I Don’t Think So





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  1. Hes probably gay.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      Just because his favorite shade of lipstick is penis?

    • SemperFi, 0321

      The new metrosexual lumberjack look is predominantly gay, saw 2 lesbian tourists yesterday and one was trying for the same look, minus the beard. On their way to Yellowstone NP to live the lifestyle for a few days.
      You can always tell when the tourists start rolling thru town, the fashions just get insane, I can’t believe all the pink and bright neon colored tennis shoes the city men are now wearing, it’s like they’re all wannabe fags. Pull into the gas station to fill my Jeep and I’m surrounded by clowns.

      • Yup. Seen so many fags and lesbos at Yellowstone last week, it made me sick.

  2. robroysimmons

    Iowa Hawk is basically a waste of time, the usual conservative intellectual who plays the game of look at how smart I am, applaud me. Since he is that he is an operational non-entity he is a tank without treads spinning his turret firing as the Left/SJW swirl past him.

    Let me know when Mr. Smarty Pants gets within the Left’s OODA and when he has the Left calling fire upon itself as he drives towards its weak spot for victory. Mr. Hipster add is pure gold for that, but the “respectable” contards will blow it and accept fail, they always do.

  3. keith park

    Low-hanging fruit for the first big die-off. Good riddance.
    I fart bigger than that disgusting little queer bait.

  4. just plain todd

    is that what the presstitutes think a man looks like? i’m guessing he’s pajama boys’ bitch. the media whores must think he’s a vet/ operator, whose been operating on operations, operationally.

  5. Some Guy in OR

    The average guy with a beard here in Portland is a world-class pussy.

  6. Grenadier1

    That beard is fake.

  7. I think it’s now possible she puts warren on as vp squaw. i mean she needs the bernie people and if she locks up the women by doubling down with a woman vp; she can probably win despite of herself.
    Can you imagine that presidency ? Manly men just might as well line up to their thing chopped off.
    (I am so ready to get a good group together, takeover Canada and start over).

  8. Main line media instructs us, on what a manly man should look like,what’s cool, where to live, and who to vote for. This knucklehead ain’t nothing more then a blow fish!


  9. Centurion_Cornelius

    Is he GAY or SCHMAY? Way too limited; got to expand your horizons or “evolve.”

    Prolly hard to tell exactly what “gender feeling” he gots today, since Facebook now allows you to choose 51 different “gender options” based on feelings. Methinks John Kerry Heinz should add six more to the list and call it “Heinz 57.”


  10. Most here are man enough to know voting doesn’t mean squat.

  11. Careful. Only ice blooded killers sport tats and magnificient beards like that!

  12. HRC can’t stop stepping in it

  13. I guess as long as the beta has a lumberjack beard and a sleeve, that make’s him a “man”. He probably pees his pants at the sight of firearms, which causes the syphilis to Bern a little.

  14. Virgil Kane

    I found his mates.

  15. SameNoKami

    “I am a STUPID ENOUGH man to vote for a woman…. Are you ?”
    No. No I’m not that stupid. And I don’t have a man-gina.

  16. oooh, can I be like him when I grow up?

  17. The Walkin' Dude

    And the cucks who don’t want Trump in are just surrendering to Sauron in the hopes of influencing her and being in her good graces.

  18. Yeah, I can vote for “a woman”, up not that woman.

  19. MissAnthropy

    What’s with this hipster trend of trying to look like they’re all Dothraki warlords? I’m equal parts disgusted and saddened by it.

    Disgusted, because it’s just so pathetic when skinny jeans Pajama Boys try to look tough. We’re not fooled, you know. Real lumberjacks don’t usually wear Prada shoes. That’s just one of the many giveaways, hipsters.

    Saddened, because we’ve effectively had 2 or 3 generations of boys subjected to ceaseless mental punishment for behaving like normal, natural males, so this sort of thing is their attempted outlet for some semblance of masculinity after a life of constant mindf**kery by feminist banshees.

  20. Jimmy the Saint

    If it weren’t for the fact that it’s going to get a lot of decent folks killed, hurt, and/or impoverished, the collapse of the West would be really, really entertaining: a real-life version of Samuel L. Bronkowitz’s “That’s Armageddon!”

  21. anonymous

    Condoleeza Rice – sure, I think I’d seriously consider voting for her. But Hillary – nuh uh bruh – she the Debo !!

