The Politics Of Philosophical Destruction


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  1. Anonymous

    Who cares what kings want? Kings exist only because voters obey them. Most humans want a celebrity war leader silverback chief monkey to tell them what to do, it’s instinctual. Humans inherited the genes controlling these behaviors from chimpanzees.

    What are the Freethinker humans going to do to defend themselves against the kings’ snitch army and the blue tip of the spear? Sadly I conclude that, so far, Freethinkers find being dominated by peasants acceptable. However, the Internet has enabled so many small groups to coalesce and discover a group identity and agenda that it could happen with Freethinkers. Freethinkers are 1% of 7B population. Suppose 1% of Freethinkers in the first world have found it personally rewarding to spend the last 20 years complaining about government on the Internet. That suggests 700K total activist Freethinker humans. What could 700K humans do, together, if they decided to reject government slavery?

    • 700K “Freethinkers” would do nothing because they have no organization and too many “chiefs”. They are all Freethinkers! Like Brownian Motion, even though in each individual there exists great power, they would have to obey a higher authority to all move in coordination to use that power; A Sargent, for example, who above him has an officer coordinating the Sargent, who has a Major above him…etc.

      Once they do that, they are no longer “free thinkers” but men following orders they may not fully understand but must obey to obtain the objective, whatever that may be, even to going to jail to resist Government or assassinating an unknown man. This is Randian fantasy at its best.

      Someone has to lead and someone has to mop the floors. “Freethinkers” all want to lead.

      • Anonymous

        You just proved Linux can’t be created by a group which doesn’t use force upon its members to organize its operation, and therefore Linux doesn’t exist.

    • Key word is together and how do we do that? By moving to areas that are conducive to Liberty…But you knew that just like everyone knows what must be done they just don’t have it in them to do…So they take the easy way out and just prep and train so maybe just maybe they are eaten last…

    • Jimmy the Saint

      “Freethinkers are 1% of 7B population. ”

      A statistical aberration, in other words. That’s probably not a good thing.

    • Jim Klein

      Oh, blah blah. Free thinkers comprise 100% of the functional adult population. There’s not a single exception. You’re just yapping about what modern people choose to do about it, as if they were some sort of role model. Yeah, that’s the ticket…outgang a 5,000 year old gang at its very most powerful moment in time. Sounds legit.

      Way to fall into the trap they set for you. What’s it feel like to be snared by a creature LOWER than you?

      “What are the Freethinker humans going to do to defend themselves against the kings’ snitch army and the blue tip of the spear?”

      Whatever they choose, huh? My guess—not stammer about whining that it all depends on someone else. Sheesh, crips and bloods have it all over this…at least they dream of the achievable.

  2. They haven’t ceded anything yet and you know there were plenty of studies showing how pathetic the results of FDR’s programs were by 1960. I believe the only way to right this country will be after a period of weeping and gnashing of teeth.

  3. A Monarchy and Aristocracy is a perfectly viable way to run a Government, certainly better than a Democracy; which eventually boils down to mob rule, then chaos followed by Dictatorship (i.e. Monarchy!).

    In effect a Constitutional Monarchy is “chaining the demon” against excesses that outweigh its benefits and prevent feedback conferring responsibility. An example of this more modern idea would be National Socialism (Or National Monarchy) in which the Party recognizes natural aristocracy among people and chooses a leader.

    The very worse example of this is Soviet Socialism, in which nameless bureaucrats decide fates with zero responsibility and near zero feedback, leading to Mountains of Bodies in the 20th Century alone. To place the crimes of the very worst monarchy that triggered revolution, say George III vs Stalin or Mao is to render the reader sick. There simply is no comparison. This is why many of the young are looking at what they term “the Dark Enlightenment” as the crimes of the democracies reach dizzying heights. They have watched the most advanced “democracies” on the planet genocide out their own people in exchange for 3rd world, more easily ruled, people.

    White Homeland! Northwest Front!

    • Well said NVA. The monarchies were overthrown by masonic, talmudic and money powers. Not to free the mob from the wooly chains of kings,but rather to enslave them first with usury and now the technocracy. Kings, patriarchy and warrior elan epitomize the Right Handed path. Mobs, harridans, and equivocation represent the Left Handed path. One guess where we are now. The Right is resurrecting however feebly.

  4. John A. Fleming

    “Will politicians cede power …?” I prefer a modified question that gets to the heart of it. Will We the People give up our ill-gotten powers to steal from our neighbors to pleasure ourselves, and also punish them for good measure? We are the addicts, politicians are just our pushers.

    The Venezuelans boned themselves with chavismo. I say, don’t interfere, don’t help, let it run to completion. Colossal tragedies serve a useful purpose. The more colossal, the likelier that the other addicts will respond to that slap upside their head and change their foolish ways.

    Then again, one reason we have Schedule 1 drugs, is that some are just too powerful: once hooked, absent forceful outside intervention, you’re going down.