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Not just Britain; see also below.

You don’t have enough ammo caches.



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  1. Thanks for the pics; I don’t use F*ceb**k. It is interesting that F**eboo* has, without my input, reactivated two of my closed accounts. I guess they want me to log in to deactivate, again. Instead, I tag them as spam, and block any and all internet addresses associated with them.

  2. Two pictures which make excellent points.

    On a related note let’s consider the phrase “rape culture”. As imagined in the minds of Western feminists this would elicit images of football players and military service members. If on campus, they imagine white men as predators; if in suburbia, black men. Doesn’t really matter where, but in the rape scenarios the men are all smooth talking English speakers with a pocket full of roofies who don’t live far away and have lawyers protecting them. An illegal aberration has somehow become twisted in feminist minds as a protected norm. In reality the fathers who would go out and fuck up the rapists of their daughters would be booed off campus by the feminists as unnecessary neanderthal throw-backs and arrested as vigilantes by our western legal system. Turban wearing Arabic speakers holding a Koran never enter their minds. Muslim culture which really condones rape culture, Western feminists excuse. Why? Maybe deep down they really do need to be overpowered by the stronger man.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      “Maybe deep down they really do need to be overpowered by the stronger man.”

      And the smell of kufta and body odor.

    • That’s why I’ve always said the progressive/communist mindset always ends in their premature death but they want a lot of others to die before them…Homicidal/Suicidal is what they are…

      • Jimmy the Saint

        They’re extinctionist. It’s the only form of total control. Dead people won’t ever go against their diktats, so death is the most reliable form of conforming people to their ideals.

    • Anonymous

      The women are not inanimate objects in this discussion. If they don’t want to be raped, they can shoot their rapists. If husbands won’t let them carry handguns, they can kill those husbands at night as they sleep with a frying pan to the head. If women don’t want to read media urging them to submit to men, they can stop purchasing and reading it.

      50% of a population can’t militarily force the other 50% to do anything. The women as a group have to volunteer to be disarmed, raped, etc. As a stereotype, an average, these women find being dominated acceptable.

    • William Munny

      Crap…Fixed Link below:


  3. Detroit III

    Ha! The refugees will naturally flood to the cities where they will wage Jihad on their unsuspecting hosts.

    Good. Serves the the city folk right.

  4. Charles Martel

    Islam is a cancer, and some cancers need radiation to eliminate them.

  5. Coming soon to our former Republic. The vast majority of Americans have done nothing to prepare to protect themselves or their loved ones. They are totally absorbed in chasing success (as defined by others) and frivolous pursuits (texting, cell phones, selfies, sports, TV, Facebook, Twitter etc.). America has become Europe.

    • The vast majority of Americans forgot to breed as they were too busy jerking to porn or spending their money on a new F350.

      Now the immigrants will pick up the slack and breed with our women.

      • You just can’t get your dick out of your hand can you…Maybe you should seek help for your obsession with porn…

        • Detroit III

          Truth hurts, don’t it?

          Here is what Chesty said,

          “Our Country won’t go on forever, if we stay soft as we are now. There won’t
          be any AMERICA because some foreign soldiery will invade us and take our
          women and breed a hardier race!””

          I agree with Chesty Puller.

          We didn’t breed, so a hardier race has come along to breed with our women.

      • Jimmy the Saint

        If they’re breeding with our women, our women are breeding with them, too, unless you are talking about an absolute shit-ton of rape.

        • Irrelevant how they are breeding, all that matters is they bred, and are breeding, while you guys forgot to as you had spent your self on the porn.

          I hope for you it was worth it. As far as I’m concerned you guys ran fir the hills at the first sound of the enemy.

  6. The most frightening scenario is a large number of young, angry white men get sick of seeing their churches, schools, and homes dominated by worthless limp-wristed men and shrill disgusting women and go the Islam route. I’ve already seen a few cases of this and pray it doesn’t become a larger movement. I share old time true Christianity with them, and they are receptive, but they have dozens more examples of weak, impotent “Christian” men to throw back at me. This is going to get a lot worse before it gets better.

  7. On a mo betta bit of news. Just don’t really “beat her”,,,just “lighten up” the beating.
    F-en savages. › pakistan-women-light-beating

    Mobile-friendly – 3 days ago – Pakistani women can vote, but should be lightly beaten if they defy their husbands’ commands, …

  8. There IS one way to reform Islam. Kill it. Otherwise, become islamic, because Islam reconciles and reforms to nothing, and no one. Death to Islam.

  9. Bucephalus

    More ammo; can do.

  10. Steady Steve

    Islam and pedophilia go together. Just proves Allah = Satan.

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    More ammo!

  12. Steve Kristmann

    Matt Bracken is totally on target regarding islam!!

    islam can’t be reformed, any more than a festering pile
    of jackal dung can be ‘reformed’ into a Les Paul guitar!

    islam is nothing less and nothing more than a cult devoted
    to death and slavery and utter depravity in the image of a
    7th century desert pirate who was a mass murdering charlatan
    and child molester!

    There was never anything good about ‘mo’; he was no ‘prophet’
    and islam was and is nothing more than a monumental con-job
    that he instituted on the terminally gullible arabs of his time
    (see Ann Barnhardt’s “study of islamic sexuality” to really
    understand what an evil cult islam is).

    There is NO compromise to be made with islam!
    There is NO ‘finding common ground’ with islam!
    There is NO ‘live and let live’ possible with islam
    (it certainly WILL NOT let you be; it’s always violently
    expansionistic in nature wherever possible in emulation
    of ‘mo’s life, words and deeds..which is more important
    than worship of ‘allah’)!

    There is only ONE response possible to islam…root it out,
    fight it, and destroy it and it’s enablers completely!!

    Battle Of Vienna – September 11th 1683

    Battle Of Vienna – September 11th 1683 Full Movie

    (download it to save it and share it with others!)

    Ann B’ on ‘islamic sexuality

    Dr. Bill Warner, a study of ‘radical islam’ (Pt. 1)

    Dr. Bill Warner, “Why are we afraid to know islam” (Part 2)

    Fuck ‘mo’s despicable memory and death to islam!!

    Yours in islamless Liberty!
    NorthGunner III