The Rockets’ Red Glare


Partyzantski discusses non-model rocketry.

Asymmetry is a bitch.

Even if you are a rocket scientist.

von braun

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  1. MacBeth51

    Book Recommendation:
    “Rocket Manual for Amateurs”
    Capt. Bertrand R. Brinley
    Not model rockets

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    Insightful post!
    Note who is supporting their efforts!

  3. SemperFi, 0321

    Raketen machen Panzerfaust?

  4. FrozenPatriot

    If they’re jihobbyists, does that make us freengineers and libertechnicians?

    Perhaps we can have our own IRS: the Independent Rocket Surgeons 🙂

  5. without question. During the July-August 2014 Gaza Massacre, Zion-in-Palestine only managed to flatten Gaza and kill (using pathetic American-supplied weapons) 2,200 Palestinians, including 600 children. By contrast, Israel was literally smothered by Hamas bottle rockets…which killed no less than 3 Zionists, damaged a paint factory, and, for at least 2 sunny weekends, inflicted a holocaust of beachlessness

    • Mark Matis

      2200 ragheads burning in hell? That’s a good start!

    • Jimmy the Saint

      Of course, rockets are notoriously inaccurate – for all the fear that the V1 and V2 inflicted, for example, they really didn’t do overly much damage or cause that many casualties. And they at least had primitive guidance systems.

      Unguided rockets are basically the modern equivalent of the smoothbore musket – fire enough of them simultaneously in the same direction, and you’ll probably hit *something* (other than just the ground), but that’s about the best that can be said.

      • “Of course, rockets are notoriously inaccurate” …
        Only if they are not guided. Its not like you can’t order FPV gear from amazon. Of course, the speeds are much greater than quads but that doesn’t make much difference unless you need them to be highly manueverable. I don’t see that as a concern. They go almost straight up, then almost straight down to a landing zone 5-10 miles away. Easy peasy.:)

    • Zionist war criminals aided and abetted by the Rothschild/EU/US cabal murder globally.

      Both Zio and Red Jews are loving the invasion of Europe because it’s what they’ve been working on for over 200 years.

      The issue they have no answer for is the growing Orthodox army that is willing to take on removing the Semites from Europe, North Africa, and the Levant.

      All of the Levant.

      • Removing the Jews from the Levant would certainly please ISIS and the wahabbists.

        You don’t see Saudi Arabia, Russia, and China getting some benefit from Islam’s invasion of Europe?

        In your orthodox army dream scenario when all the Jews have been removed (how? to where?), who’s next? The Muslims, the Catholics or the Protestants?

        After that do we get the Prince of Peace running the world of will we be left with future versions of Cromwell, Franco, and Ivan the Terrible sharing power?

        That worldly troika won’t play well together.

  6. “Iron Dome” is a lie. It simply does not exist without two US Aegis destroyers circling off the coast of a sewer called Israel.

    Regardless, assuming red blooded “patriots” could manufacture tactical rockets, what would they do with them? And against whom would those rockets be targeted?


  7. As Fred says, AVOID crowds, they are targets and trouble magnets!

    I have some Israeli friends and family members who have spoken of the effects of the Palestinian rocket attacks. Most unpleasant.

  8. Thanks to operations like Paperclip and the Hainan Island Incident technology gets spread around the world.

  9. Remember, while you can do a lot even with guns without the regime caring too much, they get really sensitive about explosives and pyrotechnics.

    And remember, opsec includes info sec, such as buying or downloading certain types of books in close proximity.

  10. I thought I saw a video awhile back showing a rocket attack from the Israeli side of the fence. Iron dome not only destroyed incoming rockets, but there seemed to be rockets that also followed the vapor trails back to the launch sites. If one truly wants to remain asymmetric and vertical ,very long ignition leads are a necessity. Of course learning curves tend to be steep and evolution fast.

    • Mark Matis

      With that in mind, sure would be a shame if someone were to launch a rocket from near the home of an Only One.

      Yup, sure would be a shame…

  11. Alfred E. Neuman

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  12. The comments are deep and have some serious insight as thought payload. My point in writing this is that with the technical expertise and manpower apparently freshly imported by the lunatics within Mordor on the Potomac, this sort of thing is due to appear on the domestic scene.

    I posit that this is a bad thing, as all and sundry will be impacted. The effect of such rockets is political, the fear and anxiety they generate is far out of proportion to the actual damages (which are mentioned in the comments), which is why I mentioned Israel.

    The role of asymmetry goes far beyond 1:250 dollar exchange ratios for expenditure on offense:defense. It applies to all interaction. Asymmetry at the extremes defangs giants.

    That I do not want this to emerge in my era does not change the calculus that it probably will. I am puzzling over why this is, and have no solid theory (yet).

    The tip on the Rocket manual for Amateurs by Brinley is a gem of a find. My thanks to MacBeth51!

  13. Start your rocket career with Harry Stines “Handbook of Model Rocketry” This book begins at the ground level (child level) and takes you through ALL of the basics that you must absolutely know. Its where all High power rocketeers began. Another excellent book for the beginner is Dan Pollino’s “I still have all my fingers”. This book is 380 pages of sugar/potassium nitrate rocketry bliss. One more thing, get up to date on FPV(first person view), and radio control. Integrating all of the above tech in a single package = force multiplier x 100.
    Enjoy, have fun, and don’t put your eye out.

    • Note: The Dan pollino book is a step by step guide – not a book of theory. This book will get you in the air. You will learn all the tips, why’s and how comes that experience has taught the many budding rocketeers. Dan does an excellent job with his detailed instruction.