WeaponsMan: Lessons From Ukraine

Notes from one of the several warm-up contests.

Sounds like a good neighborhood to avoid.

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  1. hmm might should learn Russian and customs so we can blend better . at least I don’t mind vodka !!

  2. Detroit III

    Sorry…Ukrainian Propaganda. Lost me after “Russian regular troops…”

    • Please read it completely – there are really existing issues, may be viewed mistakenly, but not a subject to neglect.

    • Grenadier1

      Do you naively believe that Russians regulars did not participate in the fighting?
      Do you seriously think that it was all Ukrainians who wished to separate and live under the Russian umbrella?
      Sure this was produced to paint the Ukrainians in the best light but to deny Regular Russian involvement is blind at best..

  3. Many failed the first lesson of Ukraine – don’t get played. The second lesson was – worse is not better – unless you are the puppet-master. If there were ‘Regular Russian troops ‘ the tricolor would be flying over Kiev now. Putin smirks as the empire gave him Crimea and a no-mans-land dump for a southwestern buffer zone. The only thing that worries me are 15 nuke plants being ‘managed’ by those retards. Chernobyl 2 will not be good for anyone.

    • Grenadier1

      You are just as blind ad Detroit III.
      Again you assume that Regular Russian forces were not involved. Thats bullshit.
      They were there and they fought. You assume the goal was to completely take the Ukraine back into Russian occupation…That was not the goal. They had a limited scope of conflict and they participated in a limited manner to facilitate that limited goal.



      • I don’t assume anything. Regular Russian troops means line units , not Spetznaz and volunteers with robust resupply. . They were there and more power to them. Neither do I assume that Russia wanted take Ukraine back. Why would they do that when the couped govt. was pro-Russia. Ukraine has nothing Russia doesn’t already have as some of us pointed out ad-infinitum during that period.You and others were the ones making false assumptions based on empire talking-points.

        You cold warriors are still smarting from swallowing [assuming] the ZATO BS on what went down that February in Kiev.. Russia reacted to a provocation and the freaks in Kiev didn’t get the memo. Now the place is a slavic Somalia thanks to the harridans at State dept, neocons, Soros and the MIC.

  4. wonder if they get to the part about shelling their own civilians?

  5. Grenadier1

    I closely followed this conflict because it presented the closest analog to a modern civil war in the FUSA. I have watched so many videos and read so many accounts of the fighting that they all blend together. These are first hand accounts, videos and international news agency reports from both sides of the fighting.
    To deny the presence of Russian regular forces tells me that you have no fucking clue regarding what took place in this conflict.
    It was no secret from either side of the conflict that regular Russian military were “on vacation” in the Ukraine. Many Russian soldiers were going AWOL from their units because they were going to be sent “on exercises” in southern Russia. Again no secret that “exercises” meant in the Donboss region fighting for the separatists.
    I dont begrudge Putin for deception and the Russians are very good at it so why would you believe a thing that the Russians or the Ukrainians say on its face?
    The truth resides in the middle. Choosing to ignore the lessons of his fight because you think one side is misrepresenting who they were fighting is retarded.

  6. Alfred E. Neuman

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