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  1. Steve Ramsey

    Bush 41′ Banned many semi-auto imports, and resigned from the NRA. Voted in favor of GCA 68′ as a congressman. Bush 43 did nothing at all for us. NOBODY was skeptical of either one of them. Regan signed the Hughes amendment, and supported the Brady’s’

    Regan: ““I want to tell all of you here today something that I’m not sure you know. You do know that I’m a member of the NRA. My position on right to bear arms is well known. But I want you to know something else. And I’m going to say it in clear unmistakable language. I support the Brady bill and I urge the Congress to enact it.”

    This is the guy EVERY conservative worships as a demi-god.

    How about Bush 43′ back in 2004?:

    ““I did think we ought to extend the assault weapons ban, and was told the fact that the bill was never going to move, because Republicans and Democrats were against the assault weapon ban, people of both parties. I believe law-abiding citizens ought to be able to own a gun. I believe in background checks at gun shows or anywhere to make sure that guns don’t get in the hands of people that shouldn’t have them.”

    How about Bush 41′ right after the OKC bombing?:
    ” “There’s no reason why on the street today a citizen should be carrying loaded weapons.”

    Read my lips indeed.

    Nixon?: ““I don’t know why any individual should have a right to have a revolver in his house.”

    OK, how about Romney, the last wonderful status quo Republican running?

    “We do have tough gun laws in Massachusetts — I support them. I won’t chip away at them. I believe they help protect us, and provide for our safety.”

    “Deadly assault weapons have no place in Massachusetts,”

    But when running for POTUS, became an NRA life member, saying:

    “I support the Second Amendment as one of the most basic and fundamental rights of every American.”


    “When it comes to protecting the Second Amendment, I do not support any new gun laws including any new ban on semi-automatic firearms.”

    John McCain:

    ““Convicted felons have been able to buy and sell thousands of guns at gun shows because of a loophole in the law,”

    After Columbine, he stuck a wetted finger in the air:

    “I do believe my view has evolved,” he said. “It’s appropriate to do so in light of some of the terrible tragedies that have befallen our nation.”

    We have never had, and probably never will have the perfect choice to make.

    Yep, my eyes are wide open on what Trump has said in the past. They were opened by those that came before him

    I know what his predecessors have thought and DONE in the past. I’m pretty sure a person’s mind can be changed, but not their past actions. Has Trump changed his mind? Or is this just political opportunism? If it’s the latter, he’s smart, because the trend politically has been away from gun control. That leaves the question of what he has done, which is nothing, and what he will do, which while not a sure thing seems promising, at least insofar as SCOTUS is concerned. And without a majority of the black robes, we lose. Of that, I am possessed of absolute metaphysical certitude.

    So we can nail our flag to the mast of pro gun, and or conservative political ideology, smash the lifeboats and stay aboard the S.S. #NeverTrump, OR…..

    Keep our prospects in play, move the courts right, and keep millions of brand spanking new immigrant democrats, government dependent ones at that, from being created.

    The choice is Trump, and the morality of that choice is entirely defensible. His past anti-gun rhetoric and the changes of position thereof pale in comparison to those of his antecedents. There room for concern, but since when has there not been?

    • Very well stated, Mr. Ramsey, and factual. The Oligarch Class is not to be trusted under any circumstances, even those they choose as figureheads such as Ronald Reagan.

    • In defense of Reagan, the Bushies, Romney, McCain etal. If I was cornholin’ millions of people out of their hard earned money, I wouldn’t want them owning guns either. Just sayin’……….

      • Grenadier1

        Heh, Heh,Heh,

        “If elected i will move to enact legislation controlling the ownership of Pitchforks and considerable limiting the use of fire”
        -Frankenstein Monster (M)

    • Virgil Kane

      Well said.

      Obama actually did more good legally for gun owners than any Republican you mentioned when he signed the law allowing carry in national parks. As I understand it, he could have banned imports, but didn’t. It’s curious, but I’m glad he didn’t.

      GWB kept saying he would extend the AWB if congress would give it to him. I think the only reason he didn’t hurt us is because no bill ever made it to his desk.

      Trump is the Republican nominee. I love how a Massachusetts RINO is talking about a “conservative” party.

  2. How we survive is what makes us who we are. Should be real hoot as the “Lords of Chaos” have got the chasms & schisms pretty juiced up.

  3. TimeHasCome

    Trump has changed his mind on gun rights . By going NeverTrump that is a vote for Hillary.

