Making Yankees And Other Scalawags Squeal In Horror: Long Live The Flags Of Dixie



“Perpetual Union”, my ass.


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  1. Your post makes an excellent point. I have to say that Yankee public schools DO NOT cover the subject well at all and are sneeringly dismissive of the whole Confederacy.

    I did not learn until early adulthood of the depths of the war, and only later after I moved south of the truth of the matter. Northern public schools are intellectually dishonest about the whole era, from the debilitating tariffs before the war, to the history of slavery (some REAL surprises in there!) Look up .

    It is my opinion that no Yankee will ever apologize for that war like Obama just did at Hiroshima. We are 2 different cultures, and immiscible at that.

  2. Michael Strickland

    ^^ Amen. It is amazing what you don’t learn in school. As I go a long I always hear or read a lot of what Sherman and his men did to the south when they came through. Being someone that has graduated less than ten years ago from college, everything is about the humanitarian and big government aspects of history. I distinctly remember reading about the whiskey rebellion and that our school led us to believe it was a bad moment in history, when after many men had fought and died in the revolutionary war to not be taxed with out local representation. Its not much different from today where many states and cities won’t allow you to collect rain water; even for garden use! All the farmers were doing in 1791, was using left over grain to make whiskey for personal use or barter.

  3. Hadenoughalready

    Hey; Easy, now. Not all “Yanks” are scalawags. I’m in northern Maine and I flew my Battle Flag all last summer. I sold a number of them to the locals, too. We’re with you!

    • Had,am agreement with you.As a fellow “yank” and a flyer of the Blue Bonnie during all the hoopla about nothing in regards to flags do take umbrage with the fact all yanks the same.Hell,as the descendants of those who kick started this country feel the south was in the right in wanting to part ways for many reasons,now more then ever,revolution and being left alone is in our blood.

  4. Using POWs as human shields? Using food as a weapon? Nah. Never happen. Right?

  5. Pilgrim's Pride

    Yankees haven’t ruled New England or New York or even Pennsylvania since the potato famine dumped the first big batch of Irish Catholic on our shores a century and a half ago.
    If you’re sore about the North and how it’s run don’t blame the children of Sam and John Adams, Ben Franklin, and a million other indispensable men.

    Blame the Huddled Masses Yearning to Breath Free.

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  7. The white men who made the decision to secede well understood the historical significance of their actions, and carefully explained them for posterity in the articles of secession. For instance here are South Carolina’s:

  8. SameNoKami

    I’m 100% in agreement that no ‘slavery flags’ fly at any national cemetery.
    That includes the one which flew over slavery the longest. The Stars and Stripes.

  9. Those in charge in Washington will send troops all over the globe to assure others the right of self determination. We freedom loving peoples of the occupied Southern States will never be given that Option. Based on an Executive Order any of us that live within 100 mils on the coast line live in a “Constitution Free Zone!:

    • They’re not sent all over the world to protect self determination. They’re sent to enforce faux democracy to cement domination by the preferred ideology. Take a look at the constitutions we gave people some time.they don’t garuantee squat.

  10. America–and by extension the entire West–is the screwed up mess it is today in part because the South lost its bid for independence some 150 years ago. Southern independence is still a desirable thing, in my humble opinion. It would give us traditionalists/nationalists a homeland and a foothold to fight back against the godless internationalists. Love live Dixie and all her symbols!

  11. I left this comment at the Burning “Platform” as well.
    Yankees are not the problem, Progressives are. If Yankees were the problem the Flag would be safe all across the South. I see more Rebel Flags flying in NH than I do in Georgia.

  12. thesouthwasrght

    I haven’t had a stars and stripes flag on any of my property or person in a long long time. And never will in the future.

    Had we prevailed in our struggle, which we handled in a far to gentlemanly manner imo, we would be oh so much better off.

    Btw I am still awaiting the apology for shipping my great-great-granddaddy off to camp Douglas where he, and thousands of other southerners, was summarily murdered in yankee captivity.

  13. Comrade X

    Here’s my favorite flag;

    We are a band of brothers
    And native to the soil,
    Fighting for the property
    We gained by honest toil;
    And when our rights were threatened,
    The cry rose near and far–
    “Hurrah for the Bonnie Blue Flag
    That bears a single star!”

    Hurrah! Hurrah!
    For Southern rights hurrah!
    Hurrah for the Bonnie Blue Flag
    That bears a single star.

