SLL: Your Choice – To Serve Or To Serve


Robert eviscerates the ‘social contract’ myth.


Between individuals.

Mutually given.

Absent coercion.

It’s amazing the number of people who call such concepts ridiculous.

4 responses to “SLL: Your Choice – To Serve Or To Serve

  1. SemperFi, 0321

    From insurance to taxes, nothing is voluntary, it’s a rigged game from the day you were born. Forcing SSN’s on infants makes sure you “voluntarily” donate to the beast every day of your life.
    Read “The Creature from Jekyll Island” to understand how our entire lives have been a lie of forced servitude to the FedRes tax scam. You’ll never again question the lies from media or FedGov, it’s all self explanatory why we’ve been brainwashed to be tax cattle.

  2. anonymous

    > “Consent. Between individuals. Mutually given. Absent coercion.”

    > “There are three ways for a person to obtain something of value from another person: receive it as a donation, steal it by force or fraud, or exchange for it.”

    > “The essence of exchange is choice; it’s voluntary.”

    Unfortunately “our” side — however you want to define that; conservatives, libertarians, Ayn Randians, whatever, etc. — either doesn’t understand, or at worst intentionally distorts, concepts like “consent”, “individuals”, “mutually”, “coercion”, “fraud”, “choice”, “voluntary”, etc.

  3. Jim Klein

    Rigged game sure, but doesn’t change the point. Consent versus thuggery, there’s nothing else to it. Until we’re chained, we chose and that’s that. It’s fine to speak of the reasons we chose, but never at the expense of pretending they weren’t our choices.

    “Either this shit gets stopped or it doesn’t.” That’s OUR choice.

  4. Alfred E. Neuman

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