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de leon

…Senate President Pro Tem Kevin de Leon, D-Los Angeles, said he’s also concerned that presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump’s campaign will drive more right-leaning voters to the polls and imperil the gun-control initiative.

“I think it’s too risky to put a lot of hard work, decades of hard work, before the voters of California. We don’t know if it passes or not,” de Leon said. “But if we can get it done in the legislative body, the question is, why not do it?”

California Senate approves sweeping gun-control measures

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  1. From “comments” below that article, one of the great snarks of all time:

    Mohammed_Goldberg • 3 days ago
    California will begin to have the same situation as Chicago with gun violence. They will learn that criminals abide by gun laws the same way elected officials abide by their oath of office.

    Masthead quality.

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  3. CA Warrior

    Tyranny always starts the same: “Your guns are illegal, turn them in, trust us, we will keep you safe!” And we all know how that ends.

    This is a great opportunity for We The People to show the rest of the nation that gubmint slimes under the dome in Sacramento are IRRELEVANT. Pay no attention to them. Laugh in their faces. Torches and pitchforks as needed.

    You see mr gubmint man? You can draft all the banana-republic laws you want, but they are meaningless. You work for us. WE own the guns and we will NEVER disarm!

  4. Kalifornains will show the rest of the country how submission is really accompished.

    I expect to troll calguns and see how they all try and make light of their bleek situation while trumpeting their freedom and desire to remain “law abiding”.

  5. just plain todd

    it doesn’t really matter. no one will ever rise up en mass. no one will ever start shooting en mass. we will go down in 1s and 2s here and there. no one will decide when they are out shooting, and a LEO,ranger,etc pulls up for a gun inspection, to leave that guy dead. murikans are as useless as euros are with the dune coons. that’s how we got to this point, remember?

    • Nobody will start shooting officials or anybody else until something economic happens to make them feel insecure. We Americans are Homo Economicus, now, as long as we are fat and have a retirement account all else is just entertainment.

    • You project a lot of pussiness Todd. Best to leave the real work to men.

    • CA Warrior

      I would have agreed with you before, but today is a completely different story. Election 2016 showed me that my fellow Countrymen and in particular statesmen are pissed beyond “law abiding” as Stewie says above.

      Watch the Primary on June 7 for a real indicator of just how resolved the CA people are. Watch the State of Jefferson movement kick into high gear when the phony gun grab bill moves to Guv Moonbeam’s desk.

      It only takes a small spark to start a raging wildfire. And the fuels are ripe for ignition.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      That’s sort of the downfall of the “No Ft. Sumters” approach – it deprives one side of a clear moment of when it is time to act.

    • I respectfully disagree. There will be a flashpoint. Much like the fictional scene in The Hunger Games or the reality of the self immolating shopkeeper that began the Arab Spring, there WILL be an event which breaks the camel’s back. IMO, this transgender bathroom fiasco has real potential. Use your imagination and consider the potential horrors. This may be the communist Waterloo, a Bridge Too Far. Time will tell.

  6. He’s a fucking politician, he wouldn’t know “hard work” if it buttfucked him with a Remington 870.

  7. On KFI talk radio L.A last night (this is the station that has the *hugely* popular, and very cynical John and Ken in afternoon drive-time) the host ripped de Leon a new one along with Gov. Moonbeam (Brown) and the state senate. It was beautiful to hear.

    Problem is, this is only a small part of a bill that is gonna screw gun owners even more (background checks for ammo? Really?).

    And I am fucking stuck here (at least in Orange County, still some level heads in the South of the state).

    If any here can get KFI (50,000 watts) give John and Ken a listen. Funny as hell. On 3:00-6:00 PM. They absolutely despise Brown and the L.A. city council and the fucking LATimes (and libs in general).

  8. just plain todd

    amen Stewie ! calguns are a bunch of submissive pussies. m14 forum isn’t far behind. troll away! kali deserves everything coming.

  9. “But if we can get it done in the legislative body, the question is, why not do it?”

    Because your behavior may get you killed?

  10. Alfred E. Neuman

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  11. just plain todd

    hey tom, what don’t you show us how manly you are? are you an upset calgunner? stewies right. kali will show us how to be submissive.

  12. Kevin de Leon is just another Mestizo that wants whites disarmed as a favor to his core constituency, Latino gangbangers. There’s little the latino gangs hate more than armed whites who kill them.

    Look for some coordination among Latinos and negro gangs to come after whites in a major way now that Government Brown has signed a bill to grant non-citizens the right to vote in California state elections.

    California is soon to look like a dead mackerel in the moonlight, stinking and glowing.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      ” There’s little the latino gangs hate more than armed whites who kill them. ”

      Blacks. They hate blacks much, much more.


    The obvious solution for the poor souls who are trapped there due to work, wife-won’t-leave-kids/grandkids is this: keep prepping and keep silent. If you go to the gun show at the Cashman Center in Las Vegas to buy product, DO NOT use a car with Kalifornia plates. Agents from the Attorney General’s Office troll the parking lots and write down license plate numbers. They then communicate the info to the CHP which is lying in wait at the state line to intercept some hapless, clueless patriot.
    Twenty years ago, I watched and listened to two strutting, perfumed princes from the AG’s Office brag about this little scam to a roomful of cops. At the same time, a Mexican cop acquaintance of mine told me how his relatives still in Mexico had to bury their arms and ammo in the back yard due to sudden surprise inspections by the Federales.
    The ways to get ammo, firearms, accessories, and equipment from one location to another are limited only by your imagination. If the family is not on board and still drinking the kool-aid, then plan accordingly so you do not end up snitched off. God speed. Bleib ubrig.

  14. just plain todd

    dweezil is correct. cal-doj cruises all the nearby out of state , but close enough to kali gun shows. there is a video out there from last year i think, of cal doj at the state fairgrounds in phoenix for the big show in dec. some locals got them on video paying special attention to kali plated cars. they also do the same thing close to july 4th to get all the illegal fireworks. kali likes their subjects in line, no matter where they go.

  15. Oh puh-lease.

    Anyone too stupid to rent a storage locker in NV or AZ for their goodies, return clean as a whistle from the gun shows, and then go back and pick their items up a couple of weeks later on a weekend trip to Vegas is too stupid to even be trolling the internet.

    They can’t keep 10 million illegal Mexicans out of this state, and they’re all standing in plain sight outside Homeless Depot every day from dawn to dusk.
    Good effing luck trying to stop people coming back in with guns or ammo.

  16. anonymous

    Ass hat – the voters opinions obviously have no relevance to this guy, whose agenda is already made up because ‘we know more than you’.