#Election2016, Late Spring

NBPP Rally

From over the transom.


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  1. FrozenPatriot

    At least they’re wearing obnoxious colors which make IFF exceedingly easy. Kinda like the redcoats or modern day brown shirts (highway patrol, etc.)

    The NBP logo is curious. Apparently the irony of showing the least free continent adjacent to the words “freedom or death” is lost, although failure of comprehension of higher order concepts like “irony” should be no surprise.

  2. Some classic example of neutered male feminists in that picture there. Good intel for target identification typology.

    • Go big or stay at home. I wouldn’t waste a 22 rim fire on an inconsequential POS like that. There are more pressing matters to be seen to.

      • IDF anti-terrorist demoralization teams make good use of suppressed 10/22 aimed at knees of leadership in violent crowds. Reports of “death rays” follow.

        The ones you are referencing only “seem” inconsequential.


    You folks are right. I do not have enough ammo.

    • Mark Matis

      Not really. One properly placed round would exterminate that entire shitpile.

  4. Jim Klein

    The Planned Parenthood pic—and that’s the infantry! “Fear is a liar.”

  5. SameNoKami

    Stop the violence with the New Black Panthers.
    Have sex to promote virginity.
    Drink ‘liquor til you drop’ for sobriety.
    Drive fast to promote staying within the speed limit.

  6. Plucking the Heart strings of Barking Moon Bats everywhere. These people are the bottom of the Petri Dish folks. Complete Amygdala HiJack w/ no interaction of they’re Neo-Cortex. Critical Thinkers Short Bus & Windowlickers.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      “These people are the bottom of the Petri Dish folks. Complete Amygdala HiJack w/ no interaction of they’re Neo-Cortex. Critical Thinkers Short Bus & Windowlickers.”

      And yet they’re winning – worldwide – in a walk. At the very least, their string-pullers are highly competent.

  7. Hymen Roth

    The Black Panther flyer has some good advice for Team Freedomista:
    “Community Building, Neighborhood Cleanup, Educate the Community, Mentoring Children, Building a Positive Culture, Free Food & Drinks.”

    That’s the DNA of the answer to the question of “…and then what?” and more effective than the TF favorites of:
    “Be Pissed Off All the Time, Alienate From the Community, Isolate Yourselves, Plan to Shoot Motherfuckers in the Face, Focus on the Negative, etc.”


    The BPs are all over Primary, and it’s a long, long way to Emergency with a whole lot of nuance in between.

    Channel your negative energies towards the constructive. Focus on the positive.
    Build. Build. Build.

  8. at first glance, there is no reason to fear the planned parenthooders; but you know most of them are lawyers or have lawyers ready nearby that are ready to put you in jail for threatening their rights, ironically while they continue to deny the rights of life.

    • Sir, I think you’re missing the point. the ‘planned parenthooders’ are only part of the movement (sometimes vocal and sometimes not). Combined with all the other components, they are a powerful force as witnessed by our rapid cultural decline. Too bad the other side (that would at least be the ‘side’ I am on) has neither studied or taken note of how ‘that side’ has traveled so far so fast. And, at the rate we’re going, I fear (or hope) it will not be long before the collapse happens …………… I hope, I hope, I hope ……………….

  9. As if the 2 fat effeminate fucks, either side of that picture, will EVER have to worry about causing an unwanted pregnancy. I’d bet a dollar the hambeast in the middle lives in an apartment that reeks of desperation and cat urine too…

  10. Help stomp out violence.

  11. Ha!

    Are they pledging to something or just supporting their moobs?

    If an army (of fit capable men) marches on its stomach, what does an army of muffin tops march on? What will “the war” look like when there’s not a functioning McD’s on every street corner?

  12. Alfred E. Neuman

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  13. The fat, negro Chief of Police of Rome, Georgia has already threatened to arrest any of the approximately 30-50 counter-protestors that are in Rome, or arriving within the next 24 hours, bringing suitable self defense tools with them.

    Almost all of them will be southern men. They’ve been spoiling for a “contest of wills” for some time. The NBPPs have moved their venue at least twice, so it’s not clear where they’ll be, but that info will be learned and relayed to the southern defenders.

  14. All that PP picture is missing is Pajama Boy making a cameo experience.

  15. What ever those Planned Parenthood people are doing it’s not saying the Pledge Of Allegiance.

  16. Stealth Spaniel

    NBP: “mentoring the children”. Now, THAT is rich! Would that be:
    Pre-arrest advice??
    Crafting knives out of bunk cots??
    Letting the other inmates know your sexual swing ahead of time??
    When to sell drugs or when to run??
    I have to admit, they have thought out the salient points. Geography be damned, they have a story & they are sticking to it. And Al Sharpton will back them up.
    As for PP-I wish that every one of those adherents had been an abortion.

  17. WTF, one of those women has a beard.