The Greatest Gun Salesman in History!


WM links this work of propaganda art.

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9 responses to “The Greatest Gun Salesman in History!

  1. just plain todd

    god bless that majik negro!!

  2. Mrs. Clinton will do much, much better

  3. Grey Ghost

    just to agitate the left I ALWAYS bring up the increase in gun sales under the current assclown in the offal office.

    Grey Ghost

  4. The message will be, “we need to do something, look at this problem, it’s only gotten larger”.

    Meanwhile 600+ people per day die from medical mistakes. When doctors are outlawed only outlaws will have doctors. Are you aware of the ramifications of the EDL and Real ID programs? If you don’t have the super special license thingy you wont be able to buy gunz. Or ammo. At least not through approved channels. Incrementalism, it’s what’s for Breakfast, Lunch & DInner.

    There have been a number of brush fires but so far not enough fuel to create the needed crown fire. Look it up, crown fires cleanse the forest and allow for new growth. But they’re not pretty and once they’re going they are a real pisser to put out.

  5. Doe this surprise any one?

    Or need any deep analysis whatever?

    The only good thing that POStus has ever done.

  6. …and, all this spending; during a time when any reasonably intelligent person would tell you that the average American family has less money for ‘discretionary spending’. So, although the purchase would make an already tight budget even tighter… the way was found to purchase a firearm.
    weird, huh?


    There is another angle to this. Everybody and their dog owns guns now. It’s become fashionable,and popular.political hacks arent going to score votes by telling voters that they oppose the gun they just bought.


    Figure out what firearms you need and get them. The big thing will always be ammo and reloading components. Without them, you have expensive bludgeons. And, when you go to the range, be very wary of folks who try to engage you in conversations, especially about political matters. The Leviathan depends heavily on snitches. And, in this poor economy, folks will do just about anything for money.