SLL: The Equal Sign Can Be A Real Bitch

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It just is.

No matter how many lies told to the contrary.

By the rapists.

Or their victims.

19 responses to “SLL: The Equal Sign Can Be A Real Bitch

  1. I despise Gore’s cold-blooded logic. He and his rationalist von Misean ilk have been predicting terminal collapse for going on 8 years now, and the debtPonziconomy continues to clatter on down the track. This I predict: the catastrophe will occur precisely when no one is expecting it. Though I do like Mrs. Clinton as the ideal enabler

    • Yes, everything seems just fine now. Like jumping out of a 20th-floor window and saying after 19 stories have passed, “Everything continues as before.”


      Word. He is not the only one. The doom and gloomers fail to realize that so much of the economy is based on the consent of all involved. It’s like a bunch of kids playing a marathon Monopoly game and bending all the rules so no one really looses. And the game just keeps going on.
      Look what happened when Bush, Cheney, and Hank Poulson stole $850 Billion of our tax dollars and gave it to the Vampire Squid and the rest of the Wall Street rat bastards and International Banksters. There was not a whimper. The Sheeple were more concerned about the latest NFL game standings and who was eliminated from the latest episode of DWTS.
      I’ll believe Mr. Gore, Zero Hedge, Gerald Celente, and the rest of the Jeremiahs when the mob is killing one another in the Wal Mart parking lot for the last can of Spam.

    • Randall Flagg

      There are many canaries in the mine. Look no further than Central States Pension Fund. Tip of the iceberg.

    • Haxo,

      I would suggest to you that 2008 was the year that it all collapsed. It is still collapsing, its just that the central banks keep trying to puff it back up with only limited success. Name anything you might have considered ‘normal’ in 1990 compared to today. Is it?

      Prime example — Autos. In 1990 good chance with a $1000 down and a 48mth loan you could have a nice care with street value left over for trade. Now? The cars are so expensive that the average loan period is 6 to 7 years and you are underwater on it even then.

      We are in the collapse, its just a slow roll.

    • I think we should elect the bitch and get this show on the road. I’d give it 6 months.

  2. I don’t recall anywhere in nature that things have to be equal. The strong survive, The best win. The fastest exceed. The minority are the smallest amount. Our world’s society has made us become unnaturally sympathetic and requires us to accept what nature would naturally remove. And then there is the government, talk about unnatural forced acceptance…….. Equal is not always a good thing. Where’s the competition in that? There is no harmony in forced equality.

    • You’re right, insofar as human social arrangement is concerned, but seem to have missed or misconstrued the intent of the article, which was economics and the inviolability of mathematics.

      As to nature, the Law of the conservation of matter and energy, and various laws of thermodynamics are perfect examples of the continuing seeking of an equal balance.

      There is no doubt that ideological/political interference in the natural balancing of human populations is the prime cause of the frackin’ whacked out insanity in which we find ourselves!!!

      • anonymous

        “There is no doubt that ideological/political interference in the natural balancing of human populations is the prime cause of the frackin’ whacked out insanity in which we find ourselves!!!”


        There is no doubt that ideological/political interference in the natural balancing of human populations is the prime cause of the frackin’ whacked out insanity in which we fund ourselves!!!

    • thesouthwasrght

      FedUp, your post scores a zero in the warm and fuzzy department but is absolutely spot-on. Well stated.

    • Some biologists have developed a formula,
      Energy expended to capture dinner must be less than or equal to the energy gained in eating it.

      Maths are everywhere!

  3. Fed up, +10.

    • My Dad thought that I and all my buddies were a bunch of whacked out freaks,bikers,hippies and losers. We were all of those things and more. Most of my old crew are dead. Seven out of nine dead by the age of thirty. Every generation thinks the younger generation is fucked and clueless. Just as you get it close to figured out and dialed in…you die. Ain’t life a kick in the ass.

  4. Risible. This is more evidence of what happens when you give the freaks the microphone. I don’t feel the need to advertise or wear badging on my vehicle that I’m a Heterosexual. In fact, I never even gave a Rat’s Ass what they do. The Lords of Chaos, Bankers, NeoCons & ZioCons figured out by summoning the Barking Moonbat Brigade they could manipulate & tweak the paradigm to bring about the First Global Revolution & nobody would notice. The Adolf Eichmann Defense 2.0 “we were just doing our jobs” or “just following orders” won’t work this time. The stupid continues to burn.

  5. Trophies for all!

  6. Alaska Paul

    The downhill slide seems level to the masses of sheeple. They do not want instability. They do not want bad news. Bad fiscal policy and decisions by govt and financial sector executives, coupled with a non aware public and a water carrying press keeps the country on the downhill slide.

    However, the knee of this curve can be a sharp radius then the curve plunges with a steep slope to economic and social collapse. The US has a lot of fat in the economy but we have been burning it up at an unsustainable rate. Like Wiley Coyote, as long as he doesn’t look down after he runs over the cliff he keeps going. But then he looks down and the illusion is gone and gravity wins. Poor analogy but it is amusing.

    The collapse happens fast. Want a lesson how it goes? Look at Venezuela. Great object lesson. Who covers this story in the US? Very few. None of us like bad news. But it is what it is. Those of us plan around the bad news will survive and eventually thrive. Don’t like the news you see on the Telly? Go make some of your own.

  7. Bucephalus

    Fedup, if the great economist Joseph Schumpeter were alive today, he would undoubtedly agree with you; the natural cycles are patiently waiting for all men to realize, respect, and surrender-to….even the effects of liberal tinkering (Keynesian monetary policies) must be factored into the cycle, since they too occur in the natural world.

    Un-funded pensions wouldn’t be so bad without the full throttle being slammed on the “free shit” locomotive control pannel.