Fred: College Then and Now – Letter to a Bright Young Woman



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  1. I remain jealous of the 1950s america, that was the golden decade imo. big and fast cars, women that looked and acted like women and manners and dressing appropriately were mandatory. would gladly trade in my iphone, internet and todays air travel to have been a teenager then.

    • “I remain jealous of the 1950s america, that was the golden decade imo. big and fast cars,”

      There is absolutely, positively no substitute for cubic inches!

      Manhood was understood, emphasized and practiced.

      Now, we need reminding:

      h/t: Matt at Sipseystreet.

  2. Randall Flagg

    Spot. On.

  3. I liked this essay especially the real definition of liberal arts. My university actually had a riflery class outside of ROTC that any student could take as an elective, but this disappeared in the 90s.

    Universities are very stratified. The top 10% still have good places to go with high expectations for academic study. STEM, medicine, etc haven’t been dumbed down at the best schools, but those schools are also both very expensive and very selective. They can be and don’t apologize. However, one problem I see is an emphasis on such narrow specialization that people aren’t allowed to function outside their original field without more costly training. This is thanks to industry requiring certification and states requiring licensing. The cost of retraining and setting up in a new field becomes prohibitive to change. The good get stuck with the bad.

  4. I lived that whole history. Fred is “right on!”

    It was not just a muddle of mistakes either, it was intentional.

    And here we are.

  5. In the mid 70’s, my first college English professor commented happily to me after I turned my first theme paper that I could write a sentence in the Kings English. I replied that “this was college and wasn’t that what was expected”. He replied that huge numbers of his new students were basically illiterate. I still had trouble with building paragraphs and stringing a few paragraphs along to make a readable theme so the professor gave me a D, to which I am now eternally grateful. He really wasn’t that good of a professor and when I retook the class, that new professor was a truly gifted teacher. She taught me that if you wanted to be a good writer, you have to write, anything. Write poetry, a journal, fiction, non-fiction, just write. That very day, I started writing. To this day, there are very few days in my life where I haven’t ruined some perfectly good paper with my lunatic rantings.
    And I am put to shame by the level and quantity of discourse that has exploded in the Patriot and Alt- Right movement. Remus, Bracken, TheZman, Taki’s and Vdare (not to mention this blog) are just a small fraction of great minds that actually learned something in college. And don’t think they haven’t made a difference. The word is is that Trump has gone often to many of these blogs and he seems to have been influenced. So, for gods sake, don’t stop now.