Brushbeater: Identifying & Executing On Comms Equipment Requirements


Short, sweet, and to the point.

If you and the people with whom you are allied aren’t working on this stuff, you are behind.

Don’t forget the non-grid power.

12 responses to “Brushbeater: Identifying & Executing On Comms Equipment Requirements

  1. Bucephalus

    The human-powered generators are a suitable option to run comms & other equipment; for situations and areas where solar cannot keep up.

    Push on the xmit button and you better be ready to move.

    KTOR seems to have the availability and price ranges for just about any budget.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      Bicycle generators worked pretty well in WWII and Vietnam. The “Gibson Girl” generators were pretty good, too – haven’t seen any in ages, though

  2. There is a certain phone system in the works if I recall….

  3. keith park

    IDK. I question the efficacy of radio communication in the SHTF scenario we all talk about, you know, the one where the blue-helmeted/bereted UN guys are patrolling the streets along with their DHS/LEO lapdogs enforcing martial law, all under the watchful eyes of IR/NV-equipped helos and drones, and we’re all dressed up in our BDUs, geared up with LBVs loaded with 30-round magazines, toting our AR15s, engaged in frequent contact with the enemies of freedom and killing them by the bushel: Yeah, that one.

    The .gov has the equipment to pinpoint the location of any radio transmission, they can monitor any frequency, and if you were to start speaking Klingon they could answer you just as quickly as if you were plainly speaking the King’s English. It doesn’t make sense to give away your position simply by keying your PTT button.

    Silence and stealth.

    • Mike Bishop

      Both sides of the Ukrainian conflict are using COTS drones.

      Both sides are using radio Comms.

      NODs and FLIR are just an “Add to Cart” away.

      DF works both ways.

      Pessimism never won any battles.

      If your idea of SHTF is going up against State-level actors; can’t help you.

      If your idea of SHTF is keeping the local warlord from using your head as a lawn ornament…now we’re getting somewhere.

    • Virgil Kane

      Goat herders living in shacks in Afghanistan did OK.

      BTW, how come goat herders living in shacks in Afghanistan can detonate an IED with a cell phone in the middle of nowhere and I can’t get cell coverage in parts of my house?

      • Randall Flagg

        Things that make you go…. hmmmm…..

      • danielkday

        The bomb-triggering transmitters are close to the cell phones in question, within a few hundred yards, a lot closer than your house probably is to the cell antenna.

  4. Thanks CA…. This has been most helpful.

  5. (suspected dupe post)
    Horsehockey. Don’t let the pseudo-omnipotence of something .gov be your shoddy excuse for not getting your ducks in a row. The equipment needed to DF (and the trained people needed to operate it) are not as widely distributed as you think; this isn’t Hollywood. If you’ve been successful enough to draw that much attention to yourself, congratulations.

    Move your frequencies & transmission methods around, setup an SOP (comm AND security), practice, rinse/repeat.