You Will Blow Chunks

63 Cat Projectile Vomit

As you read this WaPo self-parody (please tell me they aren’t serious):

The stark difference between millennial men and their dads


(H/t Maggie’s Farm)

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  1. Unfortunately, I think they’re dead serious, and it spells DOOM for us….

  2. read about 2/3 of this compost gibberish; enough time wasted. As to the milens: by and by, the wheat, if any, will be separated from the chaff

  3. oldanddecrepit

    Five seconds after the balloon goes up, feminism is a thing of the past. Whether it’s an EMP, nuclear war, massive economic depression, or any of a host of scenarios, the whole “equality” trope is finished, perhaps for good. If there is need to change a tire, carry provisions, butcher a steer, saddle a horse, or split a cord of firewood, men will be in high demand. Of course the provider/protector and the nurturer roles will need to be reestablished, and there will undoubtedly be blurring of those lines.
    But more important than being a hairy-chested, able to press 300 pounds, martial arts master, will be having knowledge and skills. And those require intellect, not musculature. And a willingness to acquire both, while the opportunities are still available.

  4. Wow that article just had to go and tease. Now I’m going to be all pins and needles waiting for that fabulous new play that’s going to Explore Masculinity.

  5. Life does not “find a way…”

    Life already has one which has worked for… a very long time.

    “It’s not nice (or intelligent) to fool Mother Nature!”

  6. Unfuckingbelievable. But yet I believe it because it fits with what I see in the workplace everyday. I really feel bad for the young ladies these days. They literally have nothing to choose from. What are they supposed to do?

    At my office we have a board where we put pictures of our kids up for everyone to see. I put up a pic of my 12 year old shooting a Soviet RPK. Heads fucking exploded. The funny thing was that the millenials didn’t have any kids to put on the board. Just cats.

    • Beautiful. Thanks for your fine work at the office. You deserve a raise.
      By the way, I hope everyone here caught the survey’s subliminal message that if you are ‘completely masculine’ you are a ‘zero’.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      ” They literally have nothing to choose from. What are they supposed to do? ”

      We have a suggestion!
      – Millions of Third World Immigrants (who, coincidentally, just happen to be young, unattached men).

  7. Blame the baby boomers. They are the ones who let the country get to the point that being a man means making it more difficult to find a woman with a compatible ideology, or a job that would allow him to be the sole provider for a family. They are the ones who let the marxists take over education and government.

    • Nice try.
      That world was put into place by “the Greatest Generation”, the same ones who voted FDR into place four times, then JFK, then LBJ, and ensured the Government would always be the Big Daddy they always wanted.
      By the time the boomer generation came along and of age, that world was already in place.
      You want to lay blame, place it where it belongs: on the people who fell for the New Deal, went out and defeated Germany’s National Socialism, but then fell right into line building the foundations of American Socialism which have come to fullest fruition here, now.
      And the foundations of that were first enacted under Emperors Roosevelt the First and Wilson, with the passage of the Progressive Amendments, Numbers XVI, XVII, XVII, and XIX, which constructively disassembled the original republic, and made its reconstitution virtually impossible in perpetuity.
      You could look it up.

      Back to the OP, this is nothing but the results of a lifetime of social conditioning in the public school system, emplaced by the government, aided and abetted by the unholy triangle of media, academia, and the arts. It was designed to pussify the entire society, and it’s worked beyond anyone’s wildest dreams.

  8. Amateur ruckhumper

    (Howling laughter)


    That’s my competition for a mate?

    I pay my own bills, was debt-free up until I had to visit the ER a few weeks back, and have a nice career going.

    I run around in the mountains and shoot guns for fun. Or I work on my truck.

    And *that* is what the other guys are offering? A touchy-feely-spineless gooey mess of self-doubt that somehow manages to have a dick?

    I’m the fucking übermensch by comparison.

    (Keeps laughing)

  9. 100 percent by design and facilitated by scum journo’s at places filled with filth like WAPO. You cuckjourno’s should read all of Bracken’s essays.

  10. For all the multicultural talk, I haven’t seen any feminist volunteer for the cattle brand to the clit experience yet. Not very tolerant if I say so myself.

  11. Z of Doom

    The short version. Teams Mo and LeShawn are going to dominate Western Civilization right out of existence unless we get really smart and really tough, really, really fast. Sadly, I’m not seeing that happening so I’m going to buy some more ammo today.

    • You left out juanita.

    • If you aren’t building Tribe & Community then all that ammo will go to those who did…You can guarantee the LeShawns and Team Mo are building and that’s why they are spreading like wildfire… I wonder if anyone has done a study on the link between intelligence and the ability to build tribe…It seems to me the higher the IQ the lower the ability to form into tribes or groups unless a force is applied… Anyone else come to that conclusion?

      • Sounds about right. The stupid fucks seem to bond over the most trivial bullshit -beer, sports, teevee, facefuuk, nascar… The higher IQ types are busy dodging and stepping over those piles of human excrement and distractions in order to make a better life for themselves. In time, those morons will eventually be faced with a prepared and well-armed minority of Men who have had enough of their childish folly. Nail, meet Hammer.

