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Do it to Julia, indeed.

do it to julia

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  1. Anonymous

    Rape is a crime of dominance and power, just like taxation. Taxation is motivated by envy, perhaps rape is too. What are you going to do to defend yourself against voters?

  2. Anonymous

    ytzmee writes: There is no comparison between homemade and mass-produced.

    I agree with you. Commercial canned foods are tasteless varieties, overcooked, oversugared, and oversalted. They threw the vitamins away in the cooking water, if there were any vitamins to begin with since they grew it in fumigated soil with only NPK added.

    Striving to be self-sufficient is the ultimate anti-communist/collective antidote.

    No, it isn’t. Being self-sufficient is called “autarky”, and when it’s a “national” policy which bans trade across lines on a map called “borders”, you get the lifestyle of North Korea. Trade makes you rich, self-sufficiency makes you poor. The richest cities were at the hubs of world trade routes, such as Venice and New York. The widest trade, the most globalist trade, makes you the richest. Protectionism, tariffs, trade barriers, are just weaker forms of an iron curtain. Intolerable taxation rates upon Southern cotton exports caused the US civil war.

    In a system of free enterprise, the lousy canned goods would be recognized as a market opportunity. You would want to invest in a factory to produce better canned food. I suspect that didn’t occur to you. Not only has government banned the building of small new domestic factories, I suspect it has convinced you with its constant beat of self-loathing and guilt from its environmentalism religion that smaller is more moral. Government wants you to voluntarily pack yourself in an ever-smaller box. Shrink back to being a medieval or Soviet peasant. You’re obeying obamacare and UN agenda 21 and carbon taxes, not because enforcers have the drop on you at this moment, but because you agree with them. That’s the dekulakization, it’s happening right now.

    Self-sufficiency has military value when it’s temporary to make space for an attack of some kind, like dropping back for a pass in football. If an aspect of self-sufficiency is a permanent relinquishment, then it’s just acquiescing to a trail of tears. Obamacare says you can no longer arrange to insure and buy heathcare in a manner you can afford. An appendectomy by your neighbor the veterinarian on your kitchen table by candlelight has that little house on the prairie feel, but people die from that crap. How many more of the advanced capabilities of industrial civilization will you allow government to steal from you?

    Change of subject. I think there’s a lot of merit to Price’s work, but I don’t think he has the whole story. In China before the recent wave of free enterprise, the population looked healthy and fit; now that industrialization is available, you find a lot more sick people. That’s because in low-technology/wealth areas the sick people died quickly, so they weren’t around to count.

  3. here’s a guy who’ll pay no more taxes, as per headline @ Denninger:

    “Pelicans guard Dejean-Jones shot and killed accessing wrong apartment”

    not being a follower of the NBA, I actually thought that a bunch of pelicans were standing around the body…then I read the article

    • Jimmy the Saint

      Actually, he’s about to make the biggest tax payment that he ever will. Estate taxes are a serious bitch.

  4. Jimmy the Saint

    Someone else needs to be raped?

    Good news then, infidels!
    – millions of RoP adherents

  5. I like that graphic/saying. I could easily imagine the legend, Neal Boortz; saying that, who is was Rush could have been had Rush cared more about the country than flying above it in his personal jet.

  6. Yes, tax is just like rape.
    Ahh! The satisfying clarity of sophomoric Libertarian-Anarchy from its foremost proponent.

  7. “Tax the rich”

    Why? Just so some stupid lazy fucks can waste more $s on drugs, booze, and electronic bullshit?

    I say “kill the poor”

    You’ll get more mileage from it.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      “I say “kill the poor”

      You’ll get more mileage from it.”

      Of course, to many of the people who run the world, you’re one of the poor who need to be killed. Like sex in Kentucky, it’s all relative.

  8. Camacho2016

    Do it to Julia. 1984 reference in cross-stitch form.