Mosby: That IS The Damned Job, Dude!


You cannot resist successfully if you do not have help.

Simple as that.

Get help.

And you are already behind.

12 responses to “Mosby: That IS The Damned Job, Dude!

  1. Jimmy the Saint

    How can that be? Isn’t our goal the extermination of millions of people living in cities, preferably by forced starvation?

  2. In general, murkins are some pretty fucked up animals. I firmly believe that a good majority of them are sociopathic nut jobs.

    You never REALLY know a person until you live with them 24/7 for several weeks. Then, their true character is in full view. Envy, Sloth, and chronic alcoholism/addiction being the ones that usually show thru most. What is it with murkins? The assholes are always drunk or stoned, and always want more than they’ve earned. It’s the whole entitlement thing. It would be best for every decent hard-working, liberty-minded person if the lazy, poor, and pickled, get rounded-up and sent away to FEMA Camps before TSHTF, they’ve at least earned that. Trying to build tribe out of this murkin civilian population is worse than pissing in the wind. Your own family members, friends, and neighbors, let alone strangers, will stab you in the back as soon as they “feel” slighted. Trust at your own peril.

  3. Good one from Mosby. A couple of “openings” to discussion have actually come from admiring someone’s work, musing about my own shortcomings in that area, and remarking how useful that would be in a (hypothetical) situation such as we face. Welding or working with leather or preserving food properly on a large scale. Valuable skills can bring valuable people.

    And if one is going to take the discussion tack of “I see your point but…” be prepared to fill in the historically-proven alternative to get to the end-state that doesn’t result in serfdom. When the “RTWT” admonition comes along, do it.

  4. Regarding those young Bernie supporters:

    Let this run its full course before you reach out to them. Disillusionment and betrayal by the Left will create a more receptive vacuum.

  5. Agree with the basic premise that it takes a ‘tribe’………….be very careful as to whom you expose your capabilities. These are the same quislings that will turn on you in heartbeat when the time comes. Vetting is survival.

  6. outlawpatriot

    Mosby and Max. They make the most sense, with a no-nonsense style with a great deal of common sense. 🙂

  7. Mosby of course, is right again. It took me a while to understand, but in the Army I learned that the ones who had leadership potential, the ones who would be good on the M-60 MG, the ones who would be good APC drivers, slowly presented themselves as the one for the job. I never knew who it would be until they showed aptitude and talent for the job. Some even said they wanted the job and would be good at it, too. Like football, you take what they give you. Soldiers, whether support or tactical, need developing, training, and a shot at the job they are presented with. A little patience, and a little training can give you some one who does a great job, big, or small. And all of them are needed to complete the picture.

  8. Stu Johnson

    Damn difficult to find anyone that you can count on and is prepared with there own supplies.
    When you think you find someone you may end up being a target for what you have.
    I have to figure on being on my own, I need a dog, got to sleep sometime.

    • outlawpatriot

      Mmm… different approach. Have some extra stuff put back for those individuals who may not have anything but are still valuable none the less. 🙂

  9. If the subject at all interests you get his third book Forging the Hero. It’s extremely well done and is a gold mine, plus it gave me a much needed reset regarding my thinking on a number of subjects. It’s a graduate level course on how and why to build a tribe. Seriously.


  10. Alfred E. Neuman

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