  12. “Realizing I was responsible for my opportunities,” Zoella said, “that was the point everything started turning around.”

    I have to wonder where this guys parents were in the formative years. Clearly not around telling him to get his ass in gear because he alone is in charge of his future and all life accomplishments.

    No wonder a communist POS like Sanders is getting traction as he tells his followers that everything is forgiven (debt) and they ‘deserve’ more than they have and he’s going to make sure they get it.

    • Exactly this. He’s 20 some years old and just realized he had to be responsible for himself?

      What a nonsense article trying to characterize him as representative of a generation.

  13. “As men continue to fall behind women in college, while outpacing them four to one in the suicide rate, some colleges are waking up to the fact that men may need to be taught to think beyond their own stereotypes.”

    If this is left to colleges to “fix” what the last generation of dads failed to do, the outcome will be even worse.

    To everyone here: The solution for this is to teach those young men your moral values and skills. Don’t get fixated on genetic transmission either -that young man worthy of your time doesn’t have to be related to you by blood. These young men hunger for a clear moral code.

    • Grenadier1

      Good point! Teach as many as you can even if they are not yours. They know down inside that what you are teaching is the right way, they also know that the progressive POS teaching them in “skool” are not teaching them correctly.

  14. I feel no pity nor empathy for these kids nowadays. We had a dimwit no more than 20 work for 10 minutes and quit because ” I’m to young to work this hard”. I hope life steamrolls every last one of these pussys

  15. First off,the Siamese vomiting reminds me of one of my old cats after eating something that disagreed with em.I felt the same way till the end of article,that kid who was down in the dumps,saw the light,got a job and did what he had to.He is now working towards getting his plumbing ticket/has a new woman in his life,I see the potential for a good future for the guy.Article still makes me queasy but not too the point of our feline friend,I guess a update could lead to projectile vomiting,best of luck to the guy.

    • Individual disaster (can’t do the job, injured trying), small unit disaster (less-capable overall, unable to sustain hard work, scarce training wasted on injured females), large-unit failure (commanders who cannot “compensate” for the new lower-performing small units will not meet goals), national failure (best-of-type females damaged in training/combat age-out/too-damaged for child bearing duty).
      Young women are too valuable to waste in the combat side of military service. As support/reserve corps for national emergency, yes, but not near hostiles in foreign lands. A bunch of young men NEED military service (20 months-short/mandatory) to help overcome their public school/single-mother indoctrination and route them into a useful skill/trade. Opting out should be possible/non-criminal, but no Federal/State benefits/employment would be available to opt-outs, ever.

      Why not do the obvious and stop running/extending an empire we can’t afford?

      • mr. parker

        No, if women can serve as officers and enlisted in every branch of the military. If they can be admitted to professional schools, through their own form of “affirmative” action and get into every trade, police, firefighters, etc.
        Then they can be drafted.
        That being said, the solution is to end the Selective Slavery System, destroy all records and remove any sanctions from not registering.
        Our military has to pivot to special operations, and technology. We don’t need to be the police of the world.

  16. The Walkin' Dude

    Especially funny that the LikudUSA and (((Bill kristol))) are going to try and endorse a no-name literal cuckservative Israhell-firster like David French as a viable third party candidate against Trump.


    The wolves will eventually cull these sheep. It will be up to the shepherds and their sheep dogs to protect those they value the most.

  18. More than once in my life (now almost 70) I have for one reason or another had to start at the bottom and work my way up (and now retired, debt free and own a small working/productive self-sustaining ranch). As my father once said, ‘…nobody cares how you feel boy…”. Wisdom – I knew it at the time (12 years old) and still hear it today. One thing I will say however, given the down ward spiral of this country, jobs are hard to come by especially long lasting productive job and to that end as the middle class erodes away (by design), we will see a bigger shift in society and not for the better. I just wonder, when the man (that would be whoever either internally or externally) come knocking, will there be enough with the balls (or even care enough) to take a hard stand?

  19. Bill Harzia

    “They’re not breadwinners (or don’t feel the need to be sole breadwinners). They look forward to raising babies. They reject a socially prescribed set of characteristics.

    “Still, failing to fit the traditional masculinity mold has, at some point, drained their self esteem.”

    Well they’re doing it wrong then, aren’t they? Give them another “participation trophy,” and a prescription:


    “Last week, the international survey firm YouGov published a report called “The decline of the Manly Man.”Surveyors asked 1,000 American men where they fell on a spectrum of completely masculine (zero) to completely feminine (six). (They did not ask about sexual orientation.) ”

    Way to skew your stats, there, guys. “Zero” is completely masculine? It doesn’t matter, though. Real men don’t have time to take these surveys (that are designed to back up the surveyors’ preconceived notions). They’re too busy being men.

  20. MissAnthropy

    Women do not want men who have their very own menstrual cycles.

