Summer Of ’16

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Judicial Watch story.

LuckyGunner Bulk 5.56

AmmoMan Bulk 5.56/.223

GunBot 5.56/.223 Ammo Sources w prices/links

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  1. When local LEO’s are stopped from dealing with illegals, DHS has a free hand to get international security forces to bypass ALL laws pertaining to illegals. They are blatantly aiding the enemy. This has been going on for some time but no media will touch it. Sheriff Joe has been stopped cold by Obamas minions. Cartels have bought everyone off via $$$ or cheats to life. Our two Senators, Flake(appropriate name) and McPain look the other way all the time. Cartels/DHS control all of Arizona south of Phoenix and are moving north rapidly. They have joined hands to help get the OTM’s into our country. La Raza is winning!

    • <——THIS! Wake the fuck up, it's on. Those of you who thought Reconquista was fiction pay attention. It was faction.

  2. Might I also recommend SGAmmo:

    Great ammo vendor.

    • Affirmative this^^^^. Great products, pricing and fast shipping.

    • Do you guys have Google? Bulk ammo dot con destroys all links posted here so far. For Christ’s sake not even close! PMC 55 grain is always on sale for $300 for 1,000. No I don’t work for them but there is no reason to buy self defense projectiles anywhere else.

  3. DAMMITT!!!

    I really hate when Matt Bracken is right!

    I wonder if these Feddys ever ponder that all those OTM’s will be slicing their throats while they are raping their wives and daughters?

    What will be going thru the Feddys minds as they watch their country being torn apart and burned each day that they continue to be bus drivers for those that will turn on them?


      HB: The Feddys will be either running for their lives, or go over to the dark side and serve whoever is signing their paychecks. In either case, we are on our own. You skin color will be your uniform. The only good thing will be the large amount of retired Farmer-Labor Party Minnesota refugees who have sought out the warmth of the Phoenix-Scottsdale area mobile home parks. They will be meat on the table for Hewey, Louie, and Chuey. Let the culling begin.

  4. Try looking at They update all the time and even rate shipping cost per vendor Its become my go to for all my ammo

  5. I just posted this in a large group text for my family to see. The federal government is now the enemy of the people of the United States. This must be seen as the last straw. If not, I don’t know what it’s going to take.

  6. has a great search engine by cost per round.

    The also has a sticky thread for ammo. is pretty helpful as well.

    All of those will be better than lucky gunner. Yup, I got hasty and bought Fed HST for double what you can get them for most anyplace. Wont ever get burnt by them again.

  7. Nice prediction! Summer of hate is when the balloon goes up?

    You will to back this prediction up?

  8. Uncle Larry

    Remember, it was our government that backed the commie insurgents in Rhodesia and South Africa, Zaire and SW Africa.

  9. Consider AIM Surplus, for ammo, mags, and general weapon related kit. A decent selection.

    Price comparison worth a site review.


  10. Bucephalus

    Not so grim of an outlook if a person is willing to do some work…

    Night vision devices; Gen 2 or better….AN/PVS-14 mounted on a real or cheap MICH helmet ($2,500.00+).

    A red or green (boresighted/zeroed) laser can be substituted for an IR beam with a black magic marker.

    IPB; a van with illegals (if spotted), the occupants can be observed ( pics can be taken in public), information gathered on the location of their taxpayer-funded appartment(s) can be ascertained……patterns (vulnerabilities, strengths, weaknesses like porn & alcohol can be realized…).mosaics can be generated.

    The battlefield can always be better prepared if (when) the illegals turn violent. Call your sheriff; (not the police) if you see them breaking the law (again).

    “Think outside the box without coloring outside the lines”.

  11. Ed Grouch, MD

    +1 for Ammoseek. I especially like the advanced search options that allow you to pick bullet weight or match grade.

  12. Alfred E. Neuman

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  13. All to the chorus’ of “trump will save us, trump will fix this!”