UCLA Shooting – Media Narrative Fail

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LATimes story.

White men are really the worst.

11 responses to “UCLA Shooting – Media Narrative Fail

  1. I try to stay away from the ivory tower as much as possible, but cases I’m directly aware of include:

    Professor stealing a graduate student’s research and publishing it as his own.

    Researcher stealing another researcher’s data and publishing it as own.

    Married female professor and graduate student have affair, she breaks off, he goes murder suicide.

    Publish or perish

  2. So…is Sarkar’s cat OK?

  3. “On Wednesday, a “heavily armed” Sarkar carried a backpack, two semiautomatic pistols and extra magazines to Klug’s fourth-floor office, where he fatally shot the professor before turning the gun on himself, Beck said. The gunman, he said, “was certainly prepared to engage multiple victims.”

    Ya, a fact check revealed that most don’t consider 2 pistols “heavily armed”. When someone shows up with a SAW we can talk until then STFU LA TIMEHOLE. Please do some reporting on Chiraq which saw 66 people KIA in May. One stinking month. No one gives a shit. Flee the hives now people if you’re able.

  4. Mainak? Must be anagrams for toddlers day.

  5. Those darn white pakis.


    Slowly but surely, events arr unfolding and kicking up a notch. I just read about a family in an Atlanta suburb who were attacked by a Muzzie woman because they were flying the flag at their home on Memorial Day. Even though I do not fly the flag any more, I pity the fool, as Mr. T would say, who would think to encroach on my property and do harm to me and mine.

    • Grenadier1

      Yeah that crazy women continued to attack the mom even though the son was holding a gun.
      She should be kissing the rug 5 times a day and being thankful that the son was too young to really get a grasp of the situation and put extra holes in her.

  7. Uncle Larry

    The MSM did their best to make it look like a white man was the offender. Then they failed to show the shooters face (it was too dark). The Chief of Police should be forced to pay for the unnecessary show of force. It was pretty clear they had the suicidal shooter from the get go. The MSM blows.