Is War With China Now Inevitable?


I’m sure it’s nothing.

After all, we are the one indispensable nation.


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  1. Whoever is the next king or queen will have alot of “problems” to address. Call me silly but seems to me he’s setting everything up to fall right after he leaves office…. OR he’ll have something huge pop off if it looks like the dems will lose and try for a third term.

    On the bright side, amerikans will finally get to meet the slaves who build their iphones, grew the garlic and made all the cheap crap they hoard via the business end of a gun.

    Btw – ca, i emailed you.

  2. After the EU/Rothschilds/US conquest of Libya and nullification of the long term oil contracts held by Chinese industry, the Chinese have collectively said, no more.

    They are working on a long term solution to US/Rothschild/EU hegemony. They will have it.


    War with China? Maybe. It would only be a glorified shoving match to distract the Sheeple from the pending economic meltdown. Who is really going to get nutted up over some gunfire regarding a reef in the South China Sea? The average Argentinian did not give a hoot about the Falklands/Malvinas dust-up in the 80’s. They had more pressing cash flow problems.
    Look at the source of the article: National Review. Just another Neo-Con, biased, pro-Zionist RINO rag published by filthy-rich east-coast elitists. They have been totally in the pocket of the MIC/Globalist Bush agenda for years. Who even reads that s**t anymore?
    The Chinamen are too smart to get into a shooting war when they can just buy our land courtesy of Harry Reid and the Hildabeast. With the continued deterioration of Amerikan military equipment and personnel, I doubt that we can sustain a world-wide police presence for many more years. That would be a good thing. Bring them home and put them on our borders.

  4. No, no war.with China.

    Pay attention. It makes for an exciting read, but it’s not gonna happen.

  5. Neocons beating the war drums.

  6. War with China is inevitable; Viet Nam will fight it for us.

  7. I hope to God it’s not. We’ll lose…over some little bullshit islands that serve us no purpose…great idea. A CVN is great if it’s used to “project power” ashore against a cowed opponent that can’t strike back, but in a swimming hole like the SCS that is crawling with ASCM armed diesel boats…think of the X-Wing blowing up the Death Star. It could happen.

    …and then there’s this…(and I knew him, though not that well, when I was at VQ-1)…of course the presstitute media gets all its “facts” mixed up, but his ass is in the clink…

    The wheels are turning folks….and beyond the PRC, Emperor Sotero keeps poking the Russians with a stick. Ever look at Wirecutter’s headliner? If you keep poking a wolverine (in this case a brown bear) with a stick it’ll rip you apart.

    BTW. Aren’t we pre-occupied with AFG, SYR, LYB, IRQ, ISIS, Azeri oil pipeline, (the list goes on). Oh, and how should we pay for all this?

    Somehow I feel like we should re-run the commercials from the 50’s about getting under the desk when the nuke goes off – and building a bomb shelter in the back yard.

    The quickening is upon us.

  8. Uncle Larry

    Friends tell me that no one can beat the US militarily. Then I ask, can we beat China, Russia, Iran, N. Korea etc., all at once? All the while that we have millions of foreigners roaming our streets. Cartels controlling our borders? Gangs controlling our streets? Idiots and criminals at the helm?

  9. Anonymous

    If you believe that “politicians” own your life and can bet it to backstop entangling treaties on the other side of the planet, then I suppose when they tell you to report to the landing craft, you’ll go. What new variant of the Trail of Tears will they think of next?

  10. Isn’t it interesting.

    Of the original BRICs nations, (which sought to establish a new world currency and bank) THREE of the FOUR have been demonized , marginalized by the U$.

    Battlespace prep?

    Probably just a coincidence, and currying favor with the remaining least economically & militarily challenging (India) must be a coincidence as well.

  11. Rather than “phasing” there might be a belligerent who takes the philosophy of: I come (without warning), break shit, and leave (quickly and could care less about staying any longer and picking up the mess).

  12. He believes his own BS.

  13. Alfred E. Neuman

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    6 months to prepare………

  14. Risible & farcical. It’s difficult to read the drivel w/o throwing up in your mouth a little. You can’t make this stuff up folks.
    VOA is pure propaganda & agitprop.

  15. War with Red China has been inevitable since Mao and his social disease took control. Because “we allowed them to survive” the children of those who made that mistake are now going to pay for it.. as our children, if they survive, will pay for ours. Red China has always and will always view non chinese beneath them and their value for life in the western sense has been shown time and again. If we were smart enough to save our neutron bombs we could probably still nuke them in every major city and let the survivors crawl out of their caves again in 200 years as civilized beings we should have done to Red China and the Soviets right after WWll ended.
    Americans have been sheltered from the reality of the world we helped create and now will get their just deserts.
    If funny in an evil sort of way.. when you fight a war to win at any and all cost and completely destroy your enemies you have extended periods of peace and prosperity but when you fight a war of retreat, self delusion and treason, as we have since 1949, you sacrifice the lives of your best and brightest for generations and also lose the benefit of the best and brightest to come from them forever.. where we are now.. and you wonder why we have feminine males and ego driven women in charge of way too much and a nutless society but for a few.. and still our best and brightest continue to serve a false image of what America used to be and end up being treated like a domestic enemy for their troubles
    War with Red China isnt our worry, we’ve been at war with ourselves for 65 years.


  16. SameNoKami

    China’s difficulty is projecting their power across the seas to the US.
    If however they were to decide to throw down the nuke card that’s a different story. They could sustain 66% casualties and still have more people than the total US population right now and it would solve their overpopulation problem.

  17. Foxconn, a single Apple subcontractor, just replaced 60,000 workers with robots.

    I wonder what China plans to do to keep them busy?

  18. war is always inevitable. Internal and external

  19. Sounds like what I was teaching my CGSC classes, (I went off the farm too often for my COC). A few had a clue most had the deer in the head light look. Was usually the combat arms and intel that got it.

  20. China and Russia have no intention to be integrated into the US-NATO-Brussels-UN Integrated Core.

  21. Kristopher Fisk

    It’s inevitabre.

  22. nighthawk

    Does this POS actually believe the pig swill he puts out?

  23. Oddly enough, most of the US news about the bathroom thing or the other degeneracy, is not getting out to the international press like it used to. Last year or so the US is not in the foreign news like it used to be.