WeaponsMan: ‘The Rule Of Law’ Replaced By ‘The Rule Of Man’


Read WM’s piece first.

Then read (and listen to) this related Forbes coverage.

It will only get worse.

Especially as long as the perps see themselves as above the fray.

12 responses to “WeaponsMan: ‘The Rule Of Law’ Replaced By ‘The Rule Of Man’

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  2. Yeah. OK. But you know what? Unlike the Weimar republik…..we will NOT be disarmed and the perps are NOT above the fray.

    • Jim Klein

      EXACTLY! It’s what makes America, America.

      Rule of Law wasn’t replaced by Rule of Men. It was that all along; only our awareness changed.

      • Anonymous

        We’re disagreeing about word definitions, talking past each other instead of trying to describe the underlying reality.

        You say each person’s arms are controlled only by that person’s brain, and I agree. But I say 99% of those brains are controlled by instincts installed by genetics and government programming installed by public schools, and that programming is not removable.

        Early America concentrated Freethinkers by emigration, and contained the highest count and concentration of Freethinkers ever assembled. If you were right and it was possible to talk statists into becoming libertarians, early America would have evolved in a more libertarian direction over time. It didn’t, because you can’t talk people into wanting to be free. You’re expecting people to give up their religion.

  3. This might be a good candidate to be put on Wesearchr

  4. Whenever the legislatures endeavor to take away and destroy the property of the people, or to reduce them to slavery under arbitrary power, they put themselves into a state of war with the people, who are there upon ABSOLVED from any further obedience. ……John Locke. (emphasis mine).


    Time for one and all to read and/or re-read UNINTENDED CONSEQUENCES.

  6. Stealth Spaniel

    Not only do you not have enough ammo, you need to be growing your own hemp. NOW!

    • Jimmy the Saint

      No need; there will be ample pianos suitable for repurposing when the time comes.

  7. Can’t read Forbes because I refuse to turn off my ad blocker.

  8. CFR drives the train & CFR is Multi-Nationalist / IMF / BIS / Switzerland etc.
    CIA currently run by Multi-National & MIBC corporations. Explains the lack of American mindset & not following Constitutional ROL.

  9. Hardcore46

    I just brought the Gibson raid up during lunchtime at work. I also educated my co-workers about raw-milk SWAT raids and the feds assault on fossil hunters as revealed in “Dinosaur 13”. We elected the clowns that make all this B’s possible….ain’t “democracy” great?