Fran explains.

Just wait.

Here we are.

Imagine where we will be.

13 responses to “Beast-Men

  1. Comrade X

    A beast is a beast no matter what direction they come from. But which is the bigger beast; one who knows what they do or those that have no clue?

  2. The part Darwin got right has been interrupted for a long while now. Tension has built. Energy in storage. It will release. Get ready

  3. Alfred E. Neuman

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  4. I am not suggesting this hasn’t happened nor will. However as I read many many posts about societal collapse and the bravado responses of “bring it” or “I can’t wait” or “from my cold dead hands”; what I fail to find articulated succinctly and regularly is “then what”. So you defeated the mutant zombie leftist hordes on some glorious field of valor. And now we will…..

    I recall a conversation I had once with a militia guy at a surplus store. I was acquainted with the owner and he whispered to me who the guy was. The “Colonel” (cuz you have to be a Colonel if you run a militia)was obviously older than me but used cheap over the counter hair dye black to mask his gray head and goatee leaving a look of he just climbed out of a chimney. So as he is espousing the overthrow of government and that his militia will easily take out the sheriffs and police. I ask the pointed of question of “So lets say you succeed in your intents, then what? What are your plans for continuity of community? How will your people and the remaining populace eat, bathe, receive medical attention?” He replied with “Who are you?!?” Then got on his mobile. Shortly another guy entered the store and acted as if he didn’t know anyone but exchanged glances with the “Colonel”. The proprietor told me that guy number 2 was also a militia member and they often come in together. Guess the “Colonel” must have thought I was a “G-man” or some such nonsense. I got eyeballed a lot by both and after still not receiving an answer the “Colonel” left. Point of this story is that there will be many “Colonels” with no real plan other than “I gotta gun”.

    Not that I am educated enough to put forth such a plan, but a plan of at least the 10,000 foot view should be discussed and agreed upon. At a minimum the US Constitution for lack of a better document, would lay the ground work for whatever we are to become. Governments, schools and business all have continuity plans. Beyond your family, your tribe, what will you implement for governance? Something to think about. Nothing new under the sun here. Lots of examples, downloads, etc. The US constitution, the Mayflower Compact, etc.

    Unifying thought, adherence to established standards, attainable and fully disclosed expectations are such things that will maintain or establish community.

    Personally, I don’t want to see any of it. I hope against hope for meaningful societal change. However as old Uncle Karl said loosely, there can be no meaningful societal change absent of violence.

    Could be just a nice kick in the nuts from a foreign aggressor that wakes up the populace. Could be winged monkey riding Valkyries that usher in a new dawn. Drat, pessimism gets the better of me on this topic.

    • Well that’s why I push for people to be setting up parallel societies that have the three S’s now…If your area is not conducive to that, then to be moving to areas that are…Get a system in place so that if/when gov.collapses your Society survives…

    • Anonymous

      Replacing one government with another is no improvement. Google Whiskey Rebellion to see how fast Taxation Without Representation for the benefit of the nobility was re-imposed.

  5. Generally agree with the OP (particularly the point about compromising with people who want different ends), but I can’t see why only “the left” gets the blame. Seems to me such wonders as the War on Some Drugs, the advancement of the police state and the empire have been at least as much projects of the right as of the left.

    Anyway, people have different ends. Liberty is mine. I’ll negotiate with anybody who is similarly interested. The rest, I guess we will just have to deal with in the coming war. Secession would be worth looking into; there are just too many beasts to kill them all.

  6. “A beast does not know he’s a beast and the closer a man becomes to being a beast the less he knows it”