So You Want To Be A Shitlord?

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Term defined.

Z-Man’s take.

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…Of course, terms like shitlord are following the same road as alt-right. The Overton Window has swung so far to the left that the space to the right is something close to a majority. Public debate is so narrowly confined that vast stores of human knowledge, as well as most of observable reality, have been deemed heretical. What some are calling alt-right is what we used to call normal. Noticing stuff now makes you a shit-poster.

For the sake of argument, let’s pretend the alt-right is a thing that has definable contours and limits, with a set of unifying concepts holding all the parts inside. As a proud member of the alt-right, you want to be a shitlord. Offending people has some value, but in order to win converts, you have be something more than offensive. That’s the thing to keep in mind. Simply being a dick just makes you a dick. What freaks out the squares is someone that is both offensive and convincing…

Offensive + convincing + meatspace = heh.



7 responses to “So You Want To Be A Shitlord?

  1. Alfred E. Neuman

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  2. outlawpatriot

    I go out of my way to be offensive now. The internet is easy. Most of the motherfuckers I intend to offend are… well, motherfuckers. Face to face? Gotta pistol on my hip and an AR not far away. 😉

  3. just plain todd

    yup. fuck the fuckin fuckers. pussies at calguns and m14forum banned me. can’t handle the truth. wrsa is where its at.

  4. To be despised by the despicable is at least as sweet as praise from the righteous.

  5. Grey Ghost

    Yup, but I add a twist… not always but if the subject allows I go out of my way to be offensive AND sarcastic… both of which the leftists can stand,,, that is, being poked in the eye AND mocked.

    Grey Ghost

  6. I pride myself on my Dickmanship. I went all in ,when I had a cadavers penis attached to my forehead. I am having vision problems with the two testicles hanging in my eyes. If you are going to do something,no half-stepping. Be the finest dick you can be.
    I enjoy irritating the mindless blobs of shit and clueless droids. I also acknowledge and commend the behavior,civility and manners of ladies and gentlemen. You reap what you sow. Fucking cretins actually believe they can demand respect. You earn respect .Douche canoes are not willing and able to put in the time,effort and commitment required.
    Finest compliment I ever received. A buddy who I respect and admire said, “If I had to jump in a swimming pool to save a drowning kid..I would hand you my wallet and my gun.” You earn that.