GoV: Journalism in Combat Mode – Agitators, Idiots and Dimwits


Today, Deutschland – tomorrow, the world.

Team Mo has at least a 1/3 chance of beating the remnants of former Christendom.

And I’m not talking only about Europa.

16 responses to “GoV: Journalism in Combat Mode – Agitators, Idiots and Dimwits

  1. Dweebs, feebs, assholes and imbeciles, I always say.

  2. Jim Klein

    Team Mo beats absolutely nothing without Team State.

    • Anonymous

      Napoleon said armies travel on their stomach, and Team State’s logistics are supplied by Team Voter. Without Soccer Moms snitching and paying taxes, Team State would dissolve. What are “we” going to do about that?

  3. Bill Harzia

    Never forget, the press is the enemy.” Richard Nixon


    This disintegration of a corrupt, socialist Eurabia is fun to watch. All of the hand-wringing and written opinions. As if, the Muzzie hordes are going to give a hoot about what some journalist writes. He should be shouting the German equivalent of what the Frogs in Paris shouted as the Allied armies approached in 1944. How about it, you German pussies?
    TO THE BARRICADES! TO EACH HIS(HER) MUSLIM! Nah, it will not happen and we here in Hillary/Bernie land will watch the collapse and Dhimmitude of the cowering “European” masses in real time. Delightful.

  5. Hey Pete, take a look at this article when you get a chance. As much as the lunatic progressives are marching in rebellion against all Nature and it’s Creator toward complete and utter destruction, there are still voices of sensibility and sanity standing on the front line speaking truth and fighting the ‘culture war’.

  6. SemperFi, 0321

    Not much has changed in a hundred yrs, from the street fighting of 1919 to the street fights of 2019; except for all the millions of dead, and all of it seems to have been for naught.
    (And they can blame it on the Jews and Communists again too)

  7. I think the key here is for everyone to be a journalist, in what ever way they can. Completely overwhelm the system. There are web sites that will issue anyone a journalists credentials. Not that you need them, but it helps now and then. Everyone here should just carry a phone with a camera and maybe a pen and paper. When you see something, take a video or a photo and then maybe make a quick comment on what you saw. Either find a site or start a site that would be an information clearing house and download your info and edit as best you can. Don’t worry about being professional in quality, just overwhelm the mainstream censored news. Drudge simply started a blog on his old 486 computer in his free time while working at a gift shop. Outside of porn sites, he is the most visited site on the web. There is no reason to complain about censorship when everyone who comes to this blog owns a cell phone camera and has access to a computer. We still basically, have freedom of the press here in Amerika, unlike in Europe where nearly everyone who has commented here, would be arrested. We need to use this constitutional right, right now, more than ever.

  8. During a critical re-read of a book I’m fond of thought this was worth thinking about – especially since the spectator sport that will be Cleveland is coming up soon. The first guy (William Goddard) to give thought & much effort to establishing an American postal service to circumvent the Colonial Empire’s put forth some serious words on the subject of the Monolith controlling “the message.” From Breen’s “American Insurgents, American Patriots”:
    The resistance movement required secured and independent sources of intelligence, but so long as the British were in a position to interfere with the free flow of communications, they could keep Americans ignorant about the political activities of other Americans. “It is not only our letters that are liable to stopped and opened by a Ministerial mandate, and their contents construed into treasonable conspiracies,” Goddard observed, “but our newspapers, those necessary and important alarms in time of public danger, may be rendered of little consequence for want of circulation.” To disrupt crucial channels of information would not be difficult, Goddard warned. “Whenever it shall be thought proper to restrain the Liberty of the press, or injure an individual, how easily may it be effected?” An anonymous letter in Boston (early 1774) proposed support for this to the end of preserving the “…intelligence and information on which our very existence as a free people depends.” Breen concludes this paragraph:

    “The creation of a secure intelligence network promised greater secrecy, the bedrock of resistance movements and the very thing the British rightly feared.”
    Substitute internet & non-MSM blogs/news-sources into the above as recipients of Empirical wrath. Got people you can meet? Anyone know how to get a message to someone else sans email or poking characters through a big shiny object? Can you even dump 50 home-print copies of the Appalachian Messenger into the local convenience store newspaper rack?

    • Yup.

      And how many readers here are thinking about creating NOW their own local “Four Corners Follies” or “Backwoods Crier” broadsheets? Content is pig-simple; anyone here has full license to reprint anything on WRSA as long as attributed, and I don’t know many bloggers who would not grant same (civility suggests checking with and getting OK from original author when doing full-copy reprints).

      How else are you going to ping the community when the Stasi or a CME shuts the Net down?

  9. Jimmy the Saint

    Issuing a periodic Jake Lingle Memorial Award for Journalistic Integrity wouldn’t hurt, either.

    Team Mo awards them now and again, and they get very little bad press.

  10. Alfred E. Neuman

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  11. Lost Patrol

    Your correct, this is one of the tactics we require to operate under.
    The Americas will fare no better than it’s EU counterparts if not.

  12. The media, rather than looking to protect citizens from corrupt government and external enemies, is working hand in hand with those they agree with, the commie left, to destroy what is left of Western Civ, and replace it with their own idiotic dream of “utopia”. The muzzies are just another tool they think they can use until the muzzies start throwing them (the media and the so called political elites) off of roof tops and burning them in cages. Dumb asses.