Zombie Time At Campaign Hillary


Paglia uses the knife.

HRC has it coming.

And more.

Screen Shot 2016-06-03 at 9.44.00 AM(Via Twitter)

9 responses to “Zombie Time At Campaign Hillary

  1. Stealth Spaniel

    This guy is a committed leftist and he has no problem dissing Hildabeast. He goes after the best Baw-bra-wawa in the world: Debbie Wasserman Schultz. He even has to laugh as Trump lances Elizabeth Warren. Does this tell the Dumbocrats how much trouble that they are in?
    Waiting for the Festivities!

    • Camille Paglia is actually female, and, while definitely on the Left, is a pretty extreme outlier in terms of having some respect for truth and reality. Citing her as evidence of the Democratic mainstream getting a clue is rather like citing Ron Paul for the same purpose with regard to Republicans.

  2. When you see even the faithful to the Democrat Party slip that knife-a in, you know the end is nigh. Watching and listening to that bitch try to sound like an executive is like watching Sigourney Weaver try to act as if she is really a gunner in Aliens. In the end, it’s the over-the-top-acting that tells the critics somebody is straining to convince the audience. Like the Panthers learned the Hard Way, you don’t win the Super Bowl by TELLING everyone you’re the best team, you win it by BEING the best team.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      Most people who want to run for president spend a lifetime accumulating friends, or at least allies. Hillary has accumulated enemies and lackies. She could still win, but she won’t have a lot of help from anyone, and if she really starts to flounder, everyone will be in a hurry to throw her an anchor.

      It’s important to have friends.

  3. Ah yes the Clinton’s. Those beaming paragon’s of morality & virtue. Perfect role models & archetypes for Trotsky ideologist’s & psychopaths.

  4. swan832013

    forgot this one..


  5. these obits on Mrs. Clinton are premature. By 8 June, she will have the delegates. And remember, Hiligula is taking notes


      Word. She will get the nomination from her “party” and she will(hopefully) win in November. And, if you really want to wake up the white, love-the-police-God-Bless-our-First-Responders-military(especially our snipers)-Lee-Greenwood-listening-O’Reilly-watching-flag-displaying clueless sheeple; pray that she does!

  6. If you click through to the article, she looks like Bernie from Weekend at Bernie’s.