Brushbeater: New From Elecraft


Small, effective, low-power-use, from a reputable manufacturer.

Worth considering.

And NB – save scads of $ by haunting the equipment bazaars at QRZ and eHam to pick up what gets sold to raise funds for the latest Dayton Hamvention rigs-of-the-dance.

7 responses to “Brushbeater: New From Elecraft

  1. Mike Bishop

    Coupled with a Pelican case, and some bulkhead connectors, this would make one hell of a little EmCom box.

  2. For those entertaining one of the Elecraft offerings in this form-factor, pay once/cry once & get their internal tuner. You should know how to throw up a better antenna but if all you have is a line-fence or mop-bucket, that tuner will find a match. (Not saying efficient, but it does a fine job making the radio happy.)

  3. Alfred E. Neuman

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  4. I had this rig in my hands this weekend at Dayton Hamvention. I plan to have one in my radio room soon.

  5. Elecraft has superb customer support, too.