Desired End State

A reader sends this piece from the geniuses at South Park.

The only real safe space is the grave.

And there are a whole mountain of reality-challenged folks on the path there.


11 responses to “Desired End State

  1. I Wanna start selling safe spaces that are guarenteed to protect again a sorts of micro agressions. Plenty of pretentious millenials and other snowflakes out there who would buy one or two.

    Do i have any investors?

    • Jimmy the Saint

      Maybe just sell plastic bags, big enough to hold a person. “Step inside, and seal yourself in safety for the rest of your life!”

      Makes cleanup a snap.

      • Yea vacuum seal them…I really think most people would love to be put in a machine that would feed them, shelter them, and be provided endless entertainment kind of like the matrix…Might be a business to look into…Bet those skunk work places already have the machines ready to go…

        • Mark Matis

          That, good sir, is why the hive-dwellers dwell where they do.

          And it ain’t just the Blue hive-dwellers, neither. The Rove Republicans in the Red hives are just as besotted with Big Government as well.

          • Yea true so shouldn’t be to hard to convince to take that next step into virtual reality where they can live their dream life…They then can become just another battery so their lives become useful… Think we can come up with good enough advertising to make it happen;)

      • they’d complain that the bags aren’t environmentally friendly enough. I’d certainly have them made in china to double-down on the irony of the left.

        • Oh they would definitely be made out of recycled plastic bottles… They would have the EPA approval stamp right on them;)

  2. Grenadier1

    Every time I think South Park is running out of steam they come back and hit a string of shots out of the park.
    This is gold.

  3. Safe space provided by Ruger.

  4. For me, negroes demanding a “safe space” away from whites are demanding a return of segregation. My answer to that is, “well, okay then, you may have segregation”.

    Under my rules.

  5. HHH Old Vet.

    I find it laughable that some of the men on this sight are getting the .GOV. Retirement $$$$$$, naturally “THEY” do Not want to give that up for silly things like the incremental loss of our rights and freedoms, if we really had any in the first place, other than what is God given.
    We live in the World of Illusion it seems.