Monsters From The Id: Goodbye To All Things Democrat


GVDL delivers the final verdict.

If you aren’t developing information in your AO from your local voter registration data (both R & D), you are behind the curve.


15 responses to “Monsters From The Id: Goodbye To All Things Democrat

  1. Reading GVDL the last couple of years, I would never have thought him a one upon a democrat.

    That he could list “FDR, Truman, JFK and (yes, even) LBJ” as the last admirable democrats is astounding in light of his late writing. There might be one guy there worthy… and it sure isn’t FDR or LBJ.

    Regardless, that is one beautiful, dismissive evisceration of a putrid suppurating malignant yet not soon enough entirely dead manifestation of the Enemy of Mankind.

  2. Everyone here in the TX capital area is feelin the bern.

    • That doesn’t mean anything, I lived there; austinites think they’re San Francisco east.

      • Very true but this area is being flooded with more morons each and every day. Well to do people
        I work with – people making 6 figures are rocking bernie propaganda which proves to me his appeal reaches far beyond the pathetic special snowflakes out there.

        Hillary has the butch lesbo vote out here still.

    • No wonder why you feel the way you do being in that cesspool…

  3. Maybe I am too young but I cannot understand anyone who was ever voted democrat. Since LBJ and in many cases before him, it has been a party full of pathetic socialists and communists.
    and on a related note, I do hope ted kennedy is now burning in hell. his 1965 immigration act basically hit the hyperdrive into turning the usa into the a 3rd world country that it is probably within 10 or 20 years of becoming.


      redcoog: Having been raised around them(with the exception of my dad&mom) I can give you a few reasons. First, there was the Depression. One of the things that was pounded into my head about that time is: “there was no hope”. FDR, with his orchestrated “Fireside Chats” and soothing baritone voice, gave the Amerikan masses hope. Add to that, the Tinsel Town puppet masters who were grinding out all sorts of propaganda disguised as films. Amerikans went to the movies because it was cheap entertainment and television was in the distant future. As a side note, Google The Venona Project. The Reds and Haxo’s People had a hand in the Hollywood mind control.
      Second, there was the myth of the government “job creation”. FDR “put america back to work” with the WPA, CCC, TVA, etc. Since most of the sheeple were ignorant of basic economics, the whole concept of robbing Peter to pay Paul, was beyond their comprehension. To her dying day, my grandmother believed there was a little metal box in in Social Security Office in Washington, D.C. and every month some government clerk would take her deposits out of it and send her the check.
      Third, there was rampant class envy. When you have newspapers publishing editorial cartoons depicting “greedy millionaires”, etc. it is not hard to generate hatred among the voting masses to see it clear to keep their gravy train engineers in office. The Nazis were not the only ones who perfected THE BIG LIE technique.
      So here we are today. The whole Judeo-Christian commandment of THOU SHALL NOT COVET has been thrown under the bus. Those grotesque, hideous faces you see above manifest the evil that has consumed the souls of those who would confiscate our honestly-earned wealth, drag us into endless overseas conflicts, destroy our borders and sovereignty, kill the innocent unborn, and make us accept, by force of law, every form of human sexual depravity. And, they could not have accomplished this satanic agenda without the help of the MSM and the Dead Elephant Party. I rest my case. Bleib ubrig.

      • Anonymous

        I do not believe your grandmother was that ignorant. Instead, I believe she was full of class envy and believed her payment was being taken from “rich people”, but if she says that she may lose it so she didn’t.

        Here’s how I establish that. Show one of the “but I paid in” SS retirees, or a central states Teamster, the chart about how the baby boom means a lot more is promised to be taken out than was put in. If they were honestly mistaken you will receive shock, fear, surprise, confusion, anger at being cheated. Instead, there is no delay to think because they already know, and you receive liberal nonsense about how magic government should magically create wealth from nothing to pay them.

        People who do doublethink are evil.

      • DTW:

        “And, they could not have accomplished this satanic agenda without the help of the MSM and the Dead Elephant Party. I rest my case.”

        Fine summation. Allow me to stress the crucial emphasis.

  4. He speaks far too kindly of the demonrats.

  5. Those SMILING faces are more like Halloween masks. Once a DEMONCRAP, always a demoncrap. time to do some house cleaning and get rid of them. If the RE-PUBES don’t get the message than it will be time for the Independents.

  6. Jimmy the Saint

    Wow; when you find yourself pining for LBJ, you’ve stepped in it one time too many.

  7. Excellent piece.

  8. I would say the same can be said about the republican party,both out to screw the people and control our lives while screwing us.May both parties as they are known die and new blood/ideas come forward.That said,really do not see this country being great once again from change in the ballot box.

  9. at least the Demoncrats don’t pretend to be “conservative” or “constitutionalist”. The Republiscams have been an undiluted fraud from “Ike” onward. Bullets not ballots