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  1. decent neighborhood


    Without question, the so-called “patriot” movement is nothing but a lesson in how
    to lose, lose, and lose again; following all those lessons in losing “patriots”
    will teach American citizens one more lesson
    in losing for good measure, along with how to
    suck it.
    Of course, this is not when they are busy
    spending one more day sharpening their
    How’s that “Sumter Moment” working
    out for y’all?

    • Ahhhh, now I feel all weak, deluded and lose-y.

      Troll. How’s that bitterness, weak sarcasm and lame PuffHo blathering points workin’ for y’all? What do they pay you? Enough for pizza and an X Box?

      • I am a destitute Army veteran
        wishing I was fortunate enough
        to be laboring in exchange for
        Your tired accusation of “troll” is an
        empty, impotent, scapegoat to hide
        behind, whenever criticism of the losing non-strategy of the “patriot” community arises.
        Moreover, it is an overused idiocy and laziness that does nothing to counter
        the continuous unchecked victories of communists and the treasonous, traitorous and seditious shitbags raping
        our Republic.

        • Sometimes you have to move to where the jobs are…

          • That does not change
            the reality of the more important issues that I
            went keyboard commando
            about after that comment.

        • Pardon me for my assumptions, if indeed you are as you say, but we see a lot of comments from genuine trolls that sound a lot like your original.

          You have described your situation. What are you doing about it? If “we” fought harder and in the manner you deem proper, would that help you?
          We each have a fight of our own in addition to that for the salvation of whatever else one thinks worthy. So, instead of finding fault with “us” for not fighting your fight, I wish you every good chance and opportunity to fight for your self.

          There are many within the Liberty “sphere” who would lend a hand if possible.

  2. interesting piece on robotization. Except: w/o jobs, all that production is being purchased with…more and more debt. Also, I don’t trust the robots; I think they have political ambitions. In the largest sense, Kunstler has it right: post-Catastrophe, the survivors – if any – will go back to a world made by hand