  22. HHH Old Vet.

    Total rump ranger, what a bunchO Crap.

  23. Locke Enlode

    In the immortal words of the poet/philosopher Forrest Gump: “Stupid is as stupid does.”

  24. Sgt. Roberts

    Look at his puny little noodle arm. Punk with a beard.

  25. Doesn’t know how to properly trim a beard,( or shave), covered with hideous tatoos that don’t help his appearance, but speaks volumes about his self idolatry, can’t seem to find a real shirt to wear. No, not man enough, STUPID enough to vote for a woman. With rare exceptions, women are bad leaders. The fact that most of them historically have not risen to leadership positions tells the tale itself. If they were good leaders, it would have been apparent by their presence. The ones I knew in the Army were white, shackled for some bizarre reason to a dusky warrior of African descent, and on their way to having their careers and lives ruined by their half wit husbands. Drunk, naked, covered in blood and shrieking on the lawn of the Officers Club is not a leadership plan. One more thing about “man enough” (gag), some one should ask him if his hands are cold, or if he’s playing pocket pool. Registered to vote, sport?

  26. larry erwin

    In Portland, Gay is the new straight!

  27. Burrow Owl

    A hipster impersonating a man.
    That is just so… ironic.

  28. Mark Matis

    That actually is a current photo of Janet Reno.

    • StBernardnot

      Best comment today! LOL!! I do see a certain ……… what? I can’t define it.

  29. Roland Deschain

    Looks do NOT make you a man! It takes all of three seconds or three words coming out of your mouth to tell. If you are gay, be fucking gay and leave the rest of us the hell alone! 100 points for the Reno comment!

    • Awfully late to the party, my boys and I spent the day clearing our friends home site of white oaks and hickorys. Husky 372xp, 395xp and 357xp. Boys are 11, 16, 23 and 32. Not a sissy among ’em, you ought see the 11 yr. old drop an 80′ oak. You haven’t lived ’til you’ve heard an 11 yr. old yell TIMBER right after he shuts the saw off and hustles down his chosen, cleared lane of safety! My boys scare pussies like this off. Oh, and every one of ’em would have put that double bit axe in the center of that target, no question. The 16 yr. old is partial to his Gransfors.

      • Bless you for buying your sons Gransfors, or at least encouraging buying of quality tools. Keep up the good work.

  30. No, I won’t vote for her BECAUSE I’m a man. There is a natural order to the world, that’s plainly visible whether you believe in God or no. What kind of sad state of affairs that in a nation of 360M+ we cannot find capable MEN to take on the mantle of leadership? Yeah, I said it. We can go on all day about Thatcher and others, but do we really want to follow post-WW2 UK in anything? It’s a dying society that has to resort to the fairer sex to find an able leader. If anything apologies were in order to Mrs. Thatcher for failing so badly at the most basic of biological instincts she felt forced to do what the men would not. It’s about as unnatural as a man being woman of the year…wait a minute. Still waiting for that thriving, vibrant European kingdom/empire that was at its apex and ruled by a female. History doesn’t lie. Makes about as much sense as me breast-feeding a child. Sure you can pretend everything’s ok as long as you want, but sooner or later reality steps in with a 10 lb. sledge. Precisely because of faggots like him we are resorting to sham elections between tweedle dee and the ‘her.’

  31. I’ve never seen a construction worker or even mill worker look like fag. Yeah some had beards, but not this professionally cut and maintained POS. They would have been ashamed to.

    And I bet he gets his nails manicured as well.

    Other give away is real men don’t do a chemical peel like this clown does and they actually have a tan from working outside.

    This is what a member of the political class’s idea of what a tough man looks like. Of course they’d think that, given all they have to go by in their lives are a bunch of geeky couch potatoes and bloated neckbeards.

  32. Portland is #1 for cheap Afghan heroin, essentially-free 22-packs of top-quality “happy smiles” cigarettes, legal street/sidewalk homeless tent camping, insane property bubble, Head-tax/Art-tax, and sex slavery of white girls and boys who have escaped from their State-sponsored pedophile “foster parents”.
    And coffee, really good coffee.


      It, along with the rest of that socialist state, is home to a PERS pension debt-bomb that will eventually sink their economy like a stone. Stay tuned.