Meatspace Only, Between Trusted Associates, Only On A Need-To-Know Basis, Upon Pain Of Death To Any Informant And Those Who Vouched For Them

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Read this ZH piece and its embedded links.

Expand these realities one to three years into the future.

Do you understand yet?


22 responses to “Meatspace Only, Between Trusted Associates, Only On A Need-To-Know Basis, Upon Pain Of Death To Any Informant And Those Who Vouched For Them

  1. The ftuture of america is very orwell/animal farm; technology will ensure it. It’s quite possible you could be fired for texting a friend an opinion that doesn’t go along with your employer or the current govt party.

  2. I’ve been saying on WRSA for a few years now that ALL electronic devices can be compromised. It’s just a matter of them assessing whether you’re worth their time to sniff.

    Not only are your new chains invisible, but you pay your masters for the bandwidth.

  3. Of course, when you need a little privacy, your phone could take a road trip in another direction. Removable tags are less than optimal, I think.

  4. The Walkin' Dude

    A little revamp on my previous mockery of #nevertrump cucks…

  5. Mike Bishop

    Further understanding can be obtained here:

    Rise of the Meta-Criminal:

    It goes so far beyond the lads and lassies down at the Domestic-Protection-Happy-Sunshine-Freedom Centers reading the text that I sent to the Mrs., asking to snag a can of Copenhagen on her way home.

    Total surveillence.
    Total financial awareness.
    Total blackmail.
    Total political dominance.
    Total lawlessness.
    Total tyranny.

    It’s nothing more, nothing less, than systemic corruption, from stem-to-stern, from bottom-to-top.

  6. The Israelis have been piggy-backing and back-dooring all fed and local wires for decades . The old Spotlight reported this in the ’80s.
    Also here on Fox of all places – and here –
    Mostly irrelevant to us. This is more to spy on and blackmail the legions of treason.

  7. Grey Ghost

    What makes anyone think “they” can not already hack your “smart” phone. Having worked computer security long before people could spell virus, I can tell you right now ANYTHING with a chip can be hacked, regardless of whether or not it is connected to a network.

    A smart phone is nothing more than a miniaturized laptop with working mics and cameras connect to a cellular packet NETWORK. Trivial and probably done long ago by NSA.

    Meatspace is best but not all public locations are free from eavesdropping.

    Grey Ghost

  8. Community Organizer

    Just imagine the results if everyone taped his phone to a vehicle full of HAZMAT just as things went Hellfire kinetic….

  9. MacBeth51

    Hack the f*cker, I don’t care. They already know what your saying on it anyway, at least if they want to. It’s a transmission, over the airwaves, and while it has some encryption due to the necessity of it’s design more than anything, don’t think the haven’t already broken it

  10. Try Goodwill for old typewriters. Get ones that use generic ribbons. Because you can’t hack paper over the Internet.

  11. Anonymous

    Would have rather this have been a comment on the recent Mosby Meatspace article, but I just saw it. Below is a call for articles for the Fellowship for Intentional Communities’ magazine _Cohousing_. Legally a cohousing looks like a condominium or gated community, and socially it looks like the fictive kinship y’all want. I think it could have been presented here as a ‘Meatspace, Baby’ article here without it raising eyebrows. Isn’t that odd? Cohousers are some of the most Democrat Democrats who’ve ever Democrated, yet their Meatspace articles look similar to ours but better?

    There are a few hundred built cohousing communities in the US; how many Redoubt communities are there in the US? Zero? Coho founders know fictive kinship communities are created by putting in face time, not buying gear. Are you having a potlock dinner every week?


    /Communities/ magazine is now seeking articles for issue #173, “Public vs. Private.”The issue will be out in December 2016.

    Please send your article idea to editor AT ic DOT org by Monday, June 20, 2016.

    Your final article must reach us by Friday, August 19, 2016.

    1. Theme articles: Public vs. Private

    * If you live in an intentional community, how accessible and exposed to the public does your group wish to be? And how protected do you want to be?

