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  1. “Libertarian.” Yup.

  2. Thank God it wasn’t cankles……

  3. Demoncrats: open borders/free trade. Republiscams: open borders/free trade. Libertards: open borders/free trade. Uniparty

  4. Just came from ZH after reading Paul Craig Roberts’ latest about the insanity of the military industrial complex antagonizing Russia and trying to start WWIII. He rightly noted that Russia’s weapons technology is superior to ours given the greed of the corporatists and their unrelenting quest for profit at any cost (F35 Fighter Helmet: $400,000).
    Then I saw the picture of this Libertarian creature.

    I think I’m done. Just going to keep my mouth shut, stop commenting on blogs, continue gathering provisions and pray.

    I wish all of you God’s protection and mercy.



    • So in other words your throwing in the towel hoping you get eaten last…Your letting the Bastards get you down…War is coming whether we participate or not…If we are not banding together and forming up Communities not just prepping for survival then our hopes of having something better for our children are a fantasy…


        My brother. I cannot speak for Mr. Mud Marine. I can just let history take its course while I observe, plan, prep, AND pray. How is everything going, by the way?

        • It’s going good Brother….I think we need to be adding one more thing though and that is “build”…To many want to just tear down or wait until someone else tears it down…I don’t want that for me and mine Brother… Im going to do my best to be building a better future just would like if a few more wanted that also…

  5. So, the people in the audience were not entertained.

  6. All the smart libertarians realized it would never work except in a 100% white nation with a swift, efficient, and brutal justice system, and so they are not alt-righters who support Trump. This means the only libertarians left in the party are the morons who actually think that if you just make blacks watch enough videos from the Mises Institute that Chicago will transform into Austria.

  7. Jimmy the Saint

    With regard to that mess, Captain Malcolm Reyolds said it best: “Well, my days of not taking you seriously are certainly coming to a middle.”

  8. Painfully juvenile attempt to discredit alternate political parties.

    Keep voting.

    I will not.

    • Spot on target wrt many of those who claim to be libertarians. Including the LP’s nominees this year, who would not know the Non- Aggression Principle if it bit them in the ass, which it will do. The NAP is the essence of being libertarian, and anyone who does not recognize that is no libertarian, regardless of how many groupies they have supporting them.

  9. Community. It’s all about what you can reach out and touch and protect. Today is a great day to prepare.

  10. All kinds of perversions these days.

  11. Wife: Aren’t you glad you and I are party-less?
    Me: Yes. Every once in a while, oh hell yes.

  12. I thought that was a doctored up Zoomie pic. Real life is (much) stranger than fiction.

  13. FrozenPatriot

    Even more embarrassingly, they threw a collective Trumpertantrum of their own and nominated Gary “I’d force a Jew to bake a Nazi cake” Johnson to represent liberty…

  14. There’s your proof that the human body is not always a beautiful thing.
    If you’re going to unseriously run for Prez, here was someone who knew how to do it right: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pat_Paulsen

    • I voted for Pat Paulsen numerous times. If someone was to dig him up… I would vote for him or Ralph Nader again.

  15. Libertarian Party philosophy as written in the 1980s had a potential to make a difference: pro-gun, pro-private property, anti-income tax, keeping the secular state out of religious matters and bedrooms, and a neutered federal government. When too many of those little chapters of the LP made pot their primary focus in the 1990s they also made themselves irrelevant. The few conservative Christians left in the LP back then also made their way to the exit door.

    LP members are now far more likely to be seen at a NORML rally or a Gay Pride parade than at a tax protest or the range.

    That said, if things get sporty in this country and they don’t take a side as a belligerent in the conflict, they might be able to act as mediators between the socialist and nationalist factions. Would you take a pot-smoker from the next county over a blue helmet from Beijing or Brussels as a mediator for the prisoner exchange? Ok, sure, he will show up late.

  16. Don’t make the easy mistake of believing that blob of shit has anything to do with liberty. He’s just another lying assed LIEberal.

  17. The Libertarian Party is a political faction that seeks to gain power. Enough said. A three month membership in the early 90s cured me for life.

    Bill Buppert

  18. robroysimmons

    Murka Fuck Yeah, someone has to say it

  19. Any thoughts on the Constitution Party candidate?

    Castle 2016 – http://castle2016.com/issues/

    Withdraw the US from the UN
    End the FED
    No Agenda 21
    Pro Life

    Sounds like a good start to me. True liberty has always been a long shot.

  20. WE LOATHE AND MOCK GUTTER BEHAVIOR. Libertarian juvenile gutter behavior, only a notch above that of Democrat mature gutter behavior.

  21. The more i get to know some libertarians the more i think theyre just as nuts as the demopublicans.

    I frankly cannot have anything to do with them.

  22. Freedom is just license to these people. Obviously we need a strong government to keep criminals in line and hostile and parasitical aliens out. We are born as slaves to sin. Any real freedom has to do with voluntary self control and obedience to God as you understand Him. Only such men can be trusted with any degree of freedom at all. Or be able to keep a Government small and in line.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      ” Obviously we need a strong government to keep criminals in line and hostile and parasitical aliens out. ”

      The value of a strong/weak government depends on what it does. A strong government that protects national borders and but stays out of the day-to-day lives of its citizens isn’t much of a problem. It’s just not what we have now.

  23. The punch line to the joke of Libertarianism is that we’re all living it, all the time. Every man, woman and child on earth. Libertarians are just bitching because the vast majority of people are choosing to support yesterday’s arrangement rather than the one the Libertarian’s want.

  24. I so did not need to see that…..nauseous now.