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“…If Western men can’t stand up to mouthy college twats, they stand no chance against the Mohammedan….”

— Z-Blog

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  1. I guess you could call that a woman. Like Tony Soprano said to Ritchie, “there’s guys in the joint better lookin’ than my sister”.


    To a large extent, Amerikan society has indeed been feminized. But, we have, as a group, yet to really be backed into a corner. Let’s take, for example, the butt-ugly, foul-mouthed “college professor” in the photo. Let’s say that some guy had enough of her screeching and walked up and punched her lights out. What do you think would happen to him? He would still be rotting in some jail, being passed around by Tyrone, Mondre, Tony, and the homies. Would it have been worth it?
    Yes, we have our metrosexual manginas with their skinny jeans, man-buns, beards, and “lumberjack” outfits. Let them be. Let the Rosie O’Donnells and the other potty-mouthed shrews spit their venom. When the economy tanks, the riots start, the cops say “f**k it” and go home, then our time to man up and get moving will have arrived.
    Remember Books’ comments in THE SHOOTIST. Remember Charley Reese’s article years ago in the Orlando Sentinel about THE TRULY DANGEROUS MAN. Walk away, for now. Avoid all crowds. Practice good intell gathering. Ignore the screeching and name-calling. Continue PT and preps. Bleib ubrig.

  3. Anonymous

    British men during WWI didn’t stand up to British women who gave them white feathers to claim cowardice that they hadn’t enlisted. Nevertheless, those same men often went on to fight in trench warfare. Same-culture women may require the most intellectual courage to stand up to. How many of your wives and girlfriends are currently winning the dominance challenge to not talk about or plan for the crash? She can and will fasten her hooks into your cowardice and drag you onto the boxcar. Good riddance to submissive male bad rubbish. Pajama boys don’t all wear pajamas, some wear camo.

  4. Grey Ghost

    Just pull out your airgun (pistol or rifle) and watch them run to their “safe space” or even better write the word TRUMP in chalk on the sidewalk and watch the fireworks. Millenials on the whole are just a bunch of dumbed down brainwashed useful idiot social justice warriors… don’t believe me, just say the word “nigger” in front of them and watch them faint. They all believe in hate speech and hate crimes because they don’t understand freedom of speech and what actually IS a crime (and there is no such thing as a hate crime). And at this point in my life I’m not too inclined to have that discussion with dumbed down cry babies.

    Of course, if they have a mexican flag they do have a little more balls than your standard cowardly college student. Not to worry though, the coming unpleasantness will wake them up or kill them.

    Grey Ghost

  5. they’re afraid of being called racists and sexists, to the preemptively back down.

  6. anonymous

    Remove the restrictions on the use of force western men face, restrictions and possible legal penalties sufficient to ruin those individuals lives as well as the lives of thier families. And see what western men do to the middle eastern bullies as well as the cultural bullies in this country.
    Right now the cultural bullies in this country can engage in thier behavior because they know they can essentially hide behind the law due to the aforementioned reason, the restrictions on the use of force, be it brute force (an ass-kicking to teach the bullies a lesson about thier behavior) or lethal force if it’s called for.
    You think those rioters at the trump rallies are behaving as they are because they are brave? No, they know the people on this side of the fence have two distinct disavantages, the law as it would apply to them if they treated those rioters (those are not “protests” they are riots) and what they would stand to lose if that “law” were applied to them, and especially in the fashion it would be applied given the political aspect wrapped into the law nowadays.
    Notwithstanding those rioters have damned little to lose, do they have jobs, homes, families? Odds are they don’t.
    A man who has a family has responsibilities and knows it, consequently he won’t start trouble which in the end he knows his family might likely suffer for.
    Remove this disadvantage from the situation and the advantage it gives the bullies and see how long they last and how tough they are.

    BTW: it has been documented more than once armed individuals including I believe kurdish women combat units have given literal rout to the isis bullies. They faced the middle eastern bullies on an even footing and showed them for the cowards a bully almost invariably is.

  7. Mark Matis

    Unfortunately, if one WERE to stand up to mouthy college twats, the Only Ones would ensure it was the LAST time one did so.

    Happiness is dead pigs. And dead pig whores.

  8. It’s not so much that men are turning into wimps, it’s that the state attacks anyone who uses violence. Who wants to spend years in jail because he got into a bar fight? Who wants to go through the criminal “Just US” meatgrinder for pushing a mouthy college twat on her ass?

    I wouldn’t worry about it being permanently bred out of us. Just wait for the economy to crash and the state to withdraw to “green zones”. There will be plenty of violence to go around. Some will learn – some won’t and will become somebody’s bitch or dead.

  9. Punch a runt in the cunt.

    Pitch a witch bitch in a ditch.

  10. SemperFi, 0321

    As I keep asking folks, if you can’t resist and break the law today, what makes you think you can do it next month? Won’t carry concealed today, but next month you’re suddenly a gunslinger? Even Wyoming is full of free range pussies.
    Just had this discussion over at Sparks house this morning.

  11. SameNoKami

    In polite society the word “Mohammedan” is not capitalized. 🙂

  12. Shoot, shovel, shut up. Done.

  13. Along with your concealed carry. carry and practice with an ASP.


  14. Mike Bishop

    Sometimes, being the “Bigger Man” means letting someone gargle their own incisors.

    We reside in a World of Wimpcraft.