Culper Sends


From Sam:

Starting to look into the Baltimore riots tonight. We’re spinning up the Virtual ACE to battle track, just in case we have another few nights of riots.

If you wanted to put it out on WRSA, folks can meet me in the “Baltimore ACE” chatroom on Unseen. In the event that anything happens, we’ll be battle tracking it. It’s great training opportunity for folks to experience the battle rhythm of a fairly high optempo, not to mention good training for when/if they have to do it for themselves.

I’m ForwardObserver on Unseen. Request contact with me, and I’ll drop them into the “Baltimore ACE”.

9 responses to “Culper Sends

  1. “Starting to look into the Baltimore riots tonight”. Doesn’t look like it’s going to happen. As of 5:55pm EST, still seems quiet. Too bad, I had snacks and suds ready at the house.

  2. For those not in the area, listen @

  3. Alfred E. Neuman

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  4. Shinmen Takezo

    Nothing’s happening?!!
    Damn–I laid in some popcorn and Redd apple ale.


  5. Probably not hot enough yet. This is still May and springtime! Try again in late July, early August.

  6. I don’t think the 0bama sons in Baltimore really cares much about this guy. He wasn’t going to fall hard even if he was found guilty. They want blood. They want heads. This guy wasn’t charged with anything heinous enough to string him up. Wait for when the others are ruled not guilty.

    • Some may want blood, some may want heads, but I think most just want malt liquor and wide screen TVs. July, August sounds about right.

    • Samuel Culper

      Or wait until one or more of these officers are killed, and the perps get arrested and sentenced. Street justice. That could trigger riots, IMO.