Words Not Necessary After This Picture


Read if you must.

22 responses to “Words Not Necessary After This Picture

  1. Grey Ghost

    Yep, NOW I know I need more ammo.

  2. Is he retarded, or what?

  3. note the Marxist-sodomite pope’s cross is visible. When Francis meets with his True Master – this or that Rabbi – the cross is carefully concealed

    • And in the ancient Roman Empire the emperor actually answered to Herod, the destruction of the Temple was just a renovation project and the siege at Masada just a labor strike.

      I’ve found the key to history. Now everything is so simple. Couldn’t have done it without you.

  4. Nothing new just more in your face about it.

    Franco had Moroccan muslims fighting for him in Spain, the Nazis had the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, the Croatians allied with the Muslims in the 1990s. All temporary alliances of convenience.

    To be fair let’s not overlook the Muslims and Russian Orthodox Christians working together:

    • Jimmy the Saint

      “All temporary alliances of convenience. ”

      Hell, even the Crusaders allied with various Muslim groups throughout the Crusades.

  5. This Pope has to go…. far away. Last Great Pope was JP2, no others can hold a candle to him.

    • Centurion_Cornelius

      As my Grandfather from the Old Country would exclaim at such outrages:

      “JESUS, MARY and JOSEPH!”

      • Jimmy the Saint

        The proper phrasing is Jesus, Mary, and Joseph Stalin
        -Pope Francis

    • There’s never been a great pope. They’ve all been tools of Satan himself.

  6. Anonymous

    Politicians and Popes are like Ford and Chevy: different teams playing the same game. Teaching people to believe they can get good stuff without working for it, due to magic. 57 virgins or social security, same lie.

  7. The moslems only respond to overwhelming force…..

    Kick their arses in a “total war” (btw….they’re waging total war on the West now….ie….nothing is off the table where Western targets are concerned) ….and they’ll recede into the background until the next world leader shows weakness…..

    Learn history or repeat history.

    • Anonymous

      So true.
      Consider the English truism, “The Arab is either at your throat or at your feet. Better he be at your feet.”

      The Muslim understands clearly, and responds best to, power and vengeance.

      Islam Delenda Est.

  8. We need Father Guido Sarducci to come and straigten shit out for this guy.

  9. A force to be reckoned with right there. Socialism and sharia. The left’s dream!

  10. SameNoKami

    AWWRiiiight !!
    Catholicism to the rescue !

  11. Enemies of grace and peace.

  12. Alfred E. Neuman

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