Regime, Sanders is the only item of interest. I’m hoping his Red Guards trash the PhilaCon

  2. Magazine needs an “H” after the “P.”

  3. Mark Matis

    That’s a funny looking “F”…

  4. Prescribed burning is the process of planning and applying fire to a predetermined area, under specific environmental conditions, to achieve a desired outcome. Prescribed, controlled and planned burns are the same thing. Farmers burn their fields to remove plants that are already growing and to help the plants that are about to come up. These burns are often called “prescribed burns” because they are used to improve the health of the field.

    What are the right conditions for a burn?
    A farmer wants to burn in Goldilocks conditions – everything needs to be juuust right. If it’s too windy, the fire can escape easily. If there’s no wind, the fire can be unpredictable. If the field is too dry it may burn out of control, but if the field is too wet it may not burn at all.

    The plants in the field have to be at the right stage of growth or the fire won’t do them any good. Wind direction can make the burn easier or harder, and temperature and soil moisture also play a role. There may only be a few hours out of the whole year when conditions are right for a burn.

    What tools do farmers need for a burn?
    To keep the fire contained, farmers need to clear away burnable matter around the edges of the field, which usually requires a lawn mower or larger machinery. The burn itself can be managed with some simple, specific tools.

    Flames are usually spread with a drip torch, which drips a mixture of diesel fuel and gasoline. Small flames can be smothered with a flapper, which looks like a mud flap with a long rake handle attached. Running a drip torch requires some experience – the flapper, not so much.

    • Mark Matis

      But a stoner with a flapper can be very entertaining. At least up until his burns are fatal, of course.