deutsche bank teaser

Moody’s Downgrades Deutsche Bank’s Debt Two Notches Above Junk

I would suggest that DB is a structural wall for the entire building.

But what do I know.

Maestro, would you play us out, please….

18 responses to “Badness

  1. Compared to the Third National Jewbank, alias the “Federal Reserve”, all the European banks are minor players. I doubt the Rothschilds will allow the German CB to collapse. Again, the key variable is the – still relatively strong – dollar

  2. SemperFi, 0321

    Structural, as in gravity disruptor?

  3. That Southpark clip has always been one of my favorites. Concise.

  4. After traveling the Northern States all the way to SandPoint ID, I can tell you the murkins are on life support. The Upper, WI, MN, and N Dakota was up for sale, MT had plenty of for sale signs out front, and one older couple just about begged me to buy their luxury home on Lake Pend Oreille in ID. I spent 2 days in Jackson Hole WY this last week. You’d never know the dollar was dead-besides the fact that other than my party, most everyone was oriental or indian. Same in Yellowstone and the Tetons. Glacier was filled with Brits, New Zealanders, and Aussies, They at least knew the time. I said to one of them… when then $ dies, and one looked at me and replied- didn’t it already? I’ll let you know the Sitrep at the Grand Canyon, Ozarks, and some other AOs later this week. MURKA!

    tic toc tic toc tic toc

  5. Centurion_Cornelius

    Lemme get this: DB speculates in “derivatives,” which are a total fraud. Then, just like a crooked casino, DB, as the “bookie” places bets in their own casino, and then uses itself as its own casino “security team,” all operating under a “rule of no law,” and then is DOWN-graded by another family of crooks and thieves, called a “rating agency.”

    Nope–I see nothing wrong here…move along folks…

    (“Plunderer’s March”)


  6. Wrong. This horrible show has about 20 years to play out.

    Lay off the doom and Gloom..

  7. Got any data to support that claim?

  8. Cousin tFta: “SHITTERS FULL!!”

  9. Notice how gold and silver, after DB admitted to screwing around with them, went up, and now is down? All the other banks who manipulated gold and silver, who haven’t been named, are back at it, in order to pump the dollar, and get people to stop piling into Treasuries as a haven. These banks are then laying their mitts on every ounce they can, while the price is suppressed again, to see them through for when TSHTF. Instead of inflating to over 3% on ten year Treasuries, they went to BELOW 2%, indicating people were piling into them, to hide from dollar weakness, and non-existent price discovery of actual value in DOW stocks. I think plan the banks are using is that they know the thing is going down, and there is no avoiding a monumental crash, both of securities, and commodities. It won’t be a recovery type thing, it will be survival of the fittest. So, they shed 90% of their selves, and emerge much smaller afterwards, but they DO emerge. Only their plan is fatally flawed. I don’t think there will be a world to emerge to.

  10. Detroit, the former great city, is already played out.

    Detroit, the troll, has likewise.


    Yep. It’s been nothing but smoke and mirrors for the last several years. Now the smoke is blowing away and the mirrors are cracking. So, guess what? If you read Buchanan’s column over at WND today(05/24) we are playing chicken with the Chinamen over some reefs west of Subic that they are developing. The Flips are upset about it so we have to step in!
    WW III is just around the corner. That will take the sheeple’s mind off of the dying dollar. I am sure TPTB will keep the lid on things until after the election. Then, President Hillary can sell off most of the country to China, the Muzzies, and other Illuminati Bankster rat bastards. A city or two may get nuked, but then they will all sit down in Davos or Brussels and play Let’s Make A Deal.

  12. Detroit III

    Yeah, the update is we didn’t die of EBOLA like some chicken-littles were screaming two or three years ago.

  13. My investment in AMMO has gone up in value. Same for my well-stocked pantry. Next project is to build a WOOD GASIFIER so I can run a pick-um-up truck off wood chips. Sure beats blowing money on gasoline.

  14. …because there is a shit ton of data to show you are incorrect, there, Detroit

  15. Alfred E. Neuman

    Reblogged this on ETC., ETC., & ETC. and commented:
    6 months to prepare!!!

  16. Tons of property around here. I’ve been noticing more and more for sale signs in affluent neighborhoods (relative to here… $450k+ McMansions). Almost all of them are middle class to upper middle class areas (right side of the tracks), all this as they build more apartments. Home ownership is becoming increasingly rare. BTFD


    Take a gander. Use some google-fu. Note that it’s in billions, the ones with 9 zeroes. 20 years…lulz. Just ask Lehman how those SCDO’s, credit default swaps and other derivatives worked out for them. Good thing they’ve added another $200T+ to the pile. What could go wrong?

  18. Wait. Is there a Detroit, Detroit l, Detroit ll, and a Detroit lll ? I didn’t know trolls had model numbers. Or, does one of you fuckers have more chrome than the others, or what?

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