  21. Why do all newspaper articles these days read like ‘The Onion’ paradies?
    Has the whole world gone mad?
    (No need to answer that)

  22. just plain todd.

    i gotta admit, i just don’t fucking care anymore. i’m gonna prep, but i am going to enjoy the race to the bottom……..mankind has entirely outlived his usefulness in general, and americans in particular. i give up on trying to turn anyone around. they don’t want to hear it.


    That makes you manly.
    Women want a man who is confident in his abilities. It’s not about money, muscles or material goods. It’s about being there for everything. It’s about “almost” never saying no.
    I think women want a man who doesn’t say “I can’t”. But instead says, I’ll try.
    Don’t have to succeed 100% of the time.
    The effort is sometimes all they were looking for.

    There are always the traditional avenues to being considered manly. Building a home, hunting, Fishing, protecting family, community & country.
    But metrosexuals are not interested in the traditional ways. Too much effort i believe.
    Plus theres that whole, dirt under the finger nails thing that disgusts them.

    Just a side note:
    These clueless metrosexual men are the same fools that flood social media after shootings to tell all us armed people we have small dicks and need guns to compensate.

    Though not yet a problem here, I wait in giddy anticipation to see how our metrosexual, big dicked, big mouthed know it all 20 something European men protect their families, women & community’s from the invading hoards from North Africa with only a large penis in their hand. Good luck with that.

    Maybe newsreel of gang rapes, cathedral torchings, bombings, beheadings & general muslim mayhem will wake up America’s metrosexuals. But probably not.

    Maybe it’ll be better if this particular breed of American man is removed from the gene pool

  24. 1. There is no “income gap”. Any gap that does remain since 2000 or so is due to the fact that men work many more hours per year on average than their female coworker’s due to child bearing, and there isn’t anything wrong with women working less because of that. Just understand that you’re going to miss out on some merit raises.

    2. Men might commit suicide more often than women, but we attempt it far less often.

    3. The old school masculine identity can’t be played out in their careers anymore because these pansy boys are choosing careers in which they create NOTHING, build NOTHING, produce NOTHING. Being manly isn’t always about breaking stuff and destroying things. It’s often about building and making and creating. These idiots can’t produce anything of substance. They’re all trying to be graphic designers, artists and social justice warriors.

    4. If TV is putting out an idea of what a man is supposed to be and it “really upsets” you, then you are weak. The reason TV portrays men as football watching, beer drinking Neanderthals who can’t appreciate art is because they want us to believe we are idiots, like we aren’t capable of it.

    • mr. parker

      I agree but on your 4th point,”If TV is putting out an idea of what a man is supposed to be and it “really upsets” you, then you are weak.”, it’s the boys without fathers or a male to look up to or learn from that I worry about.

  25. Thanks a lot, Afton. I don’t suppose you’ve considered the possibility that the responsibility for things being fucked up could be due to the efforts of the LEFTISTS who are boomers, is spite of the efforts of the boomers who were not? Just pointing out that you’re using a rather broad brush. Anyway, now that millenials and gen xers’ have all been roundly cursed and condemned, have any of you benighted wingbat dick holders ever thought that maybe we guys who are not them could do a little leadership and counseling, and help these guys on their way? If we boomers could be hornswaggeld and bamboozled by the leftists and other idiots, could it be that the next generation had that happen to them as well? WTF, over? The situation is not the problem, the problem is what do we do about it, Ja? So get offen yore high horses, pilgrim, and let’s get down to the brass tacks of fixing this, one guy with one guy at a time. Yes, I know, we can’t save or fix them all, but by *** why in the fuck not try to save and fix some of them? At some point in each of your lives, some other man took the time and patience to get you over the bar. LET’S GO. Stop cursing the reality and start proving you’re such bad asses.

  26. Alfred E. Neuman

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  27. Because wimins thoughts matter… PUKE

  28. just plain todd

    sunuvabitch. i thought it wuz gunna be different this time. i really thought my vote mattered. bwaaaaa!!!! fukkem!…..buying more supplies. teaching others skills i have.

  29. Jimmy the Saint

    Man, I’m not even gonna *date* Chunks. Or am I misreading you?

  30. Their children are going to be slaves.

  31. I was lucky as a young man. I had a boss that was utterly humorless who taught me all I know about my chosen career. Even more important, he taught me I was capable of far more than I gave myself credit for. That lesson has served me well to this day. As an added bonus, I taught the grumpy fuck to lighten up and have a laugh once in a while.

  32. The pussification of America will never be complete as long as there is one old grizzled assed veteran, one old grizzled assed farmer, one old grizzled assed outdoors-man, and some old grizzled assed Grandfathers, Fathers, and Uncles who refuse to give up on just one young man who is willing to learn the ways of old assed men who take no shit, works a honest day, prays with his family, leads his family as the head of the family, says yes sir, no sir, yes ma’am, no ma’am, and when it and if it ever happens willing to put lead in some asshole harming others. There will always be a chance to save America!!

  33. I , by myself, make up for ten thousand of those precious little man/cunts. Are you shitting me? Useless…. smack em in the fucking head.