The Concept Of “Exit”

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An excellent overview of Collapse, Co-Existence, and Consequences.


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  1. SameNoKami

    We are not just viewing the dying of ‘A’ civilization. We are witnessing the death of each and every western civilization (I’m not sure you can call muslim society ‘civilization.’) Between the commies and the muslims with their death cult mentality, we are hosed.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      One of history’s biggest lessons: when civilization and barbarians clash, the barbarians always win in the end.

  2. So working for the government makes you an uncommon criminal?

  3. “Most “collapse” scenarios are like most human thinking, linear and binary. Suddenly there is a huge SNAP! and society just falls apart, leaving a smouldering ruin through which starvation-crazed people wander. In reality, collapse is like Brazil: a society slowly fades away into third world levels of hygiene, wealth and order. It never really fails, it just becomes useless, kind of like ancient Greece and Rome.”<—–this

    We are there and have been for some time. If a group of people get smoked by thievery at the highest levels but no one sees or reports it did it happen? If every media source you read tells you the "great recession" ended and good times are here again is it true? We are in the midst of the greatest collapse of all time. Been rolling for a minute. Adapt overcome. Life is precious and good.

    When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro.

    • When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro.<—–this


      Hope HST finally found peace.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      Of course modern collapses have been pretty fast – the Tsar, the Austro-Hungarian Empire, Imperial Germany, Nazi Germany, Imperial Japan, South Vietnam, the Soviet Union, Yugoslavia, Rwanda, etc.

      Of course, there’s always a backstory of decay, but the collapse itself is often very distinct, and it comes quickly.

  4. Alfred E. Neuman

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  5. SemperFi, 0321

    Shakedown is the name of the game for FedGov, since the meeting at Jekyll Island, they have set us up as tax cattle to feed their never ending thirst for cash. Now it’s out in the open, even cops shake you down on the highway and street corners, and we see nothing but apathy from the masses, or even cheerleading/copsucking for the Blue Unions. This nation so deserves a Blue enema.