Bracken: ISIS or Saudi?


From GoV, with suggested alternate title “ISIS, or 70-year US Government Allies Who Have Spread Wahhabism Throughout The World?”.

Of course, after Frank the Cripple’s strategic alliance with the greater mass murderer in The War To Save Josef Stalin, the House of Saud was a step up.

On this Memorial Day, keep your facts straight – even if you have to keep them to yourself.

11 responses to “Bracken: ISIS or Saudi?

  1. Alfred E. Neuman

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  2. Petrodollars baby.

  3. Stealth Spaniel

    The House of Saud is spreading this insanity while also spreading money, power, and “extras” to the All Powerful Elite. Bill’s 12 yro girlfriends are easy to supply when you are the overlord in their community. Wining and dining Senators and Representatives is simple, when these same fornicators are more than willing to sell their country to you. Especially land and companies that Congress does not own. Send the US Military to do your bidding? A very easy task when you know whose palm to grease. Need a way around troublesome laws? Just hire the correct lobbyist firm, invoke antidiscrimination laws on your behalf, and voila! Instant access to US Taxpayer paid for arms and military equipment.
    The New World Order is more than willing to play for pay. It is all so sordid that the coming Festivities will be a relief in some ways.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      “more than willing to sell their country to you.”

      It’s not a question of selling out countries to them. They don’t think in terms of countries. They believe that they are part of the group that owns the world – and they’ve got a fair bit of evidence to support that contention. They may well be part of the lowest rung of the global elite, but they are part of it. Many of them, at least.

    • Centurion_Cornelius

      Stealth hit the bullseye 10 ring.

      When you can digitize currency masquerading as ‘wealth,” and in a heartbeat wire funds into an offshore account and make someone an instant multi-millionaire for doing some political “favor,” you’ve lost all moral, spiritual, and honorable moorings.

      Cleaning up this mess will either proceed quickly or slowly, but each has its own special hazards. Viz. a good puke or enema or a long protracted illness resulting in death.

      Jury is still out.

  4. I wonder where I will be headed this Memorial Day.
    Ended up with fifth generation families of pioneer stock .Extended family in one area. Smart move many generations ago. Family,tribe and clan are essential. If you don’t have a common bond…invent and nurture one.
    If you do happen to come out the other side of the impending cluster-fuck of biblical proportions, it would be comforting to have some familiar faces to share your sorry ass with.
    It is only a matter of perception. Lethal injection is so much kinder and gentler. Except when it is not.
    My Pop had proposed that the Commonwealth of Massachusetts buy a Cessna aircraft and remove a rear door. Fly the condemned out over the ocean and push them out. Sounds pretty sound to me. Recycling and all. Amateurs. The reigning sharp edge champs are the Huti who butchered one million Tutsi in a three month period utilizing machetes.
    Fucking pussy Saudis are half-stepping this shit. Human head Whack A Mole. More Brothers execute each other daily in Chicago. I don’t give a rats fuck. The sand niggars have been butchering each other for centuries. Anyone who thinks they are going to change these reprobates is clinically delusional.
    Know that you did everything possible to protect and cherish your true family. Freedom and liberty from tyranny and oppression is worth standing up for.

  5. these are cherished local customs that by no means should be interfered with. I fear Bracken is one of those Imperial Stormtroopers that Buppert just warned us about