The Swiss Report

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Partyzantski sends with the following endorsement:

…It is a study of how the Swiss organize, train and equip the citizen militia that has kept the wolves at bay. I offer it as a discussion point because it reflects cohesive, strategic thought and purpose for militia structure. While many will argue minutiae, this short study (really, how long will it take you to read and absorb 30 pages?) should get you thinking about systems, logistics and the reasons why. Why? Because all effort requires a guiding focus, a principle, a drive…

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14 responses to “The Swiss Report

  1. Beautiful system. They have weapon and ordnance dumps all over the land. Michael Collins had it in mind for Ireland , which might have mollified the Unionists. The retards who ambushed him made sure we will never know. Kind of eerie that one author died under mysterious circumstances. Larry McDonald went down on KAL 007, along with Patton’s father dying after an ‘accident’.

  2. Step 1:
    Reject imperial ambitions.

    • Jews Hate White Babies

      Step 2: Homogeneous white nation with solidarity and average IQ of 110.

      USA suffers from top-down multicultural invasion. Everywhere we look, we see niggers and deluded feminists and anti-white propaganda designed to demoralize white men.

      Why fight for that? Our country has too many nations, and the nigger nation (42 million) has destroyed the country.

      We are all faggots. George Washington and Sam Adams would have started the shooting in about 1954 after the ridiculous Brown v Board of Education attack on our white children.

      • “… average IQ of 110.”
        The average IQ of a given population is always 100, by definition. I guess you are excluded from your utopia. Sorry.

        “We are all faggots.” Speak for yourself JHWB.

  3. Anonymous

    Don’t evaluate these Swiss military plans separately from the mountain barriers their geography possesses. Wasn’t it Poland that is forever getting overrun because it didn’t have a mountain range? Consider the idea that the Swiss defensive military success and stability of federalism has to do mainly with the shape of the mountains, as external borders and internal partitions, and little to do with any human quality like genetic or cultural uniformity. The cost of crossing mountains makes it unprofitable to fight the Swiss, or consolidate the federalism, therefore nobody does.

    Also, who is this entity named “Swiss” that is making these plans, which are forced at gunpoint onto the 8 million people in the region? What happens if a “civilian” wants to own and operate a modern weapon like an armed airplane, cruise missile, or armed drone? Swiss don’t have RKBA any more than any other commoners do. If your defensive military preparations will actually work, the armed thugs working for “Swiss” steal it or break them before you get them completed and operational. This is plain old communism. Feel the Bern, Switzerland.

    • Some Guy in OR

      And here we see the delusions of “individualism.”

      You have to have some form of collective to survive in this world.

      The Swiss are great people and the government actually gives a shit about them because it is OF them. They run their government. They do have a very strong tradition of keeping and bearing arms and actually UNDERSTAND this better than most Americans do. Their is far greater ownership of personal automatic weapons (not just their issue weapon, which, yes, is stringently controlled) in CH than in the US, and it is even less regulated.

      There is obligation, yes. But this prevents tyranny via a mechanism that mysanthropic morons like you will never understand.

      • Jim Klein

        >>>And here we see the delusions of “individualism.”
        You have to have some form of collective to survive in this world.<<>>There is obligation, yes.

        Not without consent or choice, there isn’t. Never was and never could be, so you’re wrong about that too. If you dare deny, then offer one obligation that you have that you didn’t willfully choose to be an obligation. One will do.

        So when you can’t do that, maybe explain how it is that all the other people are so much different from you in this respect. On your theory, you chose every single one of your obligations, but somehow everyone else didn’t. But hey…if you got an obligation that you didn’t choose to recognize as such, I’m all ears. It would blow my assertion to smithereens, so go for it.

      • Jim Klein

        Sorry, bad formatting. In response to your first error, “individualism” doesn’t mean “alone.” It means you’re a free-willed individual, and you are. No need to pretend otherwise, and no need to fear the responsibility that attends. Individuals can still work together closely and beneficially…often do in fact.

        I think the reply about your mis-take on obligation showed. Two for two you were, but happily you can correct yourself.

      • Anonymous

        You have to have some form of collective to survive in this world.

        That’s government PR, you learned it from a government employee in a government agency, public school. If you actually believed this claim, you would leave libertarians alone so you could youtube them being eaten by foreign devils as an example to others. However, libertarians actually get eaten by domestic devils, who outnumber them. Libertarians need to invent something which works like mountains, and make them unprofitable to colonize.

      • SemperFi, 0321

        Class3 stuff is going out the door, as are military weapons. The new SIG military assault rifle is semi only, and all private Class3 collections are being phased out. My friends 80 yr old dad just moved to Wyoming from Zurich,CH 1.5 yr ago, sold out his entire Class3 collection for pennies on the dollar to get the fuck out of there. They were going to force him to sell it anyway.
        I’ve always had Swiss citizenship thru my mother, but today it’s nothing to brag about, nor do I wish to go live there again anyway. Another suicidal progressive cesspool.

  4. Marlo Stanfield

    SUNMOC: the Swiss UN Military Observer Course

    | | | | | |


    | | | | SUNMOC: the Swiss UN Military Observer Course Promoting peace is one of the three missions of the Swiss Armed Forces stated in the Constitution. Currently, bo… | |



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  5. Bill Harzia

    Can somebody explain that biography of General Patton? Commander of the 11th Armored Cavalry Regiment in Vietnam? If this is the WWII General Patton’s son, they should say so.

  6. Don’t forget that for most of the 20th century Swiss banks were the bankers of choice for most of the dictatorship-governments of the world. That might have had something to do with their supposed “neutrality”, ya think?

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