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SiGB says it well.

As does Stilton.

And Robert.

Even when deceived by the bosses, a lot of good men have died fighting for a cause they believed was righteous.

That too is a fact to keep straight in one’s mind on Memorial Day.


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  1. Heh.

    It’s over.

  2. Just did the “murph” which is named after an soldier who died in 2005.

    1 mile run
    100 pullups
    200 pushups
    300 squats
    1 mile run (with plate carrier)

    While i may not agree with the war, any guy who can pull off this PT on a daily basis has my utmost respect

    Rest in peace…

    • Isn’t that the “Murph” who was posthumously awarded a MOH based on having run an operation that got a LOT of men killed strictly because of his/their hubris?…. Read the AARs of M.L. and members of the QRF before you go idolizing that pinhead.

      • Not idolizing a person i dont know. Just did a brutal PT session named after him. That’s all.

  3. Alfred E. Neuman

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  4. All gave some………………..Some gave all.

  5. imo,, the closing scene in saving private ryan where the older ryan gets on his knees and expresses how grateful he is, is something every person should be doing on a regular basis at the nearest vets cemetery. doesn’t matter if you know them or not or if they were kia or not, the usa became the country it is because of veterans.

  6. Yes, our men and women in arms are quite brave. But have they been foolish to trust our Leaders since defeating Japan in 45. What threat to my freedoms were the countries of Korea and Vietnam, 6,000 miles empty ocean away from Kalifornia. We lost both of those wars badly. Were Panama and Granada a threat to my life and liberty. How bout Iraq. We’ve been in a constant state of war with them since 1990. That’s 26 years and counting. We invaded them again in 2003 instead of attacking the country that truly attacked us on 911, Saudi Arabia (see the missing 28 pages of the 911 report). Us attacking Iraq after 911 is like FDR invading Bolivia after Pearl Harbor. We spent Trillions building up their armed forces only to see them run like pussies when they were attacked by ISIS who Iraq out numbered by a 35 to one advantage. 15 years we’ve been chasing goat herders with AK’s in Afghanistan only to find Bin Laden was in Pakistan, basically living in a military school. I believe we still got soldiers in Bosnia. What the fuck for? Now we have soldiers in the Ukraine where we started a proxy war with Russia only to see our side obliterated on the battlefield by a failed car wash attendant, Motorola, and a former grocery clerk, Givi. We also helped over throw the counties of Libya, Egypt, and are running guns to Al Nusra ( Al Qaeda in Syria) in Syria which has created an epic refugee crisis that promises to blow up Europe. Stalin was insane to purge his military in ’37. Trump would be insane NOT to decapitate our military when he gets in office. Our military leaders have the worst record in battle since Hitlers epic mistakes. As far as I can tell, every American man and women killed in battle since we defeated Japan has been wasted.
    There, someone had to say it.