    As long as the Union
    Was faithful to her trust,
    Like friends and like brothers
    Both kind were we and just;
    But now, when Northern treachery
    Attempts our rights to mar,
    We hoist on high the Bonnie Blue Flag
    That bears a single star.

    First gallant South Carolina
    Nobly made the stand,
    Then came Alabama,
    Who took her by the hand.
    Next quickly Mississippi,
    Georgia and Florida
    All raised on high the Bonnie Blue Flag
    That bears a single star.

    Ye men of valor, gather round
    The banner of the right;
    Texas and fair Louisiana
    Join us in the fight.
    Davis, our loved president,
    And Stephens statesmen are;
    Now rally round the Bonnie Blue Flag
    That bears a single star.

    And here’s to old Virginia–
    The Old Dominion State–
    Who with the young Confederacy
    At length has linked her fate;
    Impelled by her example,
    Now other states prepare
    To hoist on high the Bonnie Blue Flag
    That bears a single star.

    Then cheer, boys, cheer;
    Raise the joyous shout,
    For Arkansas and North Carolina
    Now have both gone out;
    And let another rousing cheer
    For Tennessee be given,
    The single star of the Bonnie Blue Flag
    Has grown to be eleven.

    Then here’s to our Confederacy,
    Strong are we and brave;
    Like patriots of old we’ll fight
    Our heritage to save.
    And rather than submit to shame,
    To die we would prefer;
    So cheer for the Bonnie Blue Flag
    That bears a single star.

  14. The thing we need to understand is Freefor is like the South was in many ways and we need to be learning from their mistakes… One is the South just wanted to be left alone, two for the most part were honorable men and thought the north had the same honor, three they were defending themselves which once the war started should of turned into all out defeat of the enemy…Lets not make those mistakes or we will know the bitterness and suffering that the South experienced then and what’s still going on today…

    • Jimmy the Saint

      Trying to fight an industrial war with citizen-soldiers doesn’t work, unless you’re getting some foreign power to do the industrial work for you. Didn’t work for the South, didn’t work for the Boers.

  15. Geoffrey Pope

    While obviously slavery is a stain on our national history, it stains both North and South. It is unfortunate that slavery existed in the colonies, and that the Founders did not insist upon it being phased out over a short period of years. It is, in my opinion (and I’m a Mayflower descendant who had at least 7 ancestors in the Revolution and men on both sides at Gettysburg) that Lincoln and his backers found a way to make the struggle between centralism and decentralism appear to be one to abolish slavery. Thus have LIncoln’s successors found a way to squelch the debate ever since, while federal usurpation has grown to the point that the states are scarcely more than lines on a map, or parts of a FEMA district. Whatever their shortcomings, the Confederate Southerners were correct in their understanding of the proper relationship between the States and the federal government, and the intent of the Founders in that regard. I have no nostalgia for forced segregation, much less slavery, but I believe the South should seize the earliest opportunity to withdraw from what no longer scarcely even pretends to be a republican form of government and has descended nearly to the depths of outright totalitarianism.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      “While obviously slavery is a stain on our national history,”

      How so? It’s not like slavery was *unique* to America, or even the Americas. Nearly every nation, every race, every culture has practiced slavery, and some still do. Our version of it is nothing to brag about, but it isn’t at all out of place in the human experience, and even in the history of the New World, America wasn’t even close to the biggest player in the slavery game.

  16. Dixie is OUR Sacred Homeland. Dixie is OUR Culture and Identity. We Southerners do not invade the lands of others and demand that they change THEIR ways to suit US. We expect the same treatment by OTHERS. Our South has a History and Heritage unique unto itself. We ask only to be left alone to pursue and propagate our Culture, Identity and Independence in Our Own Lands. Long Live Dixie and The True South !!!

  17. FrozenPatriot

    Borrowing from two posts previous:

    You’ve never tried seceding.

    I’ve never stopped you.

    Case closed.

    Why doesn’t this logic also apply here?

    • The Murkins are addicted to free shit, both north and South. Most like it that way. Until killing on a wholesale scale begins, nothing is going to change. All that ammo is going to actually have to start being used to ventilate millions of people.

      100-200 million including all the enforcers who will do their best to stop you. Who’s gonna start this party?

  18. Grey Ghost

    There will never be an apology from Lincolns leviathan. I note that the second RECONSTRUCTION of the South has been underway for a few years manifesting itself in the destruction or removal of anything related to the CSA which has firmly solidified southerners and others who understand the war was not solely fought over slavery… contrary to what the .gov schools taught you in 5th grade.

    Grey Ghost