Two From Popular Mechanics


A reader sends:

U.S. Crews Fail To Place in NATO Tank Competition

The U.S. Government Is Buying 100 Drone-Jamming Radio Rifles

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  1. Let the Euro tank champs defend themselves.

    Bring the boys home.

    And, we needs us some of them droneradicators!

  2. Losing tank competitions, having to go to museums to find aircraft parts and concerned with what uniforms the poor transgenders will wear. I wonder when someone will take advantage of the obvious weakness.

    • Won’t happen.

      We’re ‘Murikans.


      • SemperFi, 0321

        Arrogance, ignorance, and patriotism are not virtues that will win wars. Looks like somebody will have to learn the hard way. That usually involves getting your ass stomped into oblivion.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      “I wonder when someone will take advantage of the obvious weakness.”

      They already are. “Taking advantage” isn’t limited to invading the US – which most wouldn’t want to do, since they’d end up horribly overextended.

    • Same uniform, just add boa. Smart platoon lead makes sure they get more than fair share of point.

  3. Centurion_Cornelius

  4. If I were a armor regular I would be damn embarrassed to be beat by a armor NG Pepsi truck driver.

    • Mark Matis

      If you were an armor regular, you would be more concerned about how your high heels looked, and whether your outfit was properly color-coordinated. At least, if you had any intention of staying in.

      Faggots rule!

    • Yup. Probably some former Armor-branched GO’s pounding their fist screaming they are NOT sending those “weekend-warriors” to the European competition. Oops. Still LMAO since first being able to say “Salud!” to the NC Nat’l Guard unit.

  5. Alfred E. Neuman

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  6. Who cares about the results of a silly tank competition? Our boys, oooops, sorry, our soldiers walked away with the “Identifying anti-Transgender and anti-gay trigger warnings” competition! USA – USA – USA!!!!!!!

  7. While I do agree with the premise of the article, this is much ado about nothing. Our forces really have been so focused on low-intensity warfare for the past 15 years that an entire generation of field grade leaders have no idea how to maneuver as battalions and brigades against peer competition. Never mind integrating combined arms with the service and support teams within a fluid, moving battlespace. But losing at tank-super-fun-day isn’t a big deal.

    When I wore a younger man’s uniform, I was deployed to Egypt with a mutlinational force. One of the annual events for this organization was a skills fest that took several days between teams from each of the member nations to this force. The US battalion lost every year. And the reason is simple, everyone else wanted only to look good by beating the US. Our team had to perform their duty each and every day and then train together in their down-time. The teams from every other nation were only assigned to be on their team. They did nothing but train because beating the USA was a big deal to them. This is the same thing. Who cares?