The Application Of Violence – Threatened Or Actual – Is An Indispensable Element Of Successful Political Action


For a bunch of fancy-schmancy lawyers, the Powerline team is rather imprecise here in their use of the term “fascism”:

Videos And Photos Of Fascist Violence In San Jose

Good vids, though.

Old white guys with temperate language, soft hands, and seven-figure retirement accounts stand little chance against tough young men willing to draw blood in alliance with the dominant political machine.

Think on the implications of that statement for a bit.

Some other old white guys will play us out and into the Summer of ’16:

13 responses to “The Application Of Violence – Threatened Or Actual – Is An Indispensable Element Of Successful Political Action

  1. Stealth Spaniel

    Will someone let these imbeciles know that Spain did not give a SHXX about any brownies. Spaniards were and are: white Europeans. The Indian women who were partnered with these Spaniards gave birth to Mestizos. The term was used as an ethnic/racial category in the casta system that was in use during the Spanish Empire’s control of their New World colonies. And if you were not white, you WERE 2nd class.
    I have to laugh, everytime some jerk brings up the Reconquista Movement. Were the Conquistadors or other Spanish conquerers to be reborn, there would be blood in the streets. And it would not be white blood.
    I am beyond disgusted with the mealy mouthed politicians (see Mayor of San Jose) who allow this in my country. Go back to the 3rd world!
    Ammo: the great equalizer. I expect to see it on display soon. So, follow Uncle Remus’ advice: avoid crowds.

    • And think flammenwerfer.

    • Bill Harzia

      I take every chance I get to remind these glorious warriors of Aztlan that when they speak Spanish, they’re speaking the language of their conquerors.

      And as for them being tough, well, in my high school we had a saying: “One on one I’m a chicken shit; twenty to one and I’ll kick your ass.” As with any group, there are exceptions to the rule. But for the most part, no, they aren’t. They bleed, their bones break, their eyes burn when chemical agents are used, just like the rest of us.

  2. Detroit III

    Got to hand it to the Congs….they have the balls to get away from the porn and Basketball and fight for what they believe in.

  3. The muslim conquest of Europe isn’t going to have anything on the us election season.

  4. The editor of this blog is quite right that too many Mexicans are tough as leather and are willing to spill blood and get bloodied. And that too many of the Amerikans have soft hands and bellies and are burdened by a guilty conscience of what some else’s great great grandfather did to some imaginary victim. I was once young and soft. But I smartened up, after a few bloody noses, and now I’m old and and mean and fight dirty. Trump has already passed Hillary in the polls and the commies are panicking. Obama may see Hillary as a lost cause and indict her, leading to an even bigger food fight among the dems, leading to even more violence.
    As I’ve said before, keep your guns holstered. But keep um real handy.

    • Mark Matis

      The Americans understand what would be done to them by “Law Enforcement” and the “Legal System” should they dare stand against the terrorists. They contrast that to what is done to the terrorists by that same “Law Enforcement” and “Legal System”. Hopefully when the fun starts, the GD pigs and their whores will be burning in hell where they belong, sent there by the Americans. And then one can deal with the “Legal System” at one’s leisure…

  5. Uncle Larry

    If you look closely at schools in the US that are predominantly Mexican, you will see blatant Mexican racism being taught, in the open. We have a school in Chicago for Mexicans called “The School for Social Justice”. It’s a high school.

  6. I am old and white. I can only speak for the Redoubt but virtually every attending our patriot events is both old and white. There are virtually no young people present. I believe there is no fight in our young dogs.

  7. Jimmy the Saint

    Gotta love these incidents – each one is yet another chance for the Right to not fight back, and boy to they exploit each opportunity.

  8. Alfred E. Neuman

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