  4. Alfred E. Neuman

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  5. #NeverTrump is just a movement created by the political class who are heavily invested in the status quo to help install Hillary.

  6. Trump spoke at the recent national meeting of the largest Gun Confiscation Lobby group in the US, the National Rifle Association (NRA). He fit right in.

    Just to refresh some memories.

    The NRA supported the restrictions upon shipping pistols through the mail in the 1920s, National Firearms Act of 1934, the Gun Control Act of 1968, and the various Brady Bunch versions of the NICS check. They’re also four square behind enforcement of all these US government laws.

    So, do I trust the Donald to uphold the absolute meaning of the Second Amendment?

    Not at all.

    • “So, do I trust the Donald to uphold the absolute meaning of the Second Amendment? Not at all.”

      Well Pat….then just give your support to Hillary Clinton.

  7. American_Patriot

    In other news, Trump is already pandering to Muslims. This comes after Trump stated that the Muslim ban was “just a suggestion” earlier this month. See the following articles:




    Mister Trump’s leading supporters and surrogates have already started laying the groundwork for a betrayal of White voters.

    Rep. Chris Collins, the co-Chairman of Trump’s congressional endorsers, recently stated that the border wall will be “virtual” (like what we have now), and the deportations will be “rhetorical” and most anyone who is actually deported will be allowed to return, and will be given a Social Security #.

    Collins also stated that the Muslim Ban will only apply to Syrians with ISIS connections.


    That’s right, Trumpbots. Mister Trump doesn’t need you any more, and he is already selling you down the river. Just wait until after the November election when he REALLY doesn’t need White voters anymore.
    As I’ve been saying for a while now, Trump is the last chance the GOP has to save itself. If White voters realize that Trump is a charlatan, their trust in the GOP and in The System will be permanently broken. All patriots should want Trump defeated.

    Trump, because he is trusted by many White voters, will be able to get lots of Bad Things passed, such as universal background checks, and possibly even an Assault Weapons Ban.

    And Trumpbots, spare me the whining about how the only alternative to Trump is Hillary, and how Trump will shake up the GOP. Trump is the LAST chance the establishment has to lure White people back to sleep. That means all patriots should want to see Trump defeated. Hillary will of course be a commie, but White people won’t be lured back to sleep under her regime.

    Also, I am willing to guess that the NWO has “something” on Trump, to control him. He liked to party with Jeffrey Epstein, remember…?

    • Seriously how much are they paying you troll…At least your starting to be honest letting us know your for Hillary… FOAD

  8. No matter to me, trump is still a lot beter than Hildabeast.

  9. Steve Ramsey

    I find #NeverTrump ‘rs fascinating in their ability to conjure potentially hideous scenarios.

    They needn’t bother, as the entire situation we have on our hands is already a horror show.

    As I note a new post on Von Braun above, I muse: Should we have given him Trumpian consideration, or should we have gone #NeverWerner and maintained our moral/ethical/political purity? Should we have just hung him and let go of the Moon?

    You see, I WAS a Cruz supporter. Right till the day I found out about the Goldman Sachs loan. I gave him the benefit of the doubt concerning his wife’s link to GS, but the loan? They just bought old Ted outright. So, Not having boarded the Trump train early, does that make be a Trumpbot?

    The #NeverTrump gang does have one thing going for them, IF their central strategy is to elect Hillary and thus kick off Civil War II at some point. That is a strategy that can work. The “Fuck it, it bad so let’s just get it on” bunch may well be onto something, and were it to go down that way, I’d be right there with them.

    But seeing as how the last one cost half a million lives, (recent estimates push 3/4 of a million dead AMERICANS), I’m going to do everything I can to see that it doesn’t go that way, by supporting imperfection, 100%, namely that flawed but entertaining man, Donald Trump.

  10. http://politicalticker.blogs.cnn.com/2012/12/16/breaking-we-have-wept-with-you-obama-says-in-newtown-speech/

    If you read the speech that was given, all Obama said was expressing sorrow over the tragedy and a bunch of “we have to do something” nothingness.

    Given that Trump is campaigning on getting rid of “gun free zones” and nullifying all of Obama’s executive actions wrt: guns, I think maybe a cautious optimistic view of this is that Trump agreed with what Obama said, but that it is possible that he disagreed with what actions were taken after.

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  12. Bill Harzia

    Trump. BFYTW.

    One reason I’m voting for Trump (if I vote at all) is because I don’t know what he will do if he gets elected. But I know damned good and well what Hillary! and BER-nie! will do to us, if either of them get into office.

