Late Bloomer


Read this sad letter from the Vlad Tepes blog.

Betrayed by her “trusted government”.

Silly Europeans.

Good thing ‘Murikans could never be betrayed like this woman.

Because Consteetooshun.

Or something.



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    Okay, Eurabians. The cards are on the table. What next? I know from history Amerikans were shipping rifles to the Brits in ’39 and ’40 when it was thought the Nazis would invade. Should the NRA(yeah, right!) start using all that “in loving memory” donation money to buy used AR’s to ship to the besieged German pussies and their fellow dhimmis in Scandanavia?
    I vote to stand back and watch it disintegrate. But, I am outvoted even as we speak. There is some huge FTX going on either right now or in the near future involving a convoy of Strykers showing the flag by driving through the Czech Republic, Poland, the Baltics,etc. They will probably reroute their road march around the Muzzie throngs. I can hear Putin guffawing from here.

    • The exercise you mention is already in progress; “Poker Rally” for the 2nd (Indianhead) and some IFV’s – destination Estonia. And then there’s always this.

  2. Ban Islam in western societies. It’s a murderous death cult with zero redeeming value. Screw the ignorant, they can’t see anyway. That includes euroweenies.

  3. Jimmy the Saint

    Poor little dear got what she and her fellows have longed for for years. When the grooming gangs come for her, I hope she remembers to lie back and think of the State.

  4. It sure is accelerating isn’t it? After my latest 2 week round the country trip, I’ve once again seen the profound effects of the dumbing down, impoverishing, SJW agenda, and the wholesale degeneration first hand. It’s shocking. My opinion of murkins hasn’t changed, but my appreciation for the lifestyle I live is off the charts. I honestly miss my country.

  5. The best thing for ‘Murika is what is happening in Europe with the muzzies and what will happen, it might scare the usa straight.
    In the mean time, looks like a whole new set of of mail order brides are about to start up. German, Swiss, Austrian, etc women; will be looking to move to a place where the you can carry guns and use them on people coming on your property. I predict some Swiss villages developing in Texas cities.

    • Stealth Spaniel

      +1. Let’s be honest, if I were a hot German-Irish-Scottish-French-Whatever young girl, I’d be cruising wherever American Military Men were. I would do just about anything to get the hell out of there. Bracken was right-again!- this summer will be ugly in the EU. It warms my heart that the everyday people are waking up. I like the idea of shipping arms to people who are willing to fight.

      • more-or-less exactly half the adult electorate (+1) in Austria just chose an open-borders communist Prez over a secure borders Nationalist. The invasive ragheads are the symptom. Not the problem. The problem is a treasonous political/intellectual class owned by (((eskimo)))-globalist banksters and billionaires. And mass populations who handed over their guns in return for a cradle-to-grave, debt-financed welfare-illfare state. And are now going to get the grave

      • Jimmy the Saint

        “I like the idea of shipping arms to people who are willing to fight.”

        That would mainly be the Muslims, unfortunately.

        • Grey Ghost

          JTS, I respectfully disagree. I think the AWAKENING is happening in the EU just as in the U.S. but will it be enough people to turn back the leftist? I dunno, BUT there ARE still Germans and others (well, maybe not the French, Belgians and Swedes) who will fight given the chance and weapons… so I say send them guns by any means available.

          But Haxo has it dead on… it’s the treasonous political/intellectual class that IS the problem. I would also add that gov run MSM and edu is a major part of the problem too. There is no voting these crooked globalists out of office or even voting our way out of this in the U.S. I can’t wait to see all the dead Demoncraps and illegals voting 5 times in the R strongholds in Nov16. Remember, it’s not who votes but who COUNTS the votes. That is the way all good banana Republics work and our banana Republic is no exception.

          Grey Ghost

          • Jimmy the Saint

            “Remember, it’s not who votes but who COUNTS the votes.”

            Nah, votes are irrelevant. It’s who selects the candidates that counts.

            But as to Europe, yes, there are those who will contest the conquest of the continent. In most countries, they’re probably a serious minority, though. The former SovBloc countries appear to be made of sterner stuff that the Western ones.

  6. Alfred E. Neuman

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  7. “Germany plans to raise retirement age to 73.”

    This and immigration are related. And it still won’t make enough difference on the socialist bottom line because the whole damn socioeconomic system is unsustainable.

    Welcome back to you work until you die. Coming to FUSA.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      “Welcome back to you work until you die.”

      Good news, then – automation and technology are rapidly rendering most people into surplus labor, so they won’t have to worry about the whole “work until” part.

  8. I can’t help but wonder what the outcome of that little misadventure would have been, if done within sight of a US Military Veteran.
    That shit just boils my fucking blood.

  9. Re that shades of blue map of the FUSA with Wyomimg being the sole non-partying state: This state’s current status as the only one, is not due to lack of effort from the current guv Matt Meade (a former federal prosecutor with ambition) and mostly from his wife. She is active in resettlement efforts, I do believe they are church-related.

    Church-related refugee efforts to import our enemies are a real fine scam. Supportors of such get a cleansing from white guilt. The Dem side of the Uniparty gets more voters, forever. Contractors make out like bandits. And Alinsky laughs from his place in hell. What a right f****er he has been these past years.

  10. vladtepesblog

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  12. The brunette girl on third picture seems to be sarcastic?! Evil nazi! ]:->

  13. I love the American distribution graphic.
    I’m hoping that the profile of MI indicates that a healthy number of future homegrown jihadis will actually be deposited in Lakes Michigan and Superior, as the diagram indicates.

  14. Either our “government” will take things in hand, and abide by OUR wishes, or we will take things into OUR HANDS, concerning both the “government”, and the problems they are importing. Because fuck you, Obongo, that’s why.

  15. Wrong caption. It should be ‘That face when you realize times up, and it’s time for men to stand up and take this country back.’