Frank Pinelander Sends

republic of pineland

When one truly understands the dynamics in the march toward Global Socialism, it is instantly recognizable that this is going to happen.

While the Praying For Doomsdayers wax stupid over Martial Law and Economic Collapse, The Craft makes long term plots and plans.


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  1. I would like to read the article but since the link is larded up with a time wasting ad you can’t dump…..moving on.

    • FrozenPatriot

      I had no problem. Consider an ad blocker. They’re free and they prevent the lard.


    So, what happens when the American Foreign Legion is deployed on our own soil to “root out” whoever the Hildabeast or The Donald designates as “enemies of the state”? These “contractors” and “veterans” really scare me. They have all the answers to our problems. They have big hammers in their hands and everything around them is starting to look like a nail.
    This mook obviously has not read true American History including our Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. We do not need a Foreign Legion. We need garrisons along our northern and southern borders and tight-as-drum security at all of our ports of entry. For back up, we have the rest of us, The Militia, which is all people.

  3. Jim Klein

    Still at it, eh? Does this guy ever tell us about himself, or only everyone else?

  4. Alfred E. Neuman

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  5. Lost Patrol

    “The first is isolationism: Do nothing. This means ceding the battle to the terrorists and watching them grow from a distance until they reach our shores.” Sooo how is that impacted by the fact that “the government” and its stooges have been bringing the enemy to our shores since G. Bush Sr. And continued by Clinton and G Bush Jr and the latest, the Muslim (Manchurian Candidate) from Kenya who has accelerated the process??
    And his comment about contractors getting away with murder … bullshit. We were defensive only and even then we got called onto the carpet and in many cases got sent home. So as not to offend the enemy. And that is being defensive. Everyone keeps referring back to Blackwater in Baghdad. Which became XE and then became USTC. My company took over their 6 RTC in Afghanistan in 2011/2012. If we had an accidental discharge (AD), we got sent home regardless of circumstances. If we got caught with drugs or alcohol we got sent home. I was a DOD contractor for two years in Iraq, two years in Afghanistan and 1 1/2 years with an EU agency in Kosovo (Serbia). The article is bullshit. Stay the fuck out of wars that mean nothing to our security here at home and quit bringing the enemy here. We can not properly vet the bastards anyway. Even the CIA could not vet them when they were in their own country. Twice we lost CIA trainers being killed by those they vetted. And lastly like Trump said prior to taking the GOP lead, send those bastards brought in, back where they came from.
    But we know that is not going to happen … so prepare yourselves accordingly. It is going to get much worse.

  6. “The United States spent billions on the Iraqi and Afghan security forces, but what did taxpayers get? ”

    They got FITEWARR. No one has yet come up with a plausible story for why we went there in the first fcking place. Its a short hop from undeclared wars over seas to stomping out Domestic Terror in der Homeland!

  7. So now we can “officially” slave for an army to control the world (including us).

    Great idea.

  8. Grey Ghost

    Who cares what the quisling sycophant leftist POS rag Washington Post has to say about anything. The article is just another neocon (former 82nd Airborne) saying we should take foreigners into a fighting force for the U.S. then let them after some amount of service have citizenship… uh I thought we were doing that already.

    If you haven’t raised the black flag yet… you are way behind.

    Grey Ghost

  9. So, the members of the existing Standing Army are NOT mercenaries.


    The lack of self-awareness is mind-boggling.