Stop Being So Nice


CAMI sends.

Stress inoculation.

It’s important.

6 responses to “Stop Being So Nice

  1. yea im there tired of the lies that were free . you know life liberty and property .. we cant truely have any of the three . the system is dead and we live under a tyrants rule one where i cant even post to this website without knowing its being intercepted by the minnions of this olligarchy .

  2. I love this idea and since my closest little town is now overflowing with muzloids, the time is upon us to stop being so effing nice.

  3. Use your finger on dirty car windows… Back of seni truck trailers as well.

  4. im thinking a little more extreme than just using my finger more like a force projection device which my finger controls

  5. Alfred E. Neuman

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  6. Lost Patrol

    I concur with the plan. Excellent idea. As far as security goes … camouflage face (makeup, hair color etc), have reversible color jacket or hoodie. Use opaque plastic covers over license plates as any camera over 15 degrees off perpendicular to plate is blurred, but a cop pulling in directly behind you can still read the plates. As in all such activities, recon the area first. As in doing figure 8’s of individuals have a second or third vehicle paralleling and serving as back up (QRF) and over watch. I.E. the bikers in Waco Texas failed to do this and paid the price. Do it but be smart and plan ahead. Such activities make for good practice and training ops, as you are not committing a felony. Comms and intelligence. Condition yellow (staying alert to everything around you without being obvious) at all times, you are not home humping your ole lady. cheap gloves.