  13. FrozenPatriot

    Wow, the Trumpanzees came out of the woodwork on this one. Reading these comments, it seems that TINVOWOOT has been canceled by the LesserOfTwoEvils committee.


  14. Member of the League of Shadows.

    If we go #neverTrump, then who do we get? Right, Comrade Sanders or Empress Palpatine. Yeah, fuck that.

    But if we go with Trump, then we get…well, Trump. He’s a troll at heart, panders to the alt-right, may or may not fuck us on the 2A, and God only knows where he’s actually trying to go.

    We probably also get a civil war, because the revolutionary left isn’t going to put up with anyone who has the stones to say anything like what Trump’s been saying. Which means we finally get a legitimate excuse to vote with the bullet box.

    And you people are acting like we don’t know that, like we think he’s our savior. He’s not. He’s the destroyer. He’s going to be the reason the establishment burns down, and after decades of establishment bullshit, do you really think we care how far the fire spreads?

  15. I put faith in no man, now a days. I enlisted to go put the hurt on enemies foreign, only to find out they were more dangerous domestic. From Bush to Obama nothing has changed. Politicians are getting rich, while people are losing jobs and homes. I don’t envy a man for making a lot of money on his own, but I do believe politicians should never reach that level by merely being elected.

  16. I find it hillarious that anyone listens to Trump and then acts like he has the slightest intention to follow through on any bit of his demagoguery of the last year, contrary to every example from his prior 40 years as a nominal adult. As a “Republican” since at least 4 seconds before the campaign season started, he’s beholden to no one, answers to no one – that would include his fanboys – and has elevated pathological narcissism to an art form. So, how’s that worked out for ya in the White House during the last 8 years?

    Once again, your choices have been pre-selected for you by the media, and you can either pick the lying maniac, or the bought-and-paid for crook from Hell (and future banana republic president-for-life).

    Go ahead, keep voting at them, that’ll show them you mean business this time.

    Like forlorn little kids at Christmas, everyone still wrapped up in this farcical election season is frantically digging through the gargantuan pile of horsesh*t, convinced to a frenzy there has to be a pony under there somewhere.

    Let Shrillary win.
    When the economy explodes, like it will, I can’t think of anyone better to be holding the bag when it does than her, and if by some miracle the country staggers along another four years, Trump won’t be back in 2020, and Shrillary won’t be re-elected, because she brings all the mendacious criminality of Bill, with none of the boyish charm or political common sense.

    And the best thing we could do for the Left, to up-end their utopian dreams, is give them exactly what they want, good and hard.

  17. I have a relative who is a neverTrumper. They tend to be privileged Bush supporters who live in nice neighborhoods or gated communities, are wealthy, have never worked hard physically one day in their life, and are insulated from the nitty-gritty world most of the rest of us live in. They are aghast that the common folk rose up and chose someone other than the anointed puppets named Bush and Rubio. In one word they are “elitists”. I just call em “pussies”. So mister merican patri-rot, you’re nothing but a pussy. So get the hell out of here and don’t come back. You and your ilk will have your day, just like the Vichy. It’s gonna be sweet to behold.


      Agreed, Mr. Ed. But, these pussies have the ears of the local police and sheriffs and the local politicians. They are the ones who fund the raffles for new equipment and police dogs. They are the ones who get their pictures in the social sections of the Cd’A Press at the fund-raising banquets and Lincoln-Day dinners. No matter who wins, they will continue to buy corrupt political protection and keep TPTB in power as long as the economy holds out.

  18. So much for the ‘united’ patriot community.

    From the Bundy ranch standoff, to the Oregon standoff, to the current political insanity, my eyes have been opened to the current patriot movement…it is still “us’ against ‘them’ – even if the ‘them’ were people we sided with a year or two ago. Sad. It has actually come down to this…divided we fall.

  19. Seriously folks? The myth is that ANY of this horseshit matters. By all means, keep voting. You’re doing great so far.

    A great man like Donzi will turn things around, ’cause guys who party with Pedo’s are mega trustworthy. DT’s early success was in NY yes? Have you pondered what it took to be successful in the cesspool of NY business? No? Let me help you then, there are NO honest politicians left. NY is the capital of corruption, the Harvard of fuckery.

    AB doctrine, read it, accept it and pull your head out of your ass. Hope is a heck of a drug and some of you need rehab yesterday.

    “Reading these comments, it seems that TINVOWOOT has been canceled by the LesserOfTwoEvils committee.”<——-this!