Fran surveys the scene.

Interesting times.

To the horizon.

8 responses to “Action/Reaction

  1. ‘Transgendered’ individuals are insane, and insanity is not a civil right.

  2. More, better. ‘ Nuff said.

  3. colddeadhandsdays

    I’d love the price of oil to be stable for the rest of my life:) I like to drive big V8 trucks and need to pull a trailer for my business so Expensive oil is bad for me.

    As for Barry suspending elections. I almost would be interested to see that scenario unfold as it would surely be the end of leftism. Much to the dismay of the naysayers I predicted the rise of the Right and or center we are seeing and it’s manifestation in Donald Trump. I’m not ready to write the American people completely off just yet

  4. “As a result, Judge Hanen ordered that any Washington-based Justice lawyer who “appears or seeks to appear” in any state or federal court in the 26 states must first attend a remedial ethics seminar on “candor to the court.” He also ordered Attorney General Loretta Lynch to prepare a “comprehensive plan” to prevent such falsification.”

    Utterly meaningless window dressing.

    The proper reaction in those 26 states would be for the governors to send the federal judges, lawyers, and marshals packing and take the court buildings.

    • SameNoKami

      Tru dat. When you can look down and see Mr. Winky and still think you are
      female, that’s textbook insanity.

    • SameNoKami

      I’ve keep waiting for a governor to grow a set and tell .gov – NO.

  5. Neros Lyre

    Meet the new boss,same as the old boss,we wont get fooled again!Yeah riiiight.Trumpnado has had so many flipflops lately he needs to open a Dollar store.

  6. Alfred E. Neuman

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