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angry hillary

“…Trump may be kind of thuggish, but he’ll leave me alone. Hillary’s going to come looking for me, and she’s foolish and clueless enough to push and push until we normals get tired of it and start to push back. I, for one, prefer my country not to be sucked into a second civil war because some former president’s angry wife is playing out a freakish psychodrama revenge fantasy against all the guys who have rejected her, from her father to Bill to those of us male-identifying men who laugh at her cankles. Advantage Trump….”

Kurt Schlichter


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  1. If Killery is elected there will be a civil war. She has no conscious and will trample the constitution by destroying the 2nd amendment.

    • I was told the same thing about obama.

      • Ha! True!

        Lots of predictions of end times on the internet, but they never seem to come.

        • Jimmy the Saint

          Eventually, one of them will be right. Sort of like the ZeroHedge’s “the economy is going to collapse” predictions – at some point, it will, but predicting exactly when is an exercise in futility, for the most part.

  2. OMG! Funniest thing I’ve heard all day!!!
    Love it!

  3. Voting for Trump because Vagina, is like re-using last nights condom. Not because Trump is or isn’t worthy of my vote, but because to begin with, if I’m voting because I look at it as a lesser of two evils, I just sold out my integrity and my motive power of personal liberty. A terrible no win compromise. And that is how we got in this mess to begin with. Voting ideology, emotion, because we think it is some assumption of reality, of reason? WTF?
    That is the first thing.
    If the Donald was dirty in any way, he would be chopped liver by now. If he was lacking in the courage of his convictions, he would be gone long ago. If he was one of these toads we call the oligarchy, they would be grifting him to us like obamacare. The facts are increasingly clear, truth is the guy is pretty much a very flamboyant accomplished intelligent man who has made a literal fortune due to others underestimating the power of his honesty, perseverance, and charisma. And the guy has an abundance of all three. When your honest you don’t have to prove anything to anybody, least of all your enemies, and the enemies of your allies. If Trump wasn’t no way he would have survived, never mind thrived, the shark tank of one world order gate keepers and state kleptocrats. Trumps motive power is the power of the dirt people, without the dirt people he is just a wealthy and successful business man, and because he has survived is evidence he is not one of them. Because he is wealthy doesn’t make him an automatic kleptocrat either. Some people do make their wealth honestly, just because most of what passes for wealth accumulation today is ill gotten off the dirt people doesn’t make every successful business man a crook. Regardless of the scalawags running the regimes of power and wealth, there are American’s who embody the spirit and verve of what being a true American implies. Trump hasn’t jumped the sharks with his ordacity, he is the kind of guy who uses the sharks as a doormat. In fact, the guy looks like he is on vacation having the time of his life. Even Ronny Raygun didn’t make becoming president look so easy. And that right there is a hard act to beat. Some people are real natural born honest to god winners with a midas touch. They truly spread the wealth around. Because they understand unfettered economic freedom lifts all boats, that unfettered economic freedom begets more prosperity, that the only limits are those you place upon yourself to your prosperity, and you take your knocks like a man, learn, and move on. It is the Right Stuff. There are the kind of leaders, who understand winning is THE only option. They don’t loose, because they never allow themselves to be in the position where they can not win to begin with. “They” didn’t see Trump coming, because none of the the idiots running the clown show have ever seen anyone like Trump. It is beyond their lives knowledge, that should tell you something right there. Trump is smacking the fuckers upside the head and they still don’t get it. They are loosing for the first time in decades and it is unfathomable to them. The idea the dirt people have found their captain, and are openly revolting, that furthermore the very act of defiance, of simply withdrawing consent makes the sonofabitches irrelevant, is a preposterous idea, but the jokes on them even further, that it isn’t an idea, resistance and defiance, it is real. Trump isn’t what is winning, it is the insurgency of fuck you he is responsible for bringing in from the cold that is winning. And that is the thing, there is no voting our way out of this, there is only the motive power of fuck you, if voting is the expedient vehicle of the moment to send that fuck you, all the better, it is a dish, like revenge best served cold, the cold of rejection of the status quo, and Donald Trump is the kind of leader that comes along once in an age who epitomizes fuck you. It is how he got where he is to start with. Without fuck you he wouldn’t be the contender, and without Trump, fuck you would be the realm of those who already prepared themselves and understand the brutal truth there is no voting our way out of this, there is only we all pull together and the motive power of our rights as men wins liberty. If I have a choice, and I always have the choice who I choose to be my leader beyond my own liberty, that is the kind of guy I want as my president. A guy who has the balls, the grit, willing to expend millions of his own wealth to represent my rights as a man and a dirt person, and intestinal fortitude to go up against that horde of sodomites and traitors, he is all right in my book. You think the guy hasn’t thought they may JFK his ass? You got to be either a sucidal maniac, or a guy with some serious fucking convictions and made peace with your maker to go up against an oligarchy who have murdered thousands of American’s and basically use genocide in foreign lands as the pry bar of pax amerikana. Ol’ Trump is playing a dangerous game, I think he has either got to become so popular and admired, that assassinating him will cause a dirt people revolt that will wipe out the entire oligarchy, a very possible consequence, or they pull the plug before January 2017, so niceties like an election are moot. Worse has happened in history. But the outlier here is tyrants have never had to contend with a contentious people who already had liberty, the dirt people aren’t clawing their way up out of the cesspool of some third world shithole, and as Andrew Brietbart put it so succinctly, “Culture is upstream of politics”, and, “We have guns”.
    As BrushBeater put it, “The human terrain is always on top”.
    Donald J Trump is my Fuck You. Exactly because fuck you. That is what matters here. Where we go from fuck you is up to the oligarchy.

  4. Jimmy the Saint

    That #nevertrump alliance held up about as well as any “conservative” group would be expected to. They have two moods: petulance and surrender.

  5. swan832013

    How in the name of Sweet Mother of Christ is this woman still walking around after the email scandal…. her foundation scandal… BENGHAZI… Are the SHEEPLE that BRAIN DEAD guess they are… link below now there is a Gender Card in NYC


    She would go along with this


      Mr. Swan: They could care less. They are brain dead. It is all about GIVE ME MY FREEBIES. Get ready for the Gates of Hell to open wide.

  6. Alfred E. Neuman

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    • Virgil Kane

      Reality is definitely stranger than fiction. Up is down and black is white now.

  7. if trump is elected there will be a civil war …. there is no political solution ……….period now get to work preparing for the next civil war cause aint nothing we can change with a ballot box .but there is plenty we can change in our own lives .

    • We are already in a civil war friend. Except it isn’t the north waging conventional warfare of aggression, it’s those who wish to retain power waging a cultural pogrom on the dirt people. These are the last days before the really bad shit begins.

  8. That evil hog breeder is wearing a cross around her neck.. I’m shocked it hasnt burned a hole through her chest and torched her broom in flight.


  9. American_Patriot

    Meanwhile in foreign news, immigration to the UK is at record heights under Conservative David Cameron, despite Cameron’s promise to reduce immigration sharply down to the “tens of thousands.”



    The UK government has been trying to game the numbers by only focusing on “net migration” (in other words, the White British who are leaving for Australia, New Zealand, etc are subtracted from the total number of immigrants coming in).

    In the past year, over 636,000 immigrants came to the UK (and that’s just the legal ones they know about). But the UK government only claims 333,000.


    The previous record high was in August 2015, also under David Cameron:


    It’s the same in every Western country.

    Up in Canada, part of the reason Stephen Harper was thrown out was that conservatives stayed home on election day and didn’t trust him. Over 2 million immigrants were allowed into Canada while Harper was PM. (Again, that is only the number of legal immigrants). Canada’s entire population is only 35 million.

    I’ve been criticized on here for saying that I won’t support either party, but I have been screwed over by BOTH parties too many times to trust ANY nominee. ALL of the candidates from the Dems and GOP are NWO shills.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      “ALL of the candidates from the Dems and GOP are NWO shills.”

      Nearly all are part of the elite, the candidates that aren’t rarely win, and don’t stay when they do. The elite usually get what they want, and they don’t like to share. They’d also be pretty happy if most of us just fucked off and died, too.

      • Cassandra (of Tray)

        Jimmy the Saint/30May16@21:32,


  10. I don’t expect Trump to fix ANY of the things I want fixed, but he might help break some things I want broken. Other than that, I compare our situation to be like that of De Niro, Walken and Savage when caught by the V.C. in “The Deer Hunter” and being forced to play Russian Roulette. De Niro goading the V.C. into putting three bullets in the revolver is sort of where we are at now. We are all dead if we anyway if we just sit tight with the same old routine, so we might as go for it and try to break out.

  11. Trump thinks pedophiles who run honey pot ops on carribean islands with 12 year olds are awesome. The points about Hillarity are correct. There are now no good choices. Refuse to Choose! ’16.<-ht Z-hedge comment

  12. Trump will do nothing useful about the anti-White invasives. His family is intermarried with (((Eskimos))); he groveled to the (((Eskimos))) @ AIPAC; and he just accepted $100,000,000 from one of the Las Vegas (((Eskimos))). And, like Bush43, he will throw a shroud over the Right. Mrs. Clinton, though, will bring matters to a head. Quickly. I grow tired of waiting for der Tag

    • American_Patriot

      I think you’re right, Haxo.

      I don’t want to see White people lulled back to sleep like under Nixon, Reagan, Bush1, Bush2.