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Q: What is the difference between Venezuela and the United States?

A: About ten years.

Comrade Ushanka.



8 responses to “Quote Of The Week

  1. 10 Years is really overly optimistic, imo. Maybe 10 months, or even sooner

  2. This giant creamy,delectable,steaming pile of shit is about to let loose. Ten years is on the extreme edge of time frame parameters.
    Optimism abounds. Reality in conjunction with mathematics,says otherwise. We are so..fucked.
    Arise believers. Become at one with your fate.Spread the word of the giant steamer that is about to unleash a global shit-storm of biblical proportions. We are to be witness to the crowning point in the history of man.
    The possible destruction of our species. Are we a viable healthy animal worthy of survival?
    I say,yes. Fuck any non-believer in Scottish inspired stubbornness.

  3. I would say, a couple of years vs. 10 and scale. We are 318 million vs. 30 million vz. In certain areas we’ve surpassed the Vens such as Chiraq, Detroitistan etc. Buckle up.

  4. Agree. Ten years is denial and “normalcy” bias, based in fear.

    • Who would have thought the price of silver could be more than $5 (ever) in 1971? Ask again in 1978, or 2016. The 80% of people expect the current trend to continue, they NEED it to, and get “overwhelmed” and unpredictable when change accelerates to 50x the previous “normal” rate.

      People expect Safeway/Kroger to have food stocked, with occasional (and brief) sell-out of a favorite brand/size, which results in 1-second of mildest frustration as they reach for the almost-identical item 14 inches over.
      Almost no one considers that what you see on the shelf is the totality of local stock. There is no “back room”, the local “warehouse” (which may not be so local) is merely a cross-shipping platform (train-2-truck, x-country truck to local truck), and everything is Just-In-Time (which is an excellent manufacturing strategy when building non-essential export items, like V-8 Lexus cars in Japan). Unlike banking digits, these real items need to be planted, harvested, packed, sold, shipped, shipped, shipped, stored, shipped, ordered, delivered, shelved, sold, taken home, shelved, stored, opened, made into edible food with “a kitchen” (needing its own fragile inputs). A little disorganization of the system goes a long way in increasing costs/friction until the end-user notices a lack of quality/quantity/frequency on the plate. The will all work fine, until all-of-a-sudden (no one could have possibly anticipated this kind of thing or made allowance for it), it’s a fricken’ food emergency requiring the National Guard to support the Anti-Hoarding Police in finding & distributing available food-stuffs!

      My 30-year old associate people who live in packed rental houses (Zip 97215, $3100/mo + utilities/ 6 working adults and a flake-or-two) commonly have really good technology for building and maintaining web sites, but hunger requires a walk to 7-11 for single-slice pizza. They have no life-support back-up system, and the current sitch’ allows for little financial or physical stockpile. Hippies could go get jobs, but now there are no “Jobs”, but there are opportunities if a person looks carefully. No wonder they are on psych med’s and act a little weird.

      The species will survive, but there will be population bottleneck. A few shall pass, and a few may succeed well enough to reproduce. I wonder if we can get the light water reactors shut down into long-term standby fast enough to avoid fires?

  5. Who cares? Keep your eyes peeled, your ears open, your mouth shut, and your preps up to date. Fasten your seat belts, it’s going to be a bumpy year.

  6. 10 days 10 months 100 weeks – could be any of those. 10 years is wishful thinking. Maybe 5 years best case scenario IF we have brilliant leadership who perfectly execute the best possible restructuring to buy time.