    * Does your group welcome visitors, interns, and/or other short-term residents? If so, what are the boundaries around their visits and involvement?

    * Does your group operate a business (for example, conference, retreat, event, or educational center) that brings in the public on a regular basis? If so, what issues arise from this within your community?

    * How much publicity does your group seek?

    * How public is your group’s mission?

    * What remains private to your group? What do you /not/ want anyone to know? [Feel free to blur details and/or make your group anonymous if this aspect is important to your story.]

    * On another level, how “public” vs. “private” are individuals’ lives /within/ your community? How much do members know about one another?

    * How are concepts like privacy and confidentiality weighed against desires for openness, transparency, and a shared emotional intimacy within your group?

    * How much do members of your community desire or expect to become involved in one another’s daily lives? Are you more like a close-knit family, a neighborhood, a village, or a collection of residences?

    * On a broader social level, how do these same questions of “public” vs. “private” play out in your neighborhood, within your networks of friends, and in larger circles and communities in which you are involved?

    Please remember that we are looking for stories, personal experiences, and concrete examples in your responses—these are what will make ideas and observations most “real” and relevant to readers.

    [Please forward this email to anyone you think has a good story on this theme for /Communities/.]

    2. We are also seeking articles about:

    * Creating community in your neighborhood;

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    * Seeking community to join.

    Suggested submission length is from 300 to 2500 words. We invite submissions ranging from short vignettes to extensively-developed articles, and also invite suggestions of recommended resources and article leads. We’re seeking articles written in a reader-friendly, popular-magazine style, rather than in an academic style. We ask contributors to share stories and experiences, not just ideas; write about challenges, not just successes; and describe specific situations that will help your story come alive for the reader.

    [ more for-the-writer stuff deleted ]

    Thanks for your contributions!

    Chris Roth
    Editor, /Communities/
    81868 Lost Valley Lane
    Dexter, OR 97431
    editor AT ic DOT org
    [ phone number ]

    [ other contacts deleted ]

  12. Bucephalus

    Nobody can be trusted to hear 100% of what is being thought-of; nobody.

    Small exercises of testing trust in other people is an on-going process that is fully understood (expected) by like-minded people.

    A person who trashes their so-called friends or people in their inner circle, trashes everyone…..

    A simple test of trust; using a slight spin on (the cooky-eyed) Jean P. Sartre’s philosophy….A person’s actions are a demonstration of what they think everyone should do. So, if a person shares too much information (or asks too many questions), they are demonstrating to the world that “too much” information should be shared, walk away, and cut them off cold turkey.

    They will “sing like a canary” and sell you out for the smallest amount of reward (authority).

    Walk away.

  13. Don’t trust ANYONE. Every time I let out some information, I regret it. It will somehow be used against you. I keep re-learning this lesson. Treat everyone like the cops-don’t talk to them.

    As time goes on, you will see your family members and best friends turn on you. murkins can’t stand anyone using their talents to succeed. They’ll connive and scheme to bring you down to their miserable level. It’s their own fault they drank, fucked, and partied their pathetic lives away all in the name of entertainment and fun. Those of us who didn’t, are now burdened with those who thought the music would play forever. The murkins suffer from severe mental illness who care only about themselves and their current entertainment/social media fix. The only thing left for them is to be rounded up and sent to FEMA work camps to begin paying their debts -or… start informing on their friends who are in the resistance.

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    Loose lips STILL sink ships

  15. Chemechie

    Starting in the 80’s, the problem to intelligence and surveillance types hasn’t been a lack of information, but a glut which has made finding the necessary information difficult – there are some many items of data on so many people on so many lists that somebody has to do a number of very specific things to draw unwelcome attention.
    Look at recent mass shooters and how in retrospect it was clear they were a problem, but none of these vaunted systems picked up on them before they did their dirty deeds.
    Am I on several lists? Probably. Do I worry about it? No. By the time the government gets around to going after me for what I have done (all of it legal, mind you) it will be spread too thin to do much to me.
    And besides, there are some things I have done that they can’t trace no matter how far they dig; there is simply no record to find, no electronic notes unless they were explicitly monitoring me at the time.
    Even now, any communications that require manual analysis are unlikely to be reviewed unless ‘they’ (pick whomever you want) are looking at the sender or recipient.
    For example, handwritten and scanned items, especially if poorly copied and messily written, still cannot be OCR’d easily, so unless you are already a target, your written communications won’t be looked at.
    In summary, yes “they” can do alot – but nobody except God knows everything and as Captain America says “There is only one God – and He doesn’t dress like that”.

    • Johannes de Silencio

      So. Much. This.

      325,000,000 citizens are being spied on 24/7. Hundreds of Billions of texts a day. Hundreds of Billions of emails. Hundreds of Billions of twitters. Hundreds of billions of comments on pages just like this one.

      And I’m supposed to worry about them tracking me? Go for it, I say.

      I’m sure I’m on a list, but all of DHS has like a combined total of 150k badged officers. None of whom work alone. So say…like teams of four for each person above me on the list…

      They’ll get to me when I’m shitting my diapers in the Old Counter-revolutionaries Home.

      But even then, folks forget that there’s a big difference between going totally off-grid and wrapping a tight OPSEC around a piece of compartmentalized information.

      There are things in my life that I’ve never even mentioned to more than a single other person. And yet, most folks would never know that big of a secret exists because I’m pretty open about the rest of my life.

      So when things get frisky, it will not be hard for additional things to remain undiscussed.

      Unintended Consequences was crap, but the part where Gary Sue never mentions, to anyone ever, about rescuing the girl was perfect.

  16. LeGrandeGuy

    This thread is interesting because it demonstrates how far ALL of us, left-right-center, have gotten from the realities of small town life in rural america. In a small town everyone knows everything…and people LOVE to talk (and GOSSIP). Americans especially. We are easily the most carefree chatterboxes on the planet. I’ve traveled a little and no one will bend your ear like an american. Another aspect of small town life that we’ve forgotten is the intense animosities (feuds) that that can build up, usually based on nothing more than clashing personalities, but sometimes more substantial: cheating spouses, land disputes, etc. If you wanna survive in a rural area, you’ve got to suck it up and adopt a more Calvinist attitude towards others: don’t gossip, don’t lie/cheat/steal. Help others WHEN ASKED. It can be done.

    • John Rourke

      I don’t exactly agree with the small town gossip analogy. It wasn’t until much, much later in my life that I found out just how ruthless and efficient my Bible believing, born again Missouri family were. They turned their two cheeks and if more was requied by their antaganist settled the hash permanently.

      Then they shut up and went about their Deacon buisiness of providing for widows and organizing work crews to help their neighbors.

  17. Uncle Larry

    Aren’t all mail envelopes read and recorded on the conveyor belts at the post offices?

  18. Of course all these tracking devices can be defeated at the current level. Once they gain access to the BODY which is the goal game over as many here know. that is the goal. To own the Soul of Man. Sedes Sacrorum (Seat to the Soul) aka real meaning of SS (Knight’s of the Sedes Sacrorum Schutz Staffel)

  19. Any electronic device that is tied to the internet can be tracked and hacked. This goes double for mobile devices like cell phones, Ipods, laptops, etc.

    Cell phones are easy to track, worse, their cameras and mics’ can be turned on remotely.

    It also applies to modern vehicles, TV’s and video games with voice activation. Vehicles with On-Star or similar systems track you 7×24 and report it to a On-Star center. Rent-a-cars all have built in trackers that report back to the rental agency.

    Latest gen TV’s are always connected to the internet and have voice activation which is always on. Do the math.

    Those internet friendly homes – are massive security breaches waiting to happen not to mention a big brother wet dream.

    You want privacy? Meet in meat space. But get there in a older car, park some distance away and carry no electronics. If you buy anything nearby, use cash.