Website for the 2nd South Carolina String Band

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13 responses to “Dixie

  1. Alaska Paul

    Always like the song since I was a young’un. My younger son learned to play the song on the piano as one of his first pieces. Never got tired of it, even with all the practicing.

  2. Grey Ghost

    Thanks for the link.

    Grey Ghost

  3. nice tune. As to the Confederate flag….you want to fly it? Next time, win. Lose, the opposition gets to fly its flag. And rightly so

    • You be sure to haul down whatever Nazi flag is on your wall.

      And shut your gob just every little once ‘n awhile.

  4. Howard Dennard

    During the ’50’s and earlier, the song was played at ALL southern school functions.
    That was before the government got into “managing” the schools .

  5. p.g.t. beauregard

    Bless their hearts, one and all.

  6. Anton Chigurh

    After 8 years of Obama and 50+ years of PC, this vid made me smile to know that I’m not alone.

  7. outlawpatriot

    Gonna take more than singin’ methinks. 😉

    • Spirit comes before action……

      “Hurrah! Hurrah! Hurrah for the Bonney Blue Flag…” and

      Oh, I’m a good old Rebel,
      Now that’s just what I am;
      For this “fair land of Freedom”
      I do not care a damn.
      I’m glad I fit against it-
      I only wish we’d won.
      And I don’t want no pardon
      For anything I’ve done.

      I hates the Constitution,
      This great Republic too;
      I hates the Freedmen’s Buro,
      In uniforms of blue.
      I hates the nasty eagle,
      With all his brag and fuss;
      But the lyin’, thievin’ Yankees
      I hates’ em wuss and wuss.

      We got three hundred thousand
      Befo’ they conquered us.
      They died of Southern fever
      And Southern steel and shot;
      And I wish it was three million
      Instead of what we got.

      I can’t take up my musket
      And fight’ em now no mo’,
      But I ain’t a-goin’to love’ em,
      Now that is sartin sho’;
      And I don’t want no pardon
      For what I was and am;
      And I won’t be reconstructed,
      And I do not give a damn

      Or DEconstructed either.

      Alter but slightly the anachronisms and bring to present tense and there’s a battle cry here somewhere.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      Ooh – can we use papier mache heads? The Left seems to do well with those. Well, those and violence, or threats of violence.

  8. Check out “Knock Em Stiff” by Goodnight Texas…

  9. Bless their hearts. And it ain’t just a song. We sung this in Catholic grade school. The outward singing is an inward expression of a complete mind. As a man thinketh, so is he.

  10. A lot of passion floating around that tent